Frozen Express
Dec. 12, 2011

Smaller corn surplus expectations keep food prices up
The USDA made very little changes to its estimate for next year's corn surplus, which is expected to stay small and keep high food prices high. The agency estimated Friday that farmers will have 848 million bushels of corn on hand at the end of next summer.More

CDC Outbreak Response Team kept busy in 2011
Food Poison Journal
While many Americans have been wondering what the Kardashians will do next or what silly thing the presidential race will bring next, the CDC's Outbreak Response Team has been busy protecting us.More

Food safety regulations trickle down to local producers
Food Logistics
The Food Safety Modernization Act is trickling down even to small local producers, including an Amish community in Missouri who are learning the extent of the new laws.More

Romney on Gingrich: He's the front-runner
Mitt Romney, who just a month ago had hoped to seal the GOP presidential nomination with Florida's primary on Jan. 31, tells POLITICO that he now foresees an epic fight with Newt Gingrich that could last through the California primary on June 5. More

Iowa caucuses still first, but no longer foremost?
The Washington Post
Four years ago, Iowa was awash in presidential candidates traveling the state. Campaign headquarters were packed with staffers and volunteers. The airwaves were clogged with political commercials. Excitement was palpable. Today, everything seems different.More

A big play for donors
The Wall Street Journal
Newt Gingrich's rise to the front of the Republican presidential field is all the more surprising because he has done it without a national network of large-dollar fund-raisers or an army of elected officials touting his candidacy.More

Ron Paul holds crucial card in GOP race
The Wall Street Journal
Ron Paul is the wild card in the Republican presidential deck — and that makes him one of the most important cards of all right now.More

Supreme Court to hear challenge of Arizona's restrictive immigration law
The Washington Post
The Supreme Court on Monday said it would review Arizona's restrictive immigration law that sparked a national controversy and inspired similar state efforts across the country to crack down on illegal immigrants.More

Senate unveils motor carrier safety proposal for highway bill
Land Line
A U.S. Senate committee is getting serious about issues that affect truckers, including driver training, detention time, cab crashworthiness and EOBRs. The Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee is gearing up to add motor carrier safety provisions to the next surface transportation reauthorization bill, and OOIDA points to several pros and cons.

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    Opinion: The NLRB's Boeing sham
    The Wall Street Journal
    What a sham, or scam, or choose a synonym. On Wednesday, the International Association of Machinists approved a new contract with Boeing in which the company agreed to make its 737 Max jet with union labor in Washington state. On Friday, after getting the machinists' all-clear, the National Labor Relations Board dropped its lawsuit against Boeing's investment in South Carolina. Has there ever been a more blatant case of a supposedly independent agency siding with a union over management in collective bargaining? More

    Tracebacks and USDA: Mutually exclusive?
    Food Safety News
    The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service announcement on changes to the traceback policy, heralded by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in August, now is six weeks overdue.

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    California court dismisses industry complaint about listing caramel color compound as a known carcinogen
    Food Navigator-USA
    A California court has ruled it was lawful to list a compound found in many foods and beverages, including caramel coloring, as a known carcinogen under Proposition 65, rejecting a complaint from a food industry coalition. More

    Poultry groups call to initiate WTO consultations with India
    The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council and the National Chicken Council are encouraging U.S. trade representative Ron Kirk and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to begin consultations with the government of India in the World Trade Organization regarding India's longstanding prohibition on the import of U.S. poultry. More

    Heinz stock pouring it on to $55 with small portions for hard times
    H.J. Heinz Co. is all set to introduce a range of smaller-sized and less expensive products in order to boost sales in a sluggish economy. The company also will re-introduce baked beans back into the U.S. market.More

    For food delivery, China calls McDonald's
    The Wall Street Journal
    When Americans are too busy or lazy to cook, they often place an order with their favorite Chinese restaurant. So who do people in China call when they want food delivered? Increasingly, McDonald's and KFC.More

    Spiral freezer: A baker's success
    A new spiral freezer from Linde Gases is designed to increase frozen food productivity, reduce the amount of liquid nitrogen needed in the freezing process while also lowering maintenance and sanitation costs.More

    Localization: McCain's strategy in India
    Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, McCain Foods Ltd. is one of the world's largest producers of French fries and potato specialties. As the company establishes processing plants in India, its leadership shares insight to its market strategy in the country. More

    Recalls issued for chicken, chorizo
    USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
    Chorizo sausages from California have been recalled because of undeclared allergens, and roasted chicken breast from North Carolina also is being recalled over concerns about Listeria contamination.More

    Sara Lee to buy coffee company
    Sara Lee Corp. has agreed to acquire CoffeeCompany, a Dutch cafe store operator where KRC Capital is a major shareholder. More