Frozen Express
Sep. 20, 2012

Food industry weighs in on FDA's facility registration categories
Food Chemical News (subscription required)
The frozen food industry is calling on the FDA to rework categories on its new facility registration list and harmonize them with the Reportable Food Registry, two programs used by FDA to respond to food-related emergencies.

Editor's note: Comments submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) on this issue are available to AFFI members here.More

Rabobank: Record food prices as grain costs spur meat cutbacks
Bloomberg Businessweek
World food prices tracked by the United Nations may climb 15 percent by June 2013 to exceed the all-time high set last year as droughts in the U.S., South America and Russia push up animal feed costs, spurring meat and dairy farmers to cut herds, Rabobank International said.

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    New Humana program rewards purchase of healthy groceries
    The Washington Post
    As one of the country's largest health insurance companies, Humana regularly has a say in where its members seek care. Now it wants sway over what groceries they buy. Humana announced a new partnership with Wal-Mart Wednesday that will give the more than 1 million members of its wellness program, HumanaVitality, a 5 percent discount on healthy groceries.More

    Is the 2012 election tilting toward Democrats?
    The Washington Post
    Either we're at a turning point in the 2012 election, or a lot of pollsters are getting it wrong. The question for the past week-plus has been whether President Barack Obama's convention bounce and a series of stumbles for Mitt Romney have recast the 2012 race.

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    Is Obama lifting Wall Street?
    The Wall Street Journal
    s the stock market cheering for Barack Obama, the nemesis of big business and the advocate of higher taxes on the investor class? Although the race could change before Election Day, the latest polls suggest that winds are shifting in favor of Obama's re-election.More

    Poll: Romney '47 percent' remarks hurt independent support
    Almost 3 in 10 independent voters said Mitt Romney's comments on the "47 percent" would make them less likely to vote for him in November, nearly twice the number who said the remarks make them more likely to support the GOP presidential nominee. More

    Experts: Food safety audits need an overhaul
    The Abstract
    Much of the food industry relies on third-party audits of practices, processes and facilities to ensure the food that ultimately reaches consumers is safe. But a new paper from food safety researchers at North Carolina State and Kansas State University argues that these audits need to be overhauled in order to protect public health.More

    Boehner vague on farm bill direction
    With the handwriting already on the barn wall, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, conceded Thursday that the House will go home for the elections without dealing with either a new five-year farm bill or an extension of the current 2008 law that expires Sept. 30.

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    Iowa schools struggle with debt from unpaid lunches
    Des Moines Register
    School districts in Iowa and elsewhere face a delicate balancing act: Find a way to collect past-due balances for school meals, but ensure that students don't go hungry. Some school districts in Iowa and elsewhere have turned to collection agencies to compel parents to pay their child's past-due meal bills. Others have set caps on the amount of debt a student can compile. And many now provide students who owe money for past meals a sandwich and milk for lunch, instead of a full meal.More

    Farmers, scientists call for more action on antibiotics in agriculture
    Food Safety News
    More than 150 scientists and 50 farmers came out this week in support of stricter limits on antibiotics used in animal agriculture as part of a broader effort to tackle the "health crisis" caused by growing antibiotic resistance. More

    French scientists question safety of GM corn
    The Washington Post
    A controversial new French study claims that rats fed a diet of Monsanto's genetically modified maize and/or exposed to the company's top-selling weedkiller were more likely to die prematurely and develop tumors and organ damage.More

    Scientists: HFCS should not be blamed for obesity
    A new article published in International Journal of Obesity found there is no evidence to suggest the current obesity epidemic in the United States can be blamed specifically on consumption of high fructose corn syrup.More

    Coalition: Take tuna off school menu
    USA Today
    A coalition of consumer groups is recommending the U.S. Department of Agriculture get tuna out of school lunchrooms after tests of canned tuna sold to schools found highly variable levels of mercury, in some cases higher than federal guidelines. More

    ConAgra plans more acquisitions after profit jumps
    The Associated Press via Bloomberg Businessweek
    ConAgra Foods Inc. said Thursday its profit more than doubled in the fiscal first quarter as it added to its roster of brands and benefited from one-time investment gains.More

    Innovation vs. green: The conflict of new technology investment
    Food Navigator
    Product innovation and quality is a stronger priority for industry than sustainability and efficiency when considering new technology investments, Leatherhead finds.More

    Judge: Texas turkey processor owes workers $1.4 million
    The Associated Press via
    A Texas company that profited for decades by supplying mentally disabled workers to an Iowa turkey plant at wages of 41 cents per hour must pay the men $1.37 million in back wages, a federal judge ruled this week.More

    DuPont partnership uses protein technology for food safety
    Natural Products Insider
    DuPont Nutrition & Health is collaborating with AvidBiotics Corp. to develop bactericidal protein technologies. The partnership will focus on researching proteins that attack unwanted bacteria in food to help improve food safety, quality and shelf life.More

    DSM in talks to buy Cargill's cultures, enzymes business
    Food Navigator
    Cargill and DSM have entered exclusive discussions with may result in the acquisition of Cargill's cultures and enzymes business by DSM, the firms have confirmed.More

    City to renovate more space for budding food companies
    New York Daily News
    Small businesses that manufacture food products will have a spanking new space to cook up their magic in New York City's historic La Marqueta building as the New York City Council invests $2 million in renovations for the purpose. More

    Silliker opens new flagship lab
    Virtual-Strategy Magazine
    Silliker Inc., an international network of food safety testing and consulting labs, has opened the Silliker Solution Center — its flagship lab for North America and, at 71,000 square feet, the largest facility in its network. The new center will house both the Illinois Analytical Lab and the Food Science Center.More

    Food company opts for Velcro technology
    Velcro Industries has joined forces with the U.S. food company Lundberg Family Farms to incorporate its PRESS-LOK closure technology into new package designs for Lundberg's organic and eco-farmed rice lines.More