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Sep. 5, 2014

Food labels proliferate in United States
The Western Producer
In nearly every grocery store, in cities and small towns, claims of sustainable, natural, fair trade, non-GMO and probiotic are plastered on everything from oranges to oregano.

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    FDA estimates show food dye exposure could trigger behavioral trouble
    Center for Science in the Public Interest
    Nearly every child in America is exposed to Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, and Blue 1, according to a new estimate of Americans' exposure to the controversial chemicals released by the Food and Drug Administration. For children who consume a lot of dyed foods, the estimate of the amount of Red 40 alone exceeds the amount of total dyes sufficient to trigger hyperactivity and other adverse effects on behavior in some studies.More

    Coca-Cola Great Britain to adopt voluntary front-of-pack nutrition labeling
    Coca-Cola Great Britain is adopting the U.K. government's voluntary front of pack nutrition labeling scheme, which combines nutrient amounts and percentage Reference Intakes with color-coding to show how much fat, saturated fat, salt, sugar and energy (calories) is in a product.More

    2 months before Election Day, worst jobs report of the year
    The Hill
    The U.S. economy added 142,000 jobs in August, the worst showing in eight months and a break of a six-month streak of gains above 200,000. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell by a tenth of a percentage point to 6.1 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

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    Ryan to Obama: Get ready to veto
    The Hill
    Republicans plan to test President Barack Obama's willingness to use the veto pen if they capture control of the Senate in November, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said in an interview with The Hill. More

    All Jayhawked up
    The Hill
    Democrat Chad Taylor might be stuck on the Kansas Senate ballot, but Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., isn't out of the woods yet.

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    Colorado's 'Blue Book': GMO labeling will raise grocery prices
    Food Safety News
    This year's "Blue Book," the state-produced voter's guide written by Colorado's Legislative Research Council, will tell general election voters that requiring labeling of genetically engineered ingredients will raise food prices and cost consumers. It is a major setback for Proposition 105, which only last month was approved for the ballot after a last-minute paid signature-gathering.More

    The big picture of the fast food wage dispute
    The fast food wage protests, which gained momentum this week, are part of a larger discussion about the minimum wage that's happening at all levels of government. There are potential policy changes out of Washington that could affect the wages and benefits for fast food and other low-wage workers.

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    What we know about the biofuels mandate under Renewable Fuel Standard
    Biofuels Digest
    In Washington, it's getting to be like waiting for a Pope to be elected, trying to figure out the EPA's timing and intentions on the 2014 RVO (renewable volume obligation).More

    Blowing the lid off food safety in China
    Asian Scientist Magazine
    While food in China is generally safe, repeated food safety incidents make a mockery out of serious reform efforts. China needs to move beyond whistleblowers to tackle the issue of food safety, writes Sacha Cody.More

    California olive oil producers seek new rules to compete with imports
    Los Angeles Times
    The Golden State is considering first-of-its-kind grading standards for olive oil that could have far-reaching consequences for the $5.4 billion global industry.More

    AFFI Government Action Summit: Sept. 9-11
    Register today for AFFI's 2014 Government Action Summit, Sept. 9-11. Gain insight and be involved in the political issues that matter most to the frozen food industry.More

    16 CPGs on Forbes' list of most innovative
    The list of the World's Most Innovative Companies, compiled by Forbes magazine, includes 16 consumer packaged goods firms. How many food makers are innovating? More

    'To-do list' on food safety growing longer
    The Hill
    The largest food safety overhaul in generations is being starved of funding needed to enforce a host of new regulations for factories, farms and importers, safety advocates warn.More

    U.S. Postal Service set to deliver Amazon groceries
    MarketWatch Inc. and the U.S. Postal Service, already partners in Sunday deliveries, have launched a trial to shuttle insulated containers of meat, dairy, produce and other groceries to San Francisco customers' doorsteps. The test could presage a broader national rollout, giving Amazon's grocery drop-off service a much wider reach.More

    Fresno County sets record with more than $3 billion in exports, led by food
    The Fresno Bee
    For the first time in history, Fresno County, California, farmers, producers and manufacturers cranked out more than $3 billion in exported goods, led by agricultural crops and processed foods.More

    Deep (and tall) freeze coming to Washington with new storage facility
    Tri-City Herald
    A towering blue metal rack rising from Horn Rapids Industrial Park in Richland, Washington, will become part of North America's largest public refrigerated warehouse when Preferred Freezer Services completes the multimillion-dollar project next summer. Tri-City officials say the facility will make the regional food processing industry more competitive.More

    Annie's launches new frozen pizza snacks
    Food Business Review
    Annie's Inc. has launched new Pizza Poppers and Mini Pizza Bagels in the frozen aisle, providing consumers with a tasty and better-for-you alternative to conventional frozen pizza snacks.More

    Jason's Deli unveils gluten-free chicken nuggets
    Food Business Review
    The new nuggets are said to be free from antibiotics and gluten, and they are exclusively produced for Jason's Deli by Perdue. In addition, the new product is also free from artificial trans-fats, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and dyes.More

    Kroger looks to hire 20,000 permanent employees
    The Wall Street Journal (subscriber article)
    Kroger Co., one of the largest grocery retailers in the U.S., said it is looking to hire 20,000 permanent employees for its growing chain of supermarkets.More

    NORPAC's new facility streamlines process
    Capital Press
    A collaboration between two of Oregon's older companies demonstrates the strength of the state's food processing industry. More

    How to obtain an energy-efficient cold chain
    Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
    The cold storage business is undoubtedly a pricey one. In a cold chain logistics system that functions well, you can easily double the shelf life of fresh food. However, that often increases energy costs.More

    Forensics and the food industry
    Australian Broadcast Company
    Food and forensic science aren't the most obvious of partners, but with recent controversies over produce purporting to be from one region actually coming from somewhere else, the links are closer than you might think.More

    E. coli strain linked to outbreaks sequenced
    Food Quality News
    The first complete genome sequencing of a strain of E. coli linked to foodborne outbreaks has been produced by researchers at the University of California, San Diego. More