Frozen Express
Nov. 14, 2013

IRI report: Don't underestimate national brands in rise of private label
IRI's annual report on the private-label market in the U.S. and Europe highlights the rising price of retailers' own brands as they reduce promotions and increase their focus on quality, with many relaunching premium ranges.More

Vilsack warns against 'hatchet' cuts in food stamps
Lawmakers writing the final version of the new U.S. farm bill should reject the "hatchet" cuts that House Republicans want to make to food stamps for the poor, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Wednesday.More

Wal-Mart trims forecast as economy restrains shoppers
Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, cut its annual profit forecast for the second time this year as the uneven economic recovery and increased competition from dollar stores hurt sales.More

Farm bill remains challenge
Steering a tractor in a straight line across an open field takes a bit of learning. And so it seems with writing a new farm bill — given the extremes pulling to the right and left. More

Obamacare is a terrible issue for Democrats; But, it won't save Republicans
The Washington Post
In short, everything is coming up Republicans lately. But, the party would be making a big mistake if it assumed that the problems with Obamacare were a panacea for all of what ails the GOP.More

Grover Norquist: 2016 strongest field since Ronald Reagan
Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist said that he anticipates the Republican field for the 2016 presidential race "is going to be the strongest field the Republicans have had since Reagan ran." More

Guess who will pay for FDA's war on trans fat?
Wisconsin Reporter
The FDA's war on trans fat could cause casualties in the U.S. food production and service trades, and the cash-strapped consumer could ultimately pick up the tab, according to industry officials.More

OSHA workplace injury rule aims to shame companies into safety
Law360 (subscription required)
A recent proposed rule by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would make workplace illness and injury data recorded by employers more accessible to the public, a move lawyers say is aimed at shaming employers with a large number of accidents by putting them under greater scrutiny by public interest groups.More

Boehner says no to immigration talks
The Hill
Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) ruled out House negotiations with the Senate on its immigration bill, cutting off one of the last remaining avenues that reform advocates had seen for enacting comprehensive legislation in this Congress. More

FDA updates food safety survey with emerging concerns
Food Safety News
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration plans to "explore emerging consumer food safety topics" in the new Food Safety Survey.More

Labor-management neutrality deals get justices' scrutiny
USA Today
Labor-management agreements that help unions organize workers in exchange for concessions ran into skepticism at the Supreme Court, but perhaps not enough to end a common practice that has served both sides well for decades.More

India warns US over food stockpiling as WTO deal goes down to wire
India has told the United States it must give ground in negotiations over food stockpiling to secure a global trade deal next month, a step widely seen as vital for the credibility of the World Trade Organization.More

Scientists: US limits for BPA 'do not protect human health'
Food Production Daily
Current safety guidelines for bisphenol A do not protect human health, according to a group of scientists.More

Blue Wednesday for Obama trade agenda
President Barack Obama faced challenges to his trade agenda from multiple directions, starting with WikiLeaks's publication of apparently confidential negotiating documents. More

FDA considers expanding oversight of anti-Salmonella chemicals
Federal Register
The Food and Drug Administration is accepting public comments on its plan to increase the scope of a current industry guidance that now oversees anti-Salmonella chemical food additives in feeds. Its new plan will address additional categories of food additives beyond chemical food additives and will cover all food for animals.More

Schools help kids choose carrots over candy bars
Food Ingredients First
Michigan State University research in the journal Childhood Obesity shows that when schools offer healthful snacks, students responded with improvements in their diets.More

Food industry presses for voluntary GMO labeling
The Hill
Crucial players in the American food industry are pressing for legislation that would institute a national voluntary labeling system for foods that contain GMOs.More

Innovations for the food industry revolution
Fast Company
Food is a $3 trillion business worldwide, but it has evolved very slowly compared to fields like medicine, communication and transportation. That's about to change.More

Mexico's Sigma launches bid for Spain's Campofrio
Mexican frozen food leader Sigma Alimentos has launched a $932 million full takeover bid for Spanish foods company Campofrio, in the latest entry of foreign investors in Spain.More

World's first French fries vending machine
Food Production Daily
Beyondte Technology has created a French fries vending machine that debuted in Shenzhen, China. The million-dollar technology was tested in Belgium this year, and orders have been received from customers in Croatia, Iran and Chile.More

Maltodextrin: Are you prepared for dust explosions?
Food Engineering
While maltodextrin offers many useful applications in the food industry, the risk of explosion associated with it is high. Steven J. Luzik, senior process safety specialist at Chilworth Technology, addresses dust explosions, maltodextrin and plant safety.More

Global cold chain RFID market: New market research published
A newly released study analyzes the current and future trends in the global radio frequency identification cold chain market, examining supplier initiatives in this emerging field.More

Uninspected raw poultry recalled
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
Fran's Fryers, a Milford, Texas, establishment, is recalling approximately 251 pounds of various raw poultry products because they were produced without the benefit of federal inspection.

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