Frozen Express
Sept. 28, 2011

Obama urged to back restrictions on food ads for children

The Hill
Seventy-five experts in nutrition, marketing, medicine and public health wrote to President Barack Obama on Tuesday to urge him to fight for restrictions on food advertising for children as the issue comes to a head in Congress.More

Ending junk food: The harder addiction to quit

The Washington Post
Why do Americans eat junk food? Not because it's cheap, Mark Bittman argued in The New York Times. And not because it's fast. We eat junk food for two simple reasons: It's easy and it tastes good, often a lot better than healthful foods.More

Are we eating too much sodium? Who cares, say 59 percent of Americans

Food Navigator
Surprising numbers of Americans feel satisfied that they already are doing everything they can to eat a healthy diet, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, according to the results of two consumer surveys unveiled at the American Dietetic Association conference.More

Opinion: Can Herman Cain deliver an upset?

The Washington Post
In the Republican presidential race, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate fact from farce.More

Though hearing pleas to run, Christie sidesteps 2012 questions

The Washington Post
The Republican Party's long search for a standard-bearer is placing extraordinary pressure on the tough-talking governor of New Jersey to leap suddenly into a presidential race he has denied interest in entering.More

Bachmann tries to reignite campaign

The Wall Street Journal
Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., couldn't be more upbeat as she strives to revitalize her presidential campaign in Iowa, the state that matters to her most.More

Florida moves toward January primary

The Washington Post
Florida state House Speaker Dean Cannon says his state is likely to set its primary for Jan. 31, which probably would have the effect of pushing the presidential primary process ahead one month to begin soon after the New Year.More

Congress pushes for farm program fixes

The pressure is mounting in the nation's capital to rewrite at least part of the farm bill this year as Congress considers a huge piece of legislation to create jobs and reduce the deficit.More

Benefits tax hits businesses twice

The Wall Street Journal
State and federal taxes are rising for employers throughout the U.S. as states struggle to repay federal loans for unemployment benefits, including more than $1 billion in interest due Friday. More

Opinion: When big problems require big government

Chicago Tribune
No matter what you think of "small government" credos, there should be common-sense exceptions, and one of them is hamburger. And peanuts. And spinach. That's right: Government needs to be all up in your cantaloupe.More

Hi, I'm Paul and I caught your dinner: Food tracing surges

The Globe and Mail
When it comes to the safety and sustainability of your food, how much do you really want to know?More

Health care reform and food businesses

The Franchise Hound
What effect will impending health care reform have on small businesses? Food businesses particularly have very low operating margins, so a 1 percent increase in any cost is significant.More

Alaska legislator wants regulations rolled back to 1991

The Anchorage Daily News
Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, suggested Tuesday he plans to introduce a bill to repeal every regulation that has been put into effect in the last 20 years.More

131,300 pounds of ground beef recalled over E. coli concern

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
Tyson Fresh Meats Inc., an Emporia, Kan., establishment, is recalling approximately 131,300 pounds of ground beef products that might be contaminated with E. coli.

Editor's note: The American Frozen Food Institute is organizing a series of instructional food safety webinars with leading experts to examine topics and issues related to implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act. To register, or for more information, please click here.More

FDA lifts restrictions on melons

The New York Times
Faced with a lawsuit by a major produce grower, the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday lifted import restrictions on cantaloupes from a Guatemala farm that had been linked to a multistate salmonella outbreak.

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    Nestle finance chief Singh to retire, be succeeded by Wal-Mart's Martello

    Nestle SA, the world's biggest food company, named Wal-Mart Stores Inc. executive Wan Ling Martello as chief financial officer to succeed Jim Singh, adding an outsider to a company run by veterans. More

    Listeria linked to top 3 death counts in US foodborne illness

    Food Poison Journal
    At 72 sickened with 13 deaths the Jensen Farms Listeria outbreak has moved into third place in the United States' most deadly foodborne illness outbreaks.

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    Canada issues hazard alert for ham over Listeria fear

    Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning the public not to consume some Compliments-brand Sensations Old-Style Smoked Ham because the product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.More

    Salmonella confirmed in ground turkey recall

    Bloomberg Businessweek
    A ground turkey sample that led to Cargill Inc.'s 185,000-pound recall earlier this month was confirmed to be contaminated by the salmonella Heidelberg outbreak strain, the USDA said.More

    Farmers, advocates launch Raw Milk Institute

    Food Safety News
    The much-anticipated Raw Milk Institute has gone live. Its goal is to use science-based food-safety principles to shore up a strong foundation for the growing raw-milk movement.More

    Supermarket FDI plan moving 'very fast'

    Reuters via Moneycontrol
    India is moving quickly on a plan to open its $450 billion retail sector to global players such as Wal-Mart, despite concerns about job losses among millions of small neighborhood stores, the industry secretary said Wednesday.More

    PMMI: Safety, cost, convenience form basis of food processing purchase decisions

    Packaging Digest
    According to "Food Processing Machinery Market Assessment," a new market study from PMMI, food safety ranks as food processors' leading consideration.More

    Cold chain challenges, infant formula drive Asian dairy needs

    Food Navigator
    A growing middle class with rising disposable income is fueling a rapid increase in demand for dairy ingredients in China and Southeast Asia, and North American dairy cooperative Agropur is finding opportunities in specific market sectors.More