Frozen Express
Aug. 12, 2014

Retired generals back FLOTUS in food fight
First lady Michelle Obama has an unexpected force backing her up in the simmering fight over school lunch standards: retired admirals and generals. More

BPI to hire workers, source beef trim at Kansas plant
Dakota Dunes, S.D.-based Beef Products Inc. announced Monday it plans to begin collecting fresh beef trimmings at its Garden City, Kansas, location, in conjunction with the Tyson Foods production operations there, in support of its current Dakota City, Nebraska, facility that manufactures lean finely textured beef. More

USDA's advice on food waste: 'If it's frozen, it's safe to use'
In a blog post advising consumers about how to cut down on food waste, USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service explains that frozen foods "are safe forever because bacteria and other pathogens cannot grow in food that's frozen at 0°F or below."More

Hillary Clinton criticizes Obama's foreign policy
The Washington Post
Former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton has not yet said whether she will pursue the presidency. But for a candidate-in-waiting, she is clearly carving out a foreign policy distinct from the man she used to serve.

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    What if the 2014 election isn't really about Obama?
    The Washington Post
    Another new poll shows President Barack Obama's approval rating dropping, with just 40 percent of registered voters viewing his tenure in a positive light. The poll also shows the GOP asserting what would be quite a favorable lead in a generic 2014 matchup, 43 percent to 38 percent. But at least on its surface, the McClatchy/Marist College poll suggests the 2014 election isn't really about Obama. More

    Campaign 2014: Overtime optics
    The Hill
    For those of you who thought we'd know this week whether embattled Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn., and appointed Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, were headed back to Congress, think again. More

    Vermont asks court to dismiss GMO lawsuit
    Food Poisoning Bulletin
    Vermont's attorney general has asked a federal district court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and other food industry groups over a new Vermont law that requires all food made with genetically modified organisms to be labeled as such.

    Related: Vermont AG: First Amendment challenge does not stand up (Food Navigator-USA)More

    Commission responds to Russian trade sanctions
    Food Navigator
    The EU has reassured food producers that new measures brought in by the Common Agricultural Policy including a crisis reserve are in place to assist them in the fallout of Russian trade sanctions — adding that a joined-up European response is needed to help "reorient" markets rapidly. More

    FSIS tells inspectors when and how to sound the OSHA warning on safety
    USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
    FSIS has issued new directives to its inspectors, outlining the procedures for notifying OSHA if they see any of a wide range of unchecked workplace safety hazards in meat and poultry production facilities.More

    Kettle's 'reduced fat' chip lawsuit to continue
    Bakery & Snacks
    Diamond Foods has been granted partial dismissal on claims made against its use of "reduced fat" messaging on Kettle chips, but the complainant has been given time to amend his case. More

    Federal data tracks antimicrobial trends
    Food Safety News
    A day before its 2014 Scientific Meeting at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System released its latest Executive Report, detailing the trends in antimicrobial resistance. More

    'Push for Pizza' app is Silicon Valley's latest
    Bidness Etc
    In an era of booming tech startups, five teenagers from Brooklyn, New York have designed an iOS app exclusively for ordering pizza.More

    McDonald's, Yum release supplier data
    Five fast food chains have listed their suppliers on their Chinese websites following a request from Shanghai authorities after a food safety scare.More

    ConAgra CEO Rodkin to step down in May
    ConAgra Foods Inc. is seeking a new chief executive officer after current leader Gary Rodkin announced plans to step down next May. More

    Invasive pest threatens California's $2 billion citrus crop
    Farmers across the state are worried about the Asian citrus psyllid that can spread a tree-killing disease called citrus greening. More

    Fruit imports moving smoothly through South Florida ports
    Sunshine State News
    A U.S. Department of Agriculture pilot program begun last September to allow ports in South Florida to handle blueberries and grapes from Peru and Uraguay might have had minimal impact on the Port of Miami and Port Everglades, but officials at both call the program a winning prelude to port expansion. More

    Idaho Simplot plant to stay open through October
    Idaho Press-Tribune
    The J.R. Simplot Company's potato processing facility in Nampa, Idaho, will stay open longer than was originally expected.More

    Emerging food-packaging barrier applications to watch
    Don Rosato
    Barrier developments in food packaging are expected to greatly help reduce food waste to better feed a growing world population. Let's take a look at some examples of emerging plastic barrier-packaging applications. More

    Firms must have clear sight across entire supply chains
    Food Quality News
    Retailers need to take more responsibility over their supply chains or face regulation, according to the section head of a supply chain consultancy firm. More

    UL joins with Green Endeavor on food sanitation
    Food Production Daily
    The two companies are partnering to develop safe, sustainable cleaning products and methods for food environments. More