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Oct. 24, 2013

Washington's GMO foods labeling initiative is nation's ballot measure to watch
Northwest Watchdog
All eyes, or perhaps stomachs, are focused on Washington state as the Nov. 5 election approaches.

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    Guilty plea to criminal charges has implications for entire food industry
    High Plains Public Radio
    It's rare for farmers to face criminal charges in the wake of a foodborne illness outbreak. Colorado State University food safety expert Mike Bartolo says news of the Jensen brothers' arrest sent ripples throughout the produce industry.More

    Can gold star nutrition labels encourage healthy shopping?
    The Associated Press via Yahoo News
    The proprietary gold star system used in Maine-based Hannaford Supermarkets appears to have shifted buying habits, potentially providing another tool to educate consumers on how to eat healthier, according to a new study.More

    Negotiations on a farm bill begin next week
    The Washington Post
    Members of the House and Senate agriculture committees announced plans Wednesday to begin meeting next week to negotiate details of a new Farm Bill. The agriculture conference committee is a back-to-the-future moment for Congress.

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    Why Obama is racing against the clock on immigration
    The Washington Post
    President Barack Obama used a very urgent tone Thursday in remarks designed to press House Republicans to pass immigration reform, calling on them at least twice to try to get it done "this year."More

    Democrats feel good about Montana 2014
    Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh, the Democratic candidate for Senate, has hired several veterans of Sen. Jon Tester's successful 2012 re-election campaign for his own team.More

    USTR Froman presses for trade bill 'as soon as possible'
    President Barack Obama was often criticized in his first term for moving too slowly on trade, but now his chief negotiator is pressing Congress to pick up the pace as the White House pushes to conclude a landmark trade deal in the Asia-Pacific by the end of the year.More

    Deadline approaches for comment on new FSMA rules
    PRWeb via Virtual-Strategy
    In July FDA released two new proposed rules on Foreign Supplier Verification Programs and the Accreditation of Third-Party Auditors/Certified Bodies. Registrar Corp. is encouraging the industry to submit comments before the deadline Nov. 26.More

    New compliance guide omits poultry, sets guides for humane handling
    USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
    The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has released "FSIS Compliance Guide for a Systematic Approach to the Humane Handling of Livestock," a document meant to achieve compliance with the 9 CFR 313 regulatory requirements for humane slaughter of livestock. More

    Analysis: Little advancement addressing food system concerns
    Five years after the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production released its landmark recommendations to remedy the public health, environment, animal welfare and rural community problems caused by industrial food animal production, a new analysis by Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future finds the government has acted "regressively" in policymaking on industrial food animal system issues. More

    The No. 1 most important thing you can do this Food Day: Fix FSMA
    Farm Aid
    In its third year, Food Day — Oct. 24 — is a nationwide celebration and movement for healthy, affordable, sustainable and fair food. If there's one thing you can do this Food Day — just one — it's to call on the Food and Drug Administration to "FIX FSMA."More

    Study: Youth obesity associated with receptiveness to TV fast food advertising
    The Medical News
    Youth obesity is associated with receptiveness to TV fast food advertising, Norris Cotton Cancer Center researchers found in a study published in the November issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.More

    Judge won't curtail 'No on 522' campaign
    Judge Chris Wickham has denied Moms for Labeling's request for a restraining order that sought to severely curtail the food industry's campaign to defeat Initiative 522.More

    To label or not to label? GMO debate intensifies
    Should food and beverage with ingredients derived from GMOs be labeled? That's the question increasingly on the minds of consumers, food producers, retailers, lawmakers and voters. More

    Reading the fine print on GMO labeling initiatives
    The Motley Fool
    A GMO critic offers his take on why the labeling initiatives, as currently written, are not the solution consumers are seeking when it comes to food transparency.More

    Wal-Mart to accelerate China expansion with 110 new stores
    Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, plans to add as many as 110 stores over three years in China, while shutting some outlets and remodeling dozens more as it seeks to overhaul its business there.More

    'What's in Store 2014' shows trend toward less-processed foods
    International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association
    "What's in Store 2014," the latest edition of the annual trends publication of the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association, has found the top food and beverage trend is the consumer's move toward fresh, more real, less processed products.

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    FNCE 2013 highlights: Gluten, GHGs, GMOs — and breakfast
    Food Navigator-USA
    From the risks and rewards of energy drinks to what Americans eat for breakfast, strategies to tackle mindless eating and the next generation of gluten-free foods, Houston was the place to be this week as 8,000+ nutrition professionals gathered for the 2013 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.More

    Trend watch: Online grocery sales to double in key European markets by 2016
    Online grocery sales will roughly double on average by 2016 in five key northern European markets — Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands — the food and consumer goods research group IGD said Thursday.More

    Unilever: 'Now with x percent less salt/sodium' turns consumers off
    Food Navigator-USA
    Regardless of what they tell you in surveys, many consumers react negatively to "low salt/sodium" messaging on pack, underscoring the need for a stealthy approach to sodium reduction, says Unilever.More

    Study: Personal and social concerns motivate organic food buyers
    Food Navigator
    New research may help advertisers target the rapidly growing organic food market more effectively, researchers suggest.More

    Social media overtakes print advertising in food industry
    Social media is now considered more important than traditional print advertising in the food and beverage industry according to the Grant Thornton International report, "Hunger for Growth: Food and Beverage Looks to the Future."More

    3 ways Starbucks is innovating — and why you should care
    Entrepreneur via Reuters
    Starbucks has one of the strongest brands in the business, but that doesn't mean it can't become even stronger. More

    Nestle among first companies to sign up to supply chain initiative
    Food Navigator
    Nestle is among four companies that have officially registered with a Europe-wide initiative aiming to tackle unfair commercial practices in the food supply chain.More

    The Colonel's real secret of KFC's success
    Slate via Press Republican
    The foundations of the Yum! Brands empire go back to a Southern cook whose real culinary innovations had little to do with that famous secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.More

    Which fast food is most popular? Survey says…
    Potential franchisees with their eyes on a fast food franchise are most likely to buy a traditional takeaway outlet serving up burgers, fries, chicken or pies, according to a Franchising poll.More

    Achilles heel of fast food chains
    The Lempert Report
    When did fast food get to be not so fast? And if assembling the order and serving the customer takes so much time that people feel anxious before they eat, how does that affect the overall experience and the likelihood they'll come back for more?More

    How good is the E2 hand soap in your food processing operation?
    PRWeb via Digital Journal
    The Great E2 Hand Soap Challenge identifies six key criteria that will help food industry professionals evaluate the effectiveness of their current E2 soap. More