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Sep. 6, 2012

The candidates on food safety: side-by-side comparison invited thousands of scientists, engineers and concerned citizens to submit what they felt were the most important science questions facing the nation. The top 14 queries — including one about food production and safety — were presented to both President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney for side-by-side responses.More

Minnesota selected to create food safety center of excellence
Food Safety News
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention selected the Minnesota Department of Health and the University of Minnesota's School of Public Health to create a regional center of excellence for food safety, Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., announced Wednesday. More

Sugar vs. corn syrup: Sweeteners at center of bitter food fight
A group of U.S. food companies that includes conglomerate Cargill Inc. has sued a sugar industry trade group, claiming high fructose corn syrup is being unfairly maligned by promoters of "natural" sugar.

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    8th Circuit blocks Minnesota campaign finance law
    The Wall Street Journal
    A federal appeals court Wednesday blocked a Minnesota campaign finance law that it said overburdened corporations that want to spend money to influence elections. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ruled 6-5 that the law's reporting requirements for independent expenditures discourage "associations, particularly small associations with limited resources, from engaging in protected political speech."More

    Democrats hint at showdown with GOP after election
    The Wall Street Journal
    Top White House and Senate officials at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., offered new clues Thursday about their strategy heading into the lame-duck session of Congress after the November election, suggesting they plan on a showdown with Republicans over tax and spending policy.More

    Top Democrats: House majority within reach
    The Hill
    House Democratic leaders insist they have a fighting chance to pull off what outside analysts call a major long shot: winning back 25 seats to regain control of the chamber this fall.More

    Appeals court allows Nevada's 'none' voting option, has harsh words for judge
    The Associated Press via The Washington Post
    Nevada's "none of the above" voting option will be on the November ballot following an emergency stay sought by the secretary of state's office and granted by a federal appeals court. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco blocked the injunction Tuesday and had strong words for U.S. District Judge Robert Jones, who last month declared the voting option unconstitutional and struck it from the ballot.More

    Obama and Romney respond to produce industry's priorities
    United Fresh via Western Farm Press
    With the presidential election just two months away, United Fresh Produce Association has released exclusive policy statements from the campaigns of President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney on top product industry priorities. United Fresh posed questions on behalf of the industry to both campaigns on immigration, regulation, the Farm Bill, taxes, food safety and nutrition.More

    Japan: Experts recommend easing restrictions on US beef
    RTT News
    A panel of experts has recommended that Japan could ease restrictions on U.S. beef imports without compromising safety norms.

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    Groups file lawsuit to keep COOL law intact
    The National Provisioner
    Claiming the World Trade Organization does not have the authority to override U.S. law, the Made in the USA Foundation led a coalition of groups filing suit in Denver's federal district court against the WTO, the U.S. Trade Representative and the Secretary of Agriculture to keep the U.S. Country of Origin Labeling Act, COOL, in force.More

    Theaters battle back as soda ban nears vote
    The Wrap
    With one of their major sources of profits under attack, theaters across New York City's five boroughs are fighting back against Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed ban on the sale of large sugary drinks, adding their voices to a massive marketing counterattack on the part of city businesses. More

    Low participation, oversight threaten cross-border program
    Land Line
    Oversight of the long-haul, cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico — even with the low participation in the program — was criticized in an interim report issued by the Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General.More

    Lunds launches NuVal
    Progressive Grocer
    Lund Food Holdings Inc. has launched the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System in all 22 of its Lunds and Byerly's locations, becoming the first retailer in Minnesota's Twin Cities to implement the system.More

    Nestle diversifies with products fighting junk food ills
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    As the maker of KitKat bars, Hot Pockets microwaveable sandwiches and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, Nestle SA has long sold products associated with obesity and diabetes. Now, the company is aiming to build a business on foods that might help treat those conditions. More

    The future in 'functional foods'
    Food producers would do well to find a way to market their products as "functional" — having extra nutritional or dietary benefits — based on the findings of a new report by The NPD Group market research company.

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    Global reach of food industry underscores importance of safety
    West Central Tribune
    At the Minnesota-based Schwan Food Co., raw ingredients for the company's many products are obtained from more than 800 suppliers worldwide. Schwan's production of pizza alone amounts to 1 million tons a day. It's this complexity that keeps Jeff Varcoe, vice president of food safety and quality, constantly vigilant.More

    Developer targets edible food packaging for 2013
    Food Production Daily
    WikiCells, a food packaging technology that could eliminate the need for plastic containers, has secured a $10 million investment to launch its product next year.More

    Burger King focuses on chicken for fall
    The National Provisioner
    Burger King restaurants announced a new lineup of fall menu items, focusing on chicken sandwiches and entrees.More

    Kraft seeking food ingredient solution to lower water activity
    Food Navigator-USA
    Kraft Foods is inviting potential partners to pitch ingredients that could help its product developers lower water activity in foods without adding sodium or sweetness.More

    How to keep the drought from drying up your profits
    To remain profitable in the face of escalating input costs, restaurant executives have considered many approaches to making menu and pricing decisions. More

    All-out attack on food contaminants
    Laboratory Equipment
    The U.S. food safety testing market was valued at $3.3 billion in 2011 and is forecast to increase slightly in 2012, while growing to nearly $4.4 billion in 2017 — a compound annual growth rate over five years of 5.6 percent, according to market analysts at BCC Research.More

    Chimney flue gas being turned into biofuels, health food
    Business Wire via Virtual-Strategy Magazine
    Researchers at National Cheng Kung University have used flue gas from factory chimneys to cultivate microalgae that can be made into a wide range of biofuels, health food and skin care products. More

    Food manufacturer uses visualization software in production
    Sugar Foods Corp., a multinational food products company, has selected Real Status' Hyperglance to enable its IT department to visualize the relationships between applications and infrastructures, which lets them pinpoint the root cause of any performance issues and troubleshoot any concerns quickly and effectively. More

    Researchers pinpoint Listeria weak links at fish plants
    Food Production Daily
    Researchers have pointed to drains, skinning machines, brine injection units and slicers as the areas of fish processing plants most vulnerable to Listeria monocytogenes.More

    Praxair unveils new generation of flighted freezers
    Food Production Daily
    Praxair has announced the successful commercialization of its fourth-generation tunnel freezers that are designed for processing individually quick frozen foods.More

    Merieux NutriSciences acquires Swift to expand Silliker
    PRWeb via Red Orbit
    Merieux NutriSciences has acquired majority ownership of Swift Micro Laboratories, expanding the geographic coverage of Silliker, its food safety and quality business unit, for the first time to South Africa. More

    US Foods to acquire Glover Wholesale
    Business Wire via MarketWatch
    US Foods, one of the country's most innovative food companies and leading distributors, today announced it has agreed to acquire Glover Wholesale Company, a foodservice distributor based in Americus, Ga.More

    Supervalu to close 60 underperforming stores
    Progressive Grocer
    Supervalu Inc. will close 60 underperforming or non-strategic stores this fiscal year, including 38 in its retail food reporting segment and 22 Save-A-Lot locations.More

    Study: Soluble corn fiber key in gut health, calcium absorption
    Two new research studies supported by Tate & Lyle, the global provider of specialty food ingredients and solutions, provide further evidence that certain higher-fiber diets can be well-tolerated and that fiber may play an important role in supporting a healthy gut as well as promoting calcium absorption.More

    Study of 'feel full' foods aims to tackle obesity epidemic
    University of Aberdeen nutritionists are developing and testing new foods with satiating qualities to help control appetite, manage weight and combat obesity. More