Frozen Express
Dec. 2, 2013

The food industry and no-fault crimes: Criminal liability for others' conduct
The FDA has powerful and persuasive leverage before a matter gets anywhere near a courtroom to influence the behavior of regulated industry, and it is increasingly wielding that power by preemptively threatening criminal enforcement for failing to establish and follow manufacturing procedures. More

Big food awaits new rules in FDA pipeline
Now that the FDA has crossed trans fat off its to-do list, look for three big food regulatory changes to come soon from the agency: menu labeling, nutrition facts and sodium.More

Unusual alliance thwarting food stamp health limits
An unusual alliance of food producers, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, libertarians and advocates for the poor are thwarting efforts to require recipients to buy healthy items with their food stamp benefits as Congress debates reauthorizing the law that governs the program.

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House and Senate will be in DC for a total of 5 days this month
The Washington Post
By year's end, lawmakers need to strike a new budget deal, approve a new farm bill and finish legislation that authorizes military pay and policy. With 30 days left in the month of December, there's still plenty of time, right? Not really.More

GOP targets blue states in battle for Senate
In 2012, Democrats snagged Senate seats from Republicans in states where the GOP should have prevailed with relative ease. In 2014, Republicans want to show they can play that game, too.

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Opinion: Rule shift destroys the Senate
The Hill
The Democratic membership of the Senate exercised the single worst abuse of power in more than 200 years of our constitutional democracy by changing the rules so that 51 members of the Senate can now control the body in a unilateral and dictatorial manner.More

Lawmakers eye 2014 midterms in farm bill talks
The Wall Street Journal
As the House and Senate struggle to agree on a new farm bill, elections are a factor in the talks. Failure to pass a bill could anger voters in states where the economy is tied to agriculture, while success could rob Democrats of a message they deployed effectively last year and that is already surfacing in 2014 contests.

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Opinion: A value-added tax plan all sides can embrace
Michael Graetz, a Columbia University law professor and former top tax official in the George H.W. Bush administration, has refined his proposal for a national sales tax, and the Tax Policy Center, courtesy of a grant from the Pew Charitable Trust, has analyzed it; the results should cause liberals and conservatives to take notice.More

Bali talks to decide fate of WTO
Crisis is the natural state of world trade negotiations. But this week will be different. Ministers meeting in Bali from Tuesday until Friday will decide the fate of the World Trade Organization, with two possible outcomes: a global trade agreement, the first since the WTO was created in 1995, or a failure that kills off the Doha round of trade talks and casts the WTO into obsolescence.More

Governments seek to raise the EU cap on food-based biofuels
European Union governments are trying to raise a planned limit on the use of transport fuels made from food crops, despite warnings that the fuels can harm the environment and push up food prices.More

Using social media to connect with consumers
Food Navigator-USA
Why is your business using social media? To sell more products? Raise your profile? Change your image? Or because everyone else is on Twitter and Facebook and you think you should be doing something?More

Is another Republican wave building?
The Washington Post
President Barack Obama's poll numbers are at record lows. The health care law is even more unpopular. And chances to change the conversation are scarce among a public that isn't happy with Washington.More

Congress to FDA: Try again on food safety
The Hill
Dozens of members of Congress have told the Food and Drug Administration that its proposed food safety rules could force businesses around the country to go out of business — and that it needs to try again.More

Seralini stands firm as journal moves to retract GM rat study
Food Navigator
The researcher behind a heavily criticized study linking Monsanto's GM maize and Roundup products to cancer in rats says he will not willingly withdraw the research, after the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology issued a "withdraw or be retracted" ultimatum last week.More

Another round of strikes planned at fast food outlets
The New York Times
Seeking to increase pressure on McDonald's, Wendy's and other fast food restaurants, organizers of a movement demanding a $15-an-hour wage for fast food workers say they will sponsor one-day strikes in 100 cities Thursday and protest activities in 100 additional cities.More

Dietary quirks reshape food industry
The Associated Press via Long Island Newsday
More Americans are paying closer attention to the ingredients in their food — and it's these dietary quirks that are reshaping the food industry in the U.S.More

Up-and-comers: Food industry entrepreneurs with an appetite for innovation
Hold the high-fructose corn syrup! These food industry entrepreneurs are changing the way we think about fine dining, school lunches and even trick-or-treating.More

Iceland Foods chief: A no-nonsense recipe for retail success
Malcolm Walker has a no-nonsense recipe for retail success. While larger supermarkets have expanded upmarket, overseas and away from food, he's made a fortune selling cheap frozen dinners to hard-up Britons through his Iceland Foods chain. It's all about meeting customer demand, controlling costs and staying focused.More

Leatherhead: 'Natural preservatives' almost an oxymoron
Food Navigator
Preservatives have a poor reputation among consumers — but that doesn't mean natural options are completely off the menu, says Nicole Patterson-Lett, principal analyst at Leatherhead Food Research.More

Univar: Cleaning up labels tops R&D agendas in 2014
Food Navigator-USA
Looking ahead to the coming year, the biggest trends in R&D for the food and beverage industry will be clean label, natural ingredients and industry regulations, though there are several, more fragmented "micro" trends from sodium reduction and fiber fortification to GMOs, said Charles Purcell, technical development specialist at ingredient supplier Univar. More

Leatherhead's top 3 new products at FiE
Food Navigator
Mushroom salt reduction, award-winning algal flour and musical taste buds: Leatherhead takes us through the top three new products at this year's Food Ingredients Europe.More

Oregon's top food safety sleuth, William Keene, dies suddenly at 56
The Oregonian
William Keene, Oregon's top food safety sleuth who was known nationwide for cracking outbreaks, died Sunday afternoon at the age of 56, two weeks after being rushed to the hospital suffering acute pancreatitis.More

Worst raw-material slump since 2008 seen deepening
The commodity slump that spurred bear markets in everything from gold to corn to sugar this year will deepen by the end of December as prices head for their first annual loss since 2008, if history is any guide.More

Trace One study finds food recall reporting 'hugely inconsistent'
Food Navigator
Reporting and recording of food recalls is "hugely inconsistent" because local authorities do not have to tell the U.K. Food Standards Agency, according to Trace One.More

British Frozen Food Federation: 'Recovery can't come soon enough'
Newly elected British Frozen Food Federation President Peter Allan has called on the frozen food industry to embrace the "green shoots" of economic recovery.More

Kashi adds global flair to single-serve frozen pizzas
PR Newswire via The Wall Street Journal
Expanding upon its existing line of frozen foods, Kashi® launched new single-serve pizzas in two flavors, Greek Tzatziki and Indian Tikka Masala, that have global flair with unique flavor profiles appealing to adventurous taste buds. More

Leading chefs say Latin food the next hot culinary trend
Latin American cuisine is gaining international attention, with Peru leading the charge. More

Dow: Final 'kill step' for pathogens
Food Production Daily
The E. coli STEC/VTEC outbreak that occurred in the European Union during 2011 showed the devastating effect contaminated food products can have on the health of thousands of consumers. It can also damage brand equity, sending shock waves through the industry and cutting into the bottom line of a firm through lost revenues, product recalls and potential legal action.More

Judge halts production at embattled hot sauce factory
Food Production Daily
A judge has ordered a hot sauce factory in Irwindale, Calif., to put the brakes on production and fix noxious emissions that have attracted complaints from local residents.More

H.B. Fuller sheds light on adhesive safety regulations for food contact
Packaging Europe
H.B. Fuller announced Monday that Alexandra Ross, product regulatory specialist, will be addressing the Smithers Pira's flagship "Plastics & Paper in Contact with Foodstuff" conference this December, shedding light on the regulatory background to adhesive safety in food packaging.More