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Sep. 2, 2015

Food giants call truce with Michelle Obama
As the Republican battle against Michelle Obama’s school lunch standards resumes in Congress later this month, some food giants are quietly backing away from their fight with the first lady. Many companies, such as Schwan's, that once vigorously fought key elements of the initiative to trim sodium, fat and calories from school menus have actually done a bang up business since the requirements took effect by adapting their products for the $10 billion market.More

Foodborne illnesses cost U.S. $77 billion a year, study says
The Hill
Foodborne illnesses, which make 48 million people sick and account for 3,000 deaths annually, also cost the nation $77 billion a year, a report from the American Association for Justice found. And the group, which advocates for legal reforms, said food companies are only making the food supply more susceptible to contamination by continuing to industrialize their farming strategies.More

Congress has a month to reauthorize free lunch for a record number of children
Even as the recession ended more than six years ago, the ranks of American children poor enough to be eligible for free school lunches is on a surge. U.S. Department of Agriculture school-lunch data going back to 1969 show a steady increase in the percentage of participants relying on government subsidies for their midday meal. The pace of the increases picked up in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash.More

It's on: Jeb Bush embraces a risky fight with Donald Trump
The Washington Post
Jeb Bush went on the offensive Tuesday against GOP presidential front-runner and frequent antagonist Donald Trump, releasing an attack video portraying the mogul as a closet liberal and signaling that he will attempt to bring Trump down in coming weeks.

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Carly Fiorina just scored the lifeline she needed
After days of relentlessly and publicly shaming CNN for refusing to adjust debate-qualification rules, Carly Fiorina won what could be her last, best shot at staying in the 2016 race.

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PACs' creative rule-bending
The Hill
Rick Perry’s super-PACs register voters in Iowa and take on the lion’s share of campaign activities since Perry’s official campaign began running out of cash a few weeks ago. A pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC uses an obscure loophole to make strategic information public, allowing it to be used by anyone — including the Clinton campaign.More

Vilsack encourages Reauthorization of Hunger-Free Kids Act
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack delivered keynote remarks Tuesday at the Center for American Progress encouraging Congress to act quickly to reauthorize a strong Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act and support the ongoing success of the healthier meals now being served in schools across the country.More

White House disagrees with judge's blocking of WOTUS
The White House said the Justice Department is considering its options after a U.S. district court blocked a federal clean water rule from going into effect in certain states.More

The FDA may add a life-saving vitamin to tortillas
Adding folic acid to enriched flour — mandatory in the U.S. since 1998 — has protected about 1,300 babies a year from neural birth defects. That’s the big picture. But drill down and the picture looks less rosy. One particular group has been left behind: Hispanic women eating tortillas instead of bread.More

Battle of the frites
EU officials are mulling banning artery-clogging trans fatty acids, which experts say pose a major health risk. Vytenis Andriukaitis, the European commissioner for health, backs the idea, and the World Health Organization says it cannot determine even a minimal level that is safe.More

Chipotle vows to fight 'meritless' GMO lawsuit, but case highlights legal minefield over Non-GMO claims
Food Navigator-USA
Chipotle says it will vigorously defend a “meritless and unfair” lawsuit accusing it of falsely advertising its wares as non-GMO. But attorneys say the case shows that firms are vulnerable to civil litigation over non-GMO claims if genetic engineering has been used at any stage in the production process, even if their final products do not contain any detectable GM ingredients.More

Processed foods in healthy diets
Chicago Tribune
Nutrition gurus often urge us to spurn processed foods in favor of whole ones. But not all processed foods are necessarily bad. "Most food needs to go through some sort of processing for it to even be edible and digestible," says Stacey Nelson, a registered dietitian and manager of clinical nutrition at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. "The minute you cook something, you're processing it."More

What consumers are grilling this weekend
Food Business News
Two-thirds of U.S. households are heating up the grill this Labor Day weekend, but new research shows nearly four in 10 consumers who grill do so year-round. Moreover, 61 percent grill eight or more months of the year, said Acosta, a sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods industry.More

McDonald's to offer all-day breakfast
U.S. News & World Report
The company took to Twitter Tuesday to report that it will abandon its traditional 10:30 a.m. breakfast cutoff and instead offer breakfast items around the clock starting Oct. 6. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, McDonald's USA President Mike Andres described the menu adjustment as one of the most significant moves the company has made in years.More

Salt intake directly linked to obesity: CASH
Food Navigator
There is a direct link between salt intake and obesity, says 1200-strong CASH study – but health experts say the findings should be taken with a pinch of salt.More

Korean scientists report 2nd 'kill step' for salmonella in peanut butter
Food Safety News
American consumers lost their innocence about peanut butter when manufacturers of such well-known brands as Peter Pan, Great Value, King Nut, and Organic Trader Joe’s Salted Valencia all failed to remove the Salmonella contamination from their once-trusted products.More

Burger King teaming up for 'peace burger'
USA Today
Still trying to twist McDonald's publicity arm, Burger King announced Tuesday that it would collaborate with other sandwich chains to create a special burger to mark the annual International Day of Peace on Sept. 21. More