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Jul. 10, 2014

Is Foster Farms a food safety pioneer or a persistent offender?
GPB News
Despite an ongoing storm of bad publicity — or because of it — Foster Farms may now be one of the country's cleanest, safest sources of chicken products. That's according to the USDA, which has been testing chicken parts that are processed at Foster Farms plants. The company called in food safety experts and set up new procedures to eliminate Salmonella contamination. It's made a difference, the government says.More

Brazil's government injects $1 billion into organic food production
Food Chemical News (subscription required)
Increased retail sales of organic food products in Brazil are driving new government incentives aimed at overcoming intermittent shortages.More

BrusselKale could be the superfood we've all been waiting for via USA Today
A new vegetable, called BrusselKale in the U.S. but known as kalette, is expected to appear in supermarkets nationwide this fall. Kalettes are the result of 15 years of traditional crop breeding by British vegetable seed company Tozer Seeds.

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    Obama goes after Republicans on immigration
    President Barack Obama on Wednesday called on Congress to swiftly approve nearly $4 billion meant to address the influx of child migrants crossing the southwestern border, using this as a new opportunity to hit House Republicans for failing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.More

    Democrats push race issues
    The Hill
    Democrats are injecting race into the 2014 midterm elections amid fears that a drop-off in minority voters could severely cost them at the polls this fall. More

    Campaigning today: Outside spending in 2014 could rival 2012
    The Washington Post
    So far in the 2014 election cycle, 114 super PACs have spent money on federal races, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Yes, 114. And that's before the primary season is over.More

    Legislation to ban BPA could push America backward, NAMPA says
    Food Production Daily
    Legislation to ban bisphenol-A from food and beverage containers could "push America backward in public health," according to the North American Metal Packaging Alliance.

    Related: Bill would ban BPA in food packaging (The Hill)More

    European study suggests agri-food industry is top lobbyist on TTIP
    Food Chemical News (subscription required)
    No sector has lobbied the European Commission more during the preparation phase for the negotiations on the proposed U.S.-EU trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, than the agribusiness sector, according to recent data.More

    FSA revises E. coli cross contamination guidance
    Food Quality News
    Guidance for controlling E. coli O157 cross contamination has been revised because of research into the effectiveness of disinfecting equipment.More

    US poultry groups 'disappointed' by China tax changes
    The National Chicken Council and USA Poultry & Egg Export Council expressed their joint disappointment that China didn't go as far as they had hoped in revising anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on U.S. chicken processors.More

    Camp rejects Senate highway bill as 'higher taxes for more spending'
    The Hill
    House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., on Thursday bashed a Senate proposal to spend $9 billion to extend federal transportation funding until after the midterm elections as "higher taxes for more spending."More

    How not to annoy grocery shoppers via mobile
    While consumer packaged goods brands spend more of their digital ad dollars on desktop than they do on mobile, many say their mobile spend is increasing. More

    'Aquatic chicken' could feed billions
    Food Navigator-Asia
    A common fish that was said to have fed thousands in biblical times could feed billions of mouths in the future as food stocks struggle to keep pace with the population.More

    School cafeteria fight: What's for lunch?
    The New York Times
    Patti Montague, CEO of the School Nutrition Association, weighs in on recent and ongoing coverage of the battle involving the federal school nutrition program.More

    Family Dollar net sales boosted by frozen food, but profit plummets
    Helped by strong demand in frozen food, Family Dollar's net sales rose 3.3 percent to $2.66 billion this quarter. But its profit fell by a third as the company cleared inventory ahead of store closures and competition intensified.More

    Corn futures lowest since 2010 as soybeans, wheat rise
    Wheat rose amid concern that rain in Europe will hurt quality and downgrade part of the crop to feed. Corn rebounded from the lowest level in almost four years and soybeans halted the longest slump since February 2009.More

    Big harvest expected for Washington blueberries
    PR Newswire via The Bellingham Herald
    Washington blueberry growers expect to meet growing demand by harvesting more than 90 million pounds of blueberries, making Washington state fourth in total U.S. blueberry production.More

    Quincy may lose fruit orchards, gain food processing factory
    Columbia Basin Herald
    The Quincy, Washington, area may soon be losing about 50 acres of fruit orchards and gaining 300-400 jobs as the Grant County Planning Commission voted last week to allow 114 acres to be included in Quincy's Urban Growth Area so a food processor could be built.More

    Pasteurization without the heat
    Food Processing
    Cold pasteurization may be a regulatory non-starter, but kinder, gentler treatments are being commercialized, providing processors alternatives to conventional thermal treatments.More

    Sainsbury's new CEO will stay the course in fight with discount grocers
    Sainsbury's new CEO, Mike Coupe, said the grocer will stick to its focus on fresh produce and upscale food in a fight with discounters, which have been gaining market share in the U.K.More

    ADT develops security, automation solutions for food industry
    Business Wire
    ADT on Thursday unveiled its Food and Beverage Solutions Bundle to help solve the most pressing issues in foodservice establishments, from food safety and energy usage to the safety of their customers and employees and the security of their cash and other assets. More