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Sep. 29, 2014

Waste weighing down US food system
Food is the largest single source of waste in the U.S. More food ends up in landfills than plastic, more than paper. The enormous amount of wasted food is weighing on our food system.More

Farmers pay the price for a false food safety warning
Bloomberg Businessweek
A case by tomato growers against the FDA that was dismissed this month highlights the difficult balance food safety officials must strike when protecting public health at the expense of commercial interests. It becomes especially sticky when authorities blame the wrong party.More

Corporate finance expert: Natural firms are highly sought by CPG giants
Food Navigator-USA
While the jaw-dropping amount that General Mills paid for Annie's ($820 million) raised some eyebrows, it was "worth it," says one corporate finance expert who says big CPG firms are increasingly eyeing up acquisition targets in the natural and organic foods space at a much earlier stage of their development. More

Party bosses place midterm bets
The Hill
Five weeks before the midterm elections, party leaders are peering into their campaign bank accounts, doing their math and trying to figure out where to put their money — and where to abandon hope. More

These 5 races will decide control of the Senate
The Washington Post
The fight for the Senate majority is increasingly focused on five races: Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina and Kansas. They are acknowledged by both sides to be very competitive, and because of that are likely to see the heaviest spending by both the party committees and the outside groups over the last five-plus weeks of the midterm election.

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    Christie ramps up 2016 push
    The Hill
    With a bridge scandal potentially behind him, Chris Christie is taking a now-clear road to help fellow Republicans — and himself — on the campaign trail. More

    Groups mount expensive campaigns on GMO labeling
    The Associated Press via The Register-Guard
    With a decision on the ballot measure to require labeling of genetically modified foods in Oregon just five weeks away, the two opposing camps combined have reported contributions of nearly $3 million and expenditures of more than $2 million, including advertising.

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    US-Japan trade talks hit new farm exports snag
    U.S.-Japan trade talks hit a rough patch this week with both sides blaming the other for a stalemate over farm exports, a major hurdle in concluding an ambitious 12-nation trade pact.More

    Trade pact in spotlight as new EU Commission faces grilling
    The European Union's likely next trade chief will face tough questions about how she would handle free trade negotiations with the United States when confirmation hearings for the new European Commission open Monday.More

    FSIS veteran Almanza named food safety undersecretary
    Administrator of USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service Alfred Almanza has been named deputy under secretary for food safety, alongside Brian Ronholm. More

    FAO calls for 'paradigm shift' to sustainable ag, food accessibility, farms
    Thomas Reuters Foundation
    Policy makers should support a broad array of approaches to overhauling global food systems, making them healthier and more sustainable while acknowledging that "we cannot rely on an input intensive model to increase production and that the solutions of the past have shown their limits," FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said Monday in his opening remarks to the 24th session of the Committee on Agriculture.More

    Ocean management 'crucial' to food security: FAO
    Food Navigator
    Demand for fish and seafood is growing — but better ocean management is needed to ensure global food security, according to a new report from the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization. More

    China pledges 'harshest penalties' for food safety violations
    China has vowed to hand out the "harshest penalties" to food safety violators and to further reform the food and drug safety administration, Xinhua news agency said Saturday.More

    Egg producers step closer to new rules
    State regulations of egg grading, handling, packaging, labeling and retail sales in Wisconsin have moved a step closer to changes. More

    Temple Grandin: Pink slime solves waste issue
    Sioux City Journal
    Autism expert Dr. Temple Grandin has defended the 'pink slime' process patented by BPI. "Throwing away that meat amounts to a truckload of meat per day…," she says. More

    Drought has California towns near waterlessness
    Los Angeles Times
    There are 28 small California communities that have, since January, cycled onto and off of a list of "critical water systems" that state officials say could run dry within 60 days.More

    General Mills voters heartily reject GMO ban
    Los Angeles Times
    When General Mills shareholders had the opportunity to dump all genetically modified ingredients from the company's vast lineup of brands, they responded with a resounding "No."More

    The curious case of the Chinese chicken import-export business
    In 2006, USDA submitted a list of regulations to the White House aimed at helping China get into the U.S. chicken market by certifying Chinese facilities to process U.S.-raised poultry for sale back in the States. But food problems persist in China, and the program was defunded. More

    Commodities continue to hit new price lows
    Chicago corn was little changed on Monday around a five-year low while soybeans dropped to their lowest since early 2010 as ideal weather across key U.S. growing regions allowed farmers to rapidly harvest record crops.More

    US consumer spending climbed in August on income gain
    Consumer spending in the U.S. rebounded in August as further job gains encouraged households to loosen their purse strings.More

    Seaboard, Triumph split ownership of pork processor
    Seaboard Corp. announced Friday that Triumph Foods purchased a 50 percent ownership in Daily's Premium Meats, the processed meats division of Seaboard Foods. More

    McCain names new Canadian president
    McCain Foods Ltd. on Sunday announced the appointment of Shai Altman as president, Canada, effective Oct. 20. Altman replaces former president Darryl Rowe, who stepped down last December. More

    How to meet consumer needs with nutritional claims
    It's a familiar story: Once foods or ingredients are labeled as bad by a segment of the culture such as salt, processed meats and red meat, there is a push to reduce or eliminate the inclusion of those foods and ingredients in the diet. More

    Yumi Ice Cream sells more, manages less
    Mobile Enterprise
    Yumi's sales model employs territory sales managers to meet with customers, check inventory, sell in new products and displays, and place orders. The direct store delivery team then brings the products to the store and stocks the shelves, to minimize out-of-stock situations. More