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Nov. 3, 2014

US sugar policy: Sweet for a few, sour for most
The Wall Street Journal
The United States and Mexico signed agreements last week that would restrict the amount of sugar Mexico can export to the U.S. The deal has been praised for avoiding a trade war, but it is symptomatic of a policy that imposes a heavy toll on the economy.More

Sysco doesn't expect US Foods deal to close this year
The Wall Street Journal (subscriber story)
Sysco said it doesn't expect its pending acquisition of US Foods to close before the first quarter of next year. The food-services distributor also reported its quarterly earnings fell 2.4 percent.More

The future of food ingredients
Confectionery Production
As it celebrates 50 years of innovation at the company's largest research and development facility for food ingredients, DuPont's Nutrition & Health business is hosting food industry, government and academic leaders in discussions on how food and nutrition will evolve to meet growing global population needs in the next 50 years.More

Final Senate survey: It's the GOP's to lose
In the waning days of Election 2014, key Senate races that had been razor-close affairs for months have moved toward Republicans — from the open seats of Iowa and Georgia to challenges to incumbents in Arkansas and Alaska.

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    Poll: 1-point margin in Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina Senate races
    Fox News
    According to the latest round of Fox News Senate battleground polls, none of the front-runners in Iowa, Kansas and North Carolina hits the 50 percent mark. That means these races will be decided by late-deciding voters — and campaigns competing furiously to get their voters to the polls.

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    Cruz aims for Obama if GOP wins Senate; won't vow support for McConnell
    The Washington Post
    Sen. Ted Cruz spent the final weekend of the midterms on the far edge of the country trying to help fellow Republican Dan Sullivan win a race the GOP is counting on in its effort to retake the Senate.More

    Everything you need to know about Tuesday's 146 state ballot measures
    The Washington Post
    When voters take to the polls on Tuesday, they'll do more than elect representatives to pass laws on their behalf. They'll do some policymaking of their own.

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    Appeals court denies meat lobby's request for COOL rehearing
    The District of Columbia appeals court denied a request by the American Meat Institute and other industry groups to rehear a July decision that upheld earlier decisions ruling that country-of-origin labeling law doesn't violate their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, according to court documents filed Friday.

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    Trade rep: No final TPP deal at Beijing summit
    Law360 (subscriber story)
    Despite signals of increasing momentum in the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership talks, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman last week made clear that the 12 nations negotiating the pact do not expect to reach a final agreement during an upcoming Asia-Pacific leaders summit in Beijing. More

    Food safety challenges: Bridging gap between public, private sectors
    Food Safety News
    Until recently, just a few standard methods were used for foodborne pathogen identification. But these days, technological advances, including culture independent testing and whole genome sequencing, are quickly changing the space and speeding the testing process, but also sometimes complicating it.More

    AFI issues alert on hazard analysis for Food Safety Modernization Act
    Hazard Analysis is a key component of compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act, stressed the Association of Food Industries in a special alert to its members. More

    US jockeys with China over GMO crop issues
    With U.S. approval for Dow AgroSciences' package of chemicals and new genetically engineered crops now in hand, the Dow Chemical Co unit faces a major obstacle to a $1 billion market opportunity: Chinese import barriers.More

    Kraft Foods rolls out 'breakthrough' innovation to energize portfolio
    There's a special emphasis on innovation these days at Kraft Foods. What is the approach taken by Barry Calpino, Kraft Foods' vice president of breakthrough innovation, to a strategy that arguably is more crucial than at any time in the company's history?More

    Cargill sees food scares boosting China's grains appetite
    A slew of food safety scandals has stoked China's hunger for higher quality products that would sustain consumption of protein-rich farm commodities even as its economy slows, a top executive of leading commodities trader Cargill Inc. said.More

    Tomato demand spurs record California crop amid drought
    California farmers who grow a third of the world's processing tomatoes, the kind used for pasta sauce and soups, nurtured a record crop this year even as the state's drought damped production of other vegetables. More

    Mexican produce exporters push ocean route to Philadelphia
    Journal of Commerce
    A group of Mexican produce and meat exporters are sold on the idea of starting weekly ocean service between the ports of Veracruz, Mexico, and Philadelphia, saying it would be faster, cheaper and provide better security and cargo integrity than current trucking routes. More

    Fear drives organic marketing success
    Hoosier Ag Today
    Research now indicates that different words on food products are having a more significant impact on consumer buying decisions. Unlike the positive connotations that words like "Amish" and "organic" have, the new words play to consumers' fears and misinformation. More

    White paper: Managing pesticide residue risks in food
    Food Quality News
    A new white paper provides an overview on current thinking within the food industry for how best to manage pesticide residue risk in food products and supply chains.More

    FDA investigating mass spectrometry for allergen analysis
    Food Quality News
    The FDA is investigating the use of mass spectrometry for analysing allergens. The technique determines the allergen protein content of a complex mixture of proteins, fats, sugars and chemicals in food.More

    New report calls for diet with less sugar
    Health experts say people should get no more than 10 percent of their daily calories from sugar. The recommendations are contained in a new report commissioned by two U.N. agencies. More

    Push to 'modernize' GRAS, ingredient safety
    Food Processing
    The Grocery Manufacturers Association has begun a five-part initiative that will advance the procedures used to assess the safety of ingredients used in food products, particularly the Generally Recognized As Safe determination. More

    Food Vision USA to inspire food business leaders on cutting-edge technologies, trends and opportunities
    Food Navigator-USA
    Chicago will host the first ever Food Vision USA event in September 2015, bringing together senior figures in business strategy, R&D and marketing from established players and rising stars in the US food and nutrition industries. More