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Sep. 30, 2013

Food contact notifications will get 'objection' letters if government shuts down
Food Chemical News (subscription required)
Any food contact notifications under review at FDA's office of Food Additive Safety will receive objection letters if the government shuts down at midnight Monday.

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    Fast food drive-thrus are getting slower
    USA Today
    Fast food seems to be slowing down at the drive-thru as more complicated, new products clog up the food assembly line, according to a 2013 Drive-Thru Performance Study conducted for QSR Magazine.More

    Rising food safety concerns driving bigger demand for diagnostics
    Environmental Expert
    Rising concerns over food and water safety and tightening environmental regulations globally continue to increase the need for testing contaminants, thereby generating strong demand for agricultural and environmental diagnostics. More

    Boehner on the cliff edge
    The Hill
    By embracing the tea party's strategy aimed at thwarting Obamacare, Speak John Boehner, R-Ohio, is betting he can win the public relations battle against President Barack Obama's bully pulpit. It is a huge gamble. More

    In potential loss, GOP sees a win
    The Wall Street Journal
    One of the few paths to averting a government shutdown before midnight tonight is for House Speaker John Boehner to give up the fight to delay the new federal health law. If that happened, Boehner would need to make the case to his fellow House Republicans that they should end their standoff over the law, at least for now, with the Senate.More

    Politicians seek fundraising payday from shutdown
    USA Today
    As a partial shutdown of the federal government looms, both Democrats and Republicans are working to exploit the budget crisis to raise campaign money.More

    How Obamacare affects businesses — large and small
    When Congress was writing Obamacare, its biggest backers said the new law would help small businesses. Instead, they're complaining about it. It was also supposed to take the cost pressure off businesses in general. Instead, they say it's just adding more pressure.More

    EFSA highlights risk from potential carcinogen in vegetable fats
    Food Navigator
    Very young children and the elderly may be at particular risk from a potentially carcinogenic chemical compound formed in margarines, bread and vegetable oils when heated, according to the European Food Safety Authority.More

    Largely out of sight, US budget sequester still cuts deep
    Airports have not ground to a halt. Fresh meat has not disappeared from supermarkets and the economy has not slipped back into recession. The U.S. government may have headed off some of the most dire predictions about the sequester, but over seven months, the across-the-board spending cut has thrown sand into the gears of the economic recovery.More

    Experts: Governments must take the lead on limiting marketing to children
    Food Navigator
    Regulation aimed at limiting the marketing of unhealthy food and drinks to children will only work properly if governments step up their role and set the standards themselves, warned researchers at a recent daylong conference in London, "Food Marketing Regulation and Childhood Obesity Prevention."More

    USDA's Hagen addresses DeLauro on inspector IT network
    Food Safety News
    Dr. Elisabeth Hagen, Under Secretary of Food Safety for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, wrote a letter to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., last week regarding DeLauro's concerns over a reportedly problematic computer network used by USDA meat inspectors.More

    School food: What's good vs. what's good for them
    Napa Valley Register
    As tasty as Napa, Calif., high schools' new menus may sound, there are relatively few student takers. Napa High has more than 1,800 students enrolled this year, but only 275 to 300 students eat lunch from the cafeteria each day. While nutrition standards have improved, students' attitudes toward cafeteria food remain largely unchanged.

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    US, Japan strike deal to fully recognize each other's organic standards
    Food Navigator-USA
    An organic equivalence agreement signed last week by the U.S. and Japan will reopen the Japanese market to U.S. organic producers and could provide more — and possibly cheaper — food for U.S. consumers.More

    Coming your way: China's rotten apples
    The juice of rotten Chinese apples isn't something that most American parents would serve to their children. But if a recent report from the Chinese press is accurate, they may very well have been doing so for years without anyone — including U.S. government inspectors — knowing it.More

    US scientists work to save the bee population and America's food
    Al Jazeera America
    Science writer Kyle Hill travels to Minnesota and Washington to explore the phenomenon known as "colony collapse" and the devastating effects the loss of honey bees could have on the American food industry.More

    Jamie Oliver backs 'Which?' food waste campaign
    Food Manufacture-UK
    Millionaire celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has endorsed Which?'s new research that revealed 14 million cash-strapped consumers were cutting waste due to financial reasons, cooking with leftovers, making smaller portions and freezing food.More

    Deadline today for preventive controls forum
    Today — Sept. 30 — is the deadline to pre-register for the 2013 Food Safety Preventive Controls Forum, Oct. 21-24 in Portland, Ore. Register today for this key event.More

    Rare charges used in cantaloupe growers' case
    The Associated Press
    It took two years for federal prosecutors to bring criminal charges against the owners of a Colorado cantaloupe farm linked to a 2011 Listeria epidemic that killed 33 people.More

    McDonald's goes global on nutritional offerings
    USA Today
    McDonald's, in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, will offer side salads as substitutes for french fries in its value meals — at no extra cost — in the U.S market in 2014.More

    After years of crop crises, US harvest beckons new era of plenty — almost
    For much of the past six years, the global grain markets have lurched from one crop crisis to the next, keeping inventories low and food prices high. Now, as harvest machines across the U.S. Midwest prepare to reap the nation's biggest corn crop in history, a sea change seems imminent, one that could transform the market.More

    The big chill: Tips from a freezer convert
    The Denver Magazine
    Frozen food doesn't have to mean blocks of spinach or chicken nuggets. Instead, cooks in the know fill their freezer with stocks, farm-fresh produce and ready-to-eat, healthy meals. Here, tips for making your freezer your grocery store.More

    What's in a chicken nugget? Not pink slime — but also not chicken breast meat
    Medical Daily
    In recent years, people have raised questions about the ingredients in fast food poultry and beef products, after the infamous image of "pink slime" began circulating across the Internet. Pink slime isn't used in chicken nuggets, but what are "nuggets" actually made of?More

    HFCS-free: The trend stalled by consumer indifference?
    Food Navigator-USA
    What do Hunt's ketchup and Capri Sun have in common? They both switched back to using high fructose corn syrup after taking it out of the recipe, the former citing "consumer indifference" and the latter citing sugar prices.More

    Food Navigator-USA: 10 to watch in food and beverage industry
    Food Navigator-USA
    Breaking into the cutthroat world of consumer packaged goods takes blood, sweat, tears — and enough cash to sustain some momentum after the initial excitement of seeing your product hit the shelf wears off. Here's FoodNavigator-USA's pick of 10 entrepreneurs to watch in food and beverage.More

    Why you should watch these 3 organic food industry players
    The Motley Fool via Daily Finance
    As people become more and more health conscious, sales of natural and organic food and personal-care products are picking up.More

    Burger chain A&W taps demand for hormone-free beef
    Privately owned Canadian hamburger chain A&W will buy only beef from cattle raised without added growth hormones or steroids, a move that adds costs but taps into growing consumer interest in how food is prepared.More

    Hillshire Brands thinks outside the corn dog with CEO Connolly
    Since Hillshire Brands spun off from the Sara Lee Corp. last June, CEO Sean Connolly has made a point of thinking outside the box — and even beyond the traditional pig and cow.More

    Birds Eye: Sweet as the moment when the pod went 'pop'
    Ashbourne News Telegraph
    Synonymous with clever advertising campaigns, frozen food pioneer Birds Eye has kept its eye on the ball, continually updating its range of frozen food products.More

    Bob Evans shuttering sausage plant
    Food Business News
    Bob Evans Farms Inc. will close its sausage production plant in Richardson, Texas. The company cited record-high prices for sows as the reason for the closing.More