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Oct. 3, 2014

Food prices only going one way: down
The Wall Street Journal
Food prices are likely to continue to fall for months as the world is reaping bountiful harvests. Prices for soybeans, corn and wheat in particular could fall for the rest of the year, according to participants at the World Commodities Week conference in London.

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FDA reports on antibiotics used for food-producing animals
The FDA has published its fourth annual report summarizing the sales and distribution data of antimicrobial drugs approved for use in food-producing animals.More

Who is the US gluten-free consumer?
Bakery & Snacks
Who buys gluten-free and what motivates purchases in the sector? The Hartman Group shares results from a survey of 2,551 American adults.

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Hillary Clinton plans midterm blitz
Hillary Clinton has mapped out much of her political schedule through Election Day, an itinerary that focuses on helping Senate candidates and includes trips to a half-dozen states, including Kentucky and presidential early states Iowa and New Hampshire, according to details obtained by POLITICO.More

Are big 3 Senate races slipping away from Democrats?
It's been the most remarkably enduring story line of Election 2014: three Democratic senators defying their states' deep red complexion and their president's abysmal approval ratings to stay competitive in races that should have, on paper, been lost long ago. The question all along has been, Could it possibly last?

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Democrats, Republicans gear up for possible Senate runoffs
The Wall Street Journal (subscriber story)
Political parties and their allies, anticipating that the Nov. 4 balloting won't decide control of the Senate, have started to buy television airtime and take other steps in case the races in Louisiana and Georgia are forced into runoffs.More

US revokes PACA status for Canadian suppliers
The Packer
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has revoked the privileged status Canadian produce sellers have enjoyed under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, effective Oct. 1.

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FSMA preventive controls rule tackles industry concerns, raises new ones
Food Chemical News (subscriber story)
FDA's policy change to exempt distribution centers from conducting hazard analyses and supplier verification controls in the latest Food Safety Modernization Act supplemental are big wins for retailers, says Erik Lieberman, principal at Lieberman PLLC.More

New dashboard tool shares FDA inspection, compliance and recall data
FDA Voice
As part of its commitment to transparency, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a new online tool to provide insight into FDA's compliance, inspection and recall activities.More

USDA invests nearly $118 million to support specialty crop producers
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this week announced nearly $118 million in grants to strengthen markets for specialty crops such as fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, horticulture and nursery crops. More

FDA publishes new strategic roadmap, emphasizes regulatory science
Med Device Online
In an effort to meet the next four years head on, the FDA has put forth its 2104-2018 strategic priorities document. The document outlines the FDA's five strategic priorities and establishes the agency's core goals and objectives over the next four years. More

External factors may bring Salmonella to melons, tomatoes: EFSA
Xinhua News Agency via Global Post
External factors such as heavy rainfall, polluted irrigation sources and contaminated equipment may bring Salmonella to melons and tomatoes, according to a statement from the European Food Safety Authority on Friday.More

Global snack sales to top $374 billion in 2014
Food Product Design
The competitive landscape in the snacking industry is fierce, with annual global snack food sales increasing 2 percent to $374 billion in 2014, Nielsen reports.More

Using 'natural' with GMOs? Prepare to be sued
Food Navigator-USA
While USDA has defined "natural," the FDA has only issued some general guidance. But where does this leave a host of processed and GMO ingredients?More

GMO labeling will cost a penny per person per day
International Business Times
GMO labeling is one of the hottest issues in food today — and a new study won't end the debate about what consumers need to know about genetically modified organisms.More

Is that a pizza or a pretzel? Frito-Lay patents new snack technique
Food Production Daily
Frito-Lay has developed a method to adhere large, three-dimensional food flakes such as meat and vegetables to regular snacks, to emulate pizza, nachos and tostadas.More

Chinese consumers' appetite grows for healthy food
China Daily via AsiaOne
Chinese consumers have become more concerned about healthy lifestyles and eating habits, which also drives the market to shift to those more natural and healthier food products, according to a report by the United Kingdom-based research firm Mintel Group Ltd. More

Pork wounds heal as hog farmers gain from US corn bust
The U.S. hog herd, at an eight-year low on March 1, rose in the three months ended Sept. 1 by the most since 1991, government data show. More

Meat alternatives set to grow in popularity
Food Manufacture UK
Increased global demand for meat will force food manufacturers to find innovative ways of using less but better meat or meat substitutes in their products, industry experts have predicted. More

Innovative Food Holdings acquires Organic Food Brokers
Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
Florida-based Innovative Food Holdings Inc. acquired Organic Food Brokers LLC, a Boulder, Colorado-based company focusing on launching and growing retail sales for small and emerging organic and specialty food brands nationwide.More

Companies find healthier packaged food a tough sell in Mexico
The Wall Street Journal (subscriber story)
Companies trying to launch healthier snack options in Mexico, where the government has been cracking down on junk food through taxes and advertising restrictions, find that the products are often a tough sell. More

Coalition of companies creates cold chain council
Refrigerated Transporter
A coalition of major companies that comprise the supply chain necessary to move cold food products from field to market worldwide have organized the Global Food Cold Chain Council.More

Equity crowdfunding will transform food industry, expert says
Food Navigator-USA
New crowdfunding platforms will transform the food industry, said an executive of a Canadian company set to go that route to raise additional capital. More