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Dec. 3, 2013

Have CPG store brands plateaued?
Three years ago at the annual Private Label Manufacturers Association show, McKinsey & Co. released data projecting the possibility that 24 percent of supermarkets sales could be store brands by 2016. Last month, at that same show, Nielsen reported the industry remains at the 2010 level of 19 percent.

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Fresh fruits, veggies don't always beat frozen
San Francisco Chronicle
Healthy eaters looking to get the most nutrients out of their fruits and vegetables may naturally think fresh is a better choice than frozen. But that's not always the case, say researchers in a new study from the University of Georgia.

Editor's note: This story details a study from the University of Georgia commissioned by the Frozen Food Foundation that compares the nutritional value of frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit More

FSMA rule implementation remains in flux; what to do now?
Food Safety Magazine
What's a food company to do with the uncertainty that continues to dog the time frame for FSMA implementation, much less FSMA requirements? The answer remains clear, even if the regulations do not: Prepare.More

Farm bill talks continue with deadline approaching
The Washington Post
House and Senate negotiators plan to meet again this week in hopes of finishing another complicated piece of legislation before a critical, fast-approaching deadline. In this case it is the farm bill, an omnibus measure that sets federal agricultural policy and spending on food aid.

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    Interest groups prepare super-PAC barrage
    The Hill
    Interest groups are readying their super-PACs for another spending barrage in the 2014 elections. Green groups, unions and business lobbies are among the major political players that are stockpiling cash in hopes of impacting the battle for control of the House and Senate.

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    Obama looks to help blue states elect Democratic governors
    The White House has committed to its first Democratic Governors Association fundraising event of the cycle and pledged to help candidates next year, people familiar with the discussions confirmed.More

    China finds unapproved GMO corn in more US shipments, rejection likely
    China, one of the world's largest corn importers, is likely to reject more U.S. shipments of the grain after they were found to contain a genetically modified variety not approved by Beijing, traders said.More

    Colorado group seeks mandatory labeling of genetically modified food
    Northern Colorado Business Report
    A Colorado issue committee seeks to place a measure on the November 2014 ballot to require labeling of genetically modified foods. State officials will convene Wednesday to decide whether to let Right to Know Colorado GMO in Arvada begin gathering signatures for a ballot initiative petition.More

    Kids upload and unload on school cafeteria lunches
    USA Today
    "Fed Up," an online campaign designed to get young people interested in the quality of their school lunches, has produced an unprecedented peek into their world. Students, most of them teenagers, have uploaded more than 7,000 photos of food served in school over the past few weeks.

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    Food manufacturers: Staying ahead of the regulatory game
    As federal agencies keep an eye on consumer health, food and beverage manufacturers are working independently to make their products healthier, often well ahead of regulatory mandates.More

    OSHA and EPA regulations affect food safety
    Food Safety Magazine
    OSHA inspectors have been trained to look for environmental violations during any facility inspection; these violations can often have injurious effects on food safety as well. More

    Food subsidies challenge WTO ability to keep trade deal on table
    Negotiators are seeking to salvage the credibility of the World Trade Organization at a meeting in Bali this week, as the lack of agreement over farm subsidies threatens to end 12 years of talks on a global trade pact.More

    Grocers' group spends record lobbying amid food labeling rights
    The Grocery Manufacturers Association's spending in Washington state, which helped fund $13 million in television, print and online advertisements, shows the "impact that one group can have in terms of being able to ramp up the spending" on the airwaves, said Bill Allison, the editorial director of the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington-based watchdog group.More

    EFSA dismisses diacetyl-Alzheimer's link
    Food Navigator
    The European Food Safety Authority has dismissed a suggested link between the butter flavoring diacetyl and Alzheimer's disease.More

    10 common food terms that have lost all meaning
    The Huffington Post
    Buzzwords abound on menus across the country. While words like "local" or "authentic" maybe once meant something, they've been so overused their meanings have become diluted.More

    Big food awaits new rules in FDA pipeline
    Now that the FDA has crossed trans fat off its to-do list, look for three big food regulatory changes to come soon from the agency: menu labeling, nutrition facts and sodium.More

    The food industry and no-fault crimes
    The FDA is increasingly wielding its considerable power by preemptively threatening criminal enforcement for failing to establish and follow manufacturing procedures.More

    Is kosher the next big food trend?
    A common view that kosher is somehow better, purer and healthier than non-kosher foods is an opportunity for the kosher food industry. Food trends thrive on perception, not reality.More

    The CEO obsessed with making eggs without chickens
    Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates is giving four stars to a new kind of egg that is hoping to disrupt the $9 billion dollar industry. Hampton Creek Foods is using technology, science and culinary expertise to replicate egg products sans chickens at a fraction of the cost.More

    Hostess Brands looks to expand beyond US soon
    Bakery & Snacks
    Hostess Brands could move beyond the U.S. as strong interest from around the world has the potential to spark partnerships, its president says.More

    Facebook proving to be effective marketing vehicle for CPG
    When Facebook pivoted hard toward pressing brands to take out paid advertising on the site a few years ago, one of the first verticals to be essentially left behind was CPG. But food and beverage brands have caught up big-time since then.More

    CDC: New tools improve food safety in restaurants
    Food Poisoning Bulletin
    Almost half of all foodborne illness outbreaks that occur every year in the U.S. are associated with restaurants and delis. The CDC has released new findings and prevention tools to improve food safety in restaurants. More

    Citizens for Health targets HFCS as 'the new trans fat'
    PR Newswire
    Jim Turner, who chairs Citizens for Health, a leading consumer awareness group, believes the demise of high fructose corn syrup will soon follow the fate of trans fat.More

    CRN seeks clarity on how FSMA affects ingredient suppliers following GMPs
    Nutra Ingredients
    The Council for Responsible Nutrition has suggested additional clarification of the risk-based controls portion of FSMA. The suggested clarification pertains to the responsibilities of manufacturers of dietary ingredients that are voluntarily complying with dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practices.More

    A food sector that clicks with buyers
    China Daily via ECNS
    JD is leading the pack of retailers gearing up to expand into fresh and frozen food delivery in China, driven by rapidly growing demand, high profit margin and the extreme loyalty of users.More

    Global cold chain market: $157 billion industry by 2017
    The global cold chain market is estimated to have reached a value of around $75.57 billion in 2011 and is suggested to reach a total of $157.14 billion by the year 2017.More