Frozen Express
Sep. 9, 2014

Tyranny of dinner?
New York Post
We're experiencing a food revolution in this country, with more options than ever for cooking great meals at home. Somebody just had to find a problem. Sociologists at North Carolina State University last week released a study that found that cooking family meals from scratch is — wait for it — difficult.More

US meat inspection system in disarray, watchdogs say
Iowa Public Radio
Jennifer Brdar's dream job was to be a meat inspector for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But barely a month after landing that role, she walked away in frustration. The agency isn't doing its job, she says.More

Demand for healthy foods: Growing or not?
Michigan State University
In the past few years, healthy organic food has certainly become a popular alternative to traditional eating habits. People seem to be spending more money on fruits and vegetables. So why hasn't the food industry seen a substantial increase in consumption? More

7 questions for final primary night
Tuesday marks the official end of primary season, and for the first time this election cycle, a multi-state primary night features as many intriguing Democratic contests as Republican ones.More

GOP makes play for the center
The Hill
With primary season over, the GOP is beginning to inch back to the center. Republican Senate and House candidates have begun to loudly embrace more moderate policies such as an increase in the minimum wage and over-the-counter birth control in an effort to win over swing voters and soften their image. More

Gallup: Why Democrats should worry
Congressional approval is at one its lowest points in 40 years heading into midterm elections — and that could hurt Democrats, according to a new Gallup poll. More

Fast food workers and a new form of labor activism
New Yorker
Among the 35 or so non-salaried employees at a Manhattan McDonald's, 14, at last count, have thrown in their lot with Fast Food Forward, the New York branch of a growing campaign to unionize fast food workers. Behind the counter there and at countless other establishments, there have been sharp and difficult debates about the wisdom of demanding better pay and forming a union.More

Urban vote key to Oregon GMO campaign
Portland Tribune
The fate of Oregon's genetically modified organism labeling initiative will hinge on whether heavy spending by opponents can overcome the liberal leanings of urban voters, experts say.More

5 food, ag groups descend on returning Congress
Lawmakers returning to Capitol Hill this week should brace for a flood of visits from corn growers, pork producers, grocery store owners, food manufacturing execs and others.More

APHIS seeks comments on fruit, veggie import and transport standards
Federal Register
USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is proposing a more flexible regulatory approach to the standards that govern the importing and transporting of fruits and vegetables into the mainland United States.More

Food safety officials pull more pork from stores as investigation expands
Calgary Herald
Raw pork from two more retailers in Calgary, Canada, is being pulled from store shelves as food safety officials continue investigating where tainted meat that sickened scores of Albertans was shipped to and sold around the province. More

Ireland: Frozen berries warning issued after unexplained Hepatitis A cases
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland is asking people to boil imported frozen berries following a number of unexplained cases of Hepatitis A. To date 1,440 cases have been reported in 12 European countries.More

A new Starbucks, for discerning palates
The Wall Street Journal
With a new wave of gourmet coffee chains on the rise, the company that started it all, Starbucks, is launching a new chain of specialty stores.More

Fresh isn't always best for fruit, vegetables
Aetna's InteliHealth
Studies have shown fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are nutritionally similar. Frozen and canned produce is often cheaper and more convenient to prepare.More

Food sales draw customers to dollar stores
Omaha World-Herald
Customers who seek out deals on groceries have helped dollar stores become the fastest-growing brick-and-mortar retailers today, largely because of food sales.More

General Mills to acquire Annie's for $820 million
U.S.-based food firm General Mills has agreed to acquire organic and natural foods producer Annie's, in a deal worth $820 million. The proposed acquisition is expected to expand General Mills' growing natural and organic foods business, where sales have been growing at 12 percent compound rate over the past decade.More

Jimmy Dean brand moves beyond breakfast with new frozen meals
The makers of Jimmy Dean®, a brand that has long been associated with breakfast and the morning sun, announced a new marketing campaign Monday to introduce a new line of lunch and dinner frozen meals.More

Marks & Spencer introduces first line of frozen meals
Fresh Plaza
Marks & Spencer is rolling out a line of frozen ready-meals that includes 30 dishes, portioned for 2-4 people. The new offerings are slated to hit stores before the end of September.More

McDonald's sales woes continue in August
The Wall Street Journal
McDonald's said its global sales fell 3.7 percent in August as problems with one of its suppliers in Asia drove a precipitous drop in sales in the region and the core U.S. market continued struggling as well.

Related: McDonald's Japan sales fall record 25 percent on food safety scare (Reuters)More

Campbell Soup CEO cites 'meaningful decline' in packaged food sector
Food Navigator-USA
While there were some bright spots in Campbell Soup's fourth-quarter results, its performance in core categories such as ready-to-serve soup was a bit lackluster, CEO Denise Morrison told analysts Monday. More

In massive shift, Nestle takes on animal cruelty
HSUS via Live Science
In late August, Nestle, the world's largest food company, rocked animal agribusiness when it teamed up with humane organizations to announce groundbreaking reforms in the way chickens, pigs, cows and other animals in its global supply chain will be treated. More

Inside Capitol Hill's black market: Snacks
Big deals over immigration reform or government spending may not be getting made on Capitol Hill, but political maneuvering can yield a free pack of Skittles for a staffer with a sugar craving. It just might cost a bag of Fritos. More

Dispatches from the frontier of gluten-free living
U.S. News & World Report
The Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo was held recently, a traveling convention of "free-from" food and beverage marketers whose products cater to the growing ranks of people following restricted diets. The good news is gluten-free diets are getting back to normal. But that's also the bad news.More