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Oct. 6, 2014

Synthetically modified food technology to outpace GMOs?
Liberty Voice
While many consumers are still concerned with the existence and labeling of genetically modified organisms, the technology behind synthetically modified foods is improving. Technologically speaking, GMOs are old news, and science is embarking on a new wave of food production techniques and improvements.

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    McCain aims to bring warmth back to the frozen food aisle
    The Globe and Mail
    In the new McCain's ad campaign launching today, the Canadian frozen food manufacturer is responding to a demographic shift: Roughly 60 percent of Canadian households are now made up of two people or less. The rebranding focuses on health over convenience.More

    Massachusetts kicks off commercial food waste ban
    The Associated Press via WBZ-TV
    Massachusetts is officially kicking off its commercial food waste ban with a special ceremony Monday. Under the first-in-the-nation ban, businesses that produce at least 1 ton of food waste a week must recycle or reuse that material instead of sending it to landfills or incinerators.More

    In 2014 midterms, Republicans increasingly see parallels to 2006 election
    The Washington Post
    A half-dozen senators fighting for their political lives — and their party's hold on the majority — in tough races while trying to avoid being dragged down by an unpopular president and the stark reality that second-term midterm elections almost never work out for the side controlling the White House.

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    Greg Orman leads Sen. Pat Roberts by 10 points, poll shows
    The Washington Post
    A poll out Sunday shows Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., trailing independent challenger Greg Orman by 10 points. The survey is the latest sign of trouble for Roberts, who is in a tough fight to keep his job.

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    Democrats start to point fingers
    The Hill
    Democrats are starting to play the blame game as they face the possibility of losing the Senate in November.More

    Deal on GRAS lawsuit could be close
    Politico Pro (subscriber story)
    The FDA may be close to striking a deal with the Center for Food Safety to settle its lawsuit over the agency's regulation of food additives, according to a joint motion filed this week.More

    FDA releases redline versions of 4 FSMA rules
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
    The FDA on Friday released redline versions of the four FSMA supplemental rules in development. The redline versions allow you to see how the proposed codified text has been modified from the original proposal:
    Proposed Supplemental Rule for Produce Safety
    Proposed Supplemental Rule for Preventive Controls for Human Food
    Proposed Supplemental Rule for Preventive Controls for Animal Food
    Proposed Supplemental Rule for Foreign Supplier Verification Programs

    Vilsack to beef industry: Reach consensus or I'm taking control
    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said that because a beef industry working group has been unable to reach consensus on beef checkoff reforms, he plans to institute another beef industry checkoff program to run parallel to the existing one. More

    Can China and Russia squeeze Washington out of Eurasia?
    The Huffington Post
    A specter haunts the fast-aging "New American Century": the possibility of a future Beijing-Moscow-Berlin strategic trade and commercial alliance. Its likelihood is being seriously discussed at the highest levels in Beijing and Moscow and viewed with interest in Berlin, New Delhi and Tehran.

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    Consumer group says USDA must take action on Salmonella
    National Hog Farmer
    The Center for Science in the Public Interest is asking USDA to declare antibiotic-resistant strains of Salmonella (Heidelberg Typhimurium, Newport and Hadar) as adulterants. More

    WHO study estimates global burden of Listeriosis
    Food Quality News
    Listeriosis caused 23,150 illnesses, 5,463 deaths and 172,823 disability-adjusted life-years in 2010, according to estimates in a study in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

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    The bacon boom was not an accident
    Bloomberg Businessweek
    In the past decade, bacon has become an industry generating more than $4 billion in annual sales. Bacon has become the defining food trend of a society obsessed with food trends.More

    Food prices only going one way: down
    The Wall Street Journal
    Food prices are likely to continue to fall for months as the world is reaping bountiful harvests, according to participants at the World Commodities Week conference in London.More

    US revokes PACA status for Canadian suppliers
    The Packer
    USDA has revoked the privileged status Canadian produce sellers have enjoyed under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, effective Oct. 1.More

    Fast food deals roll out for fall
    USA Today
    With summer in the rearview mirror and the weather cooling off, many consumers choose eating options beyond the fast food joint. So, the major fast food chains are offering special deals and limited-time promos to try to keep the customers from leaving or to lure them back for more.

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    IFT outlines food trends: 3-D printed snacks to insect protein
    Food Navigator-USA
    What will we be eating in 2050? Insect bars, 3-D printed food, lab meat and personalized nutrition bars? No one knows for sure. But with a growing population and a changing climate, food systems — and diets — will have to adapt to survive, say 11 thought-leaders asked by the Institute of Food Technologists to look into their crystal balls for its FutureFood 2050 initiative. More

    Ground beef recall widens to include 45 tons of product
    USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
    A recall first issued Sept. 30 after a store clerk noticed bits of blue plastic in Sam Kane-produced ground beef has now widened to include 90,987 pounds of product that may be contaminated with extraneous materials.

    Editor's note: Members of the American Frozen Food Institute have access to AFFI's unique Product Recall Insurance Program. Ensure you're protected during a food safety crisis using AFFI's one-of-a-kind program. For more information, please click here.More

    Nestle announces production changes at Ohio frozen food plant
    The Plain Dealer
    Nestle USA announced plans to lay off 100 employees from its Solon, Ohio, factory where the company makes both Stouffers and Lean Cuisine meals. "We're adding jobs to our third shift, but we're removing two production lines, which will allow us to run and clean in a continuous operation,"said Roz O' Hearn, a spokeswoman for Nestle USA.More

    Asia grapples with food safety as incomes rise
    AFP via Bangkok Post
    Changing consumption patterns driven by Asia's expanding middle class, the globalization of the food chain and the transfer of new diseases from animals to humans have made it more complicated to combat the risks, experts warned. More

    Bonduelle boosts North American frozen veggie ops with acquisition
    just-food (subscriber story)
    French vegetable producer Bonduelle is expanding its North American operations through the acquisition of a frozen foods factory from Canadian retailer Sobeys. More

    Nestle CEO: 'We have more headwinds; we just have to wake up earlier'
    Food Navigator
    Tough markets and cautious optimism were among the main themes in presentations from the biggest food and consumer goods companies in Europe last month, according to investment analysis firm Sanford C. Bernstein. More