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Dec. 23, 2011

Hours of service limit remains at 11 hours in surprise final rule
The Trucker
In what has to be a surprise to most trucking industry stakeholders, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Thursday retained the 11-hour daily driving limit in the new final rule on hours of service, but it imposed new restrictions on the 34-hour restart provision and failed to respond to truckers' request for flexibility in the sleeper berth provision.More

FSIS: 2012 pay rates for inspection, certification services
Federal Register
The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is announcing the 2012 rates that it will charge meat and poultry establishments, egg products plants, and importers and exporters for providing voluntary, overtime, and holiday inspection and identification, certification, and laboratory services.More

The 2011 Food Safety News naughty and nice list
Food Safety News
For the third consecutive Christmas season, Food Safety News presents its annual naughty and nice list. More

Voters leaving Republican, Democratic parties in droves
USA Today
More than 2.5 million voters have left the Democratic and Republican parties since the 2008 elections, while the number of independent voters continues to grow.More

Poll: House GOP popularity declines during payroll tax debate
The Hill
House Republicans are more unpopular following the payroll tax cut extension debate than they had been last month, according to a new poll from Democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling.More

Ron Paul in Iowa: Surging numbers, steady message
His crowds have swelled and polls now place him at the front of the pack in Iowa, but Texas Rep. Ron Paul hasn't deviated from the doctrine he has been preaching for three decades.More

Rick Perry in Iowa: Less roar, more whisper
The Washington Post
Texas Gov. Rick Perry stormed into the Republican presidential race with a certain swagger during the summer, when he planted one foot on a hay bale at the Iowa State Fair and roared, "Government, get out of the way!"More

FDA nixes ban on certain antibiotics in animal feed
Federal Register
The Food and Drug Administration is withdrawing two 1977 notices of opportunity for a hearing, which proposed to withdraw certain approved uses of penicillin and tetracyclines intended for use in feeds for food-producing animals.

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    Voluntary meat, poultry recall burden estimates revised
    Federal Register
    The Food Safety and Inspection Service has asked to increase the estimate of total burden hours incurred during voluntary recalls of meat and poultry products. It also is requesting an extension of the OMB approval for this information collection, which will expire on July 31.More

    CDC: Food-related illness investigations depend on geography
    Food Safety News
    The CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report released today reviews food safety epidemiology capacity in state health departments throughout the country.More

    Immigration reform proposals hope to mend cracks in H-2A
    The mounting difficulty of securing agricultural laborers through the H-2A temporary foreign agricultural worker program has led many potential employees to enter the country illegally. With hopes of helping illegal workers and creating a viable way for immigrant employees to enter America, several politicians have proposed solutions.More

    Canada mulls looser policy for GMO food imports
    The Epoch Times
    A Canadian government proposal that would allow low levels of contamination from genetically modified foods from other countries is raising concerns among activist groups.More

    EU egg producers could struggle to control Salmonella
    Egg producers in the European Union may struggle to control Salmonella when the EU ban on battery cages comes into force in January, according to Anitox Corporation.More

    Consumer spending, durable goods reports disappoint
    The Associated Press via USA Today
    Consumers spent at a lackluster rate in November as their incomes barely grew, suggesting U.S. households could struggle to sustain their spending into 2012.More

    Where's the beef: US beef consumption in decline
    For the past decade, cattle ranchers and meat packers watched with despair as America's beef consumption steadily declined, ceding ground to leaner meats and vegetarian trends among the health-conscious. With new cuts and smaller portion sizes, the industry is starting to adapt.More

    Going up (way up): Average cost of a Christmas dinner
    Talking Retail
    The average price of food items needed for Christmas dinner has risen by as much as 50 percent since last year, according to new research by the Office of National Statistics taken from the CPI/RPI basket of goods.More

    Garlic Jim's uses humor to launch gluten-free frozen pizza
    Garlic Jim's — a new, gluten-free retail frozen pizza line from the restaurant chain of the same name — is using unique, humorous packaging that straightforwardly takes on consumers' largely low expectations for the taste of gluten-free offerings. More

    Turkey processor plans 600-worker plant in Indiana
    The Associated Press via CBS News
    A turkey processing company announced plans Thursday to build a new plant in southwestern Indiana that could employ up to 600 workers in the next few years. Farbest Foods Inc. said it expects to spend $69 million to build a 220,000 square foot processing plant on 100 acres near Vincennes, Ind.More

    Seaboard Foods announces new leader
    Pork Network
    Seaboard Corp. has announced Terry J. Holton has been appointed president and chief executive officer of Seaboard Foods LLC.More

    Department of Justice closes Chicago food processing firm
    Triple A Services, Chicago producer of ready-to-eat sandwiches for vending machines and cafeterias, agreed Thursday to halt production after the U.S. Department of Justice obtained an injunction, based on repeated citations for unsanitary conditions and bacterial contamination.More

    Canada's Colabor Group acquiring meat wholesaler
    Colabor Group Inc., a wholesaler and distributor of food and non-food products serving retail and foodservice markets in Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces, is purchasing the assets of Viandes Decarie Inc., a leading wholesaler and distributor of meat and meat products.More

    Neogen net falls 14 percent amid slow second quarter
    Dow Jones Newswires via The Wall Street Journal
    Neogen Corp.'s fiscal second-quarter profit fell 14 percent as the company's revenue growth continued to slow following several quarters of double-digit gains. Neogen's food safety test kits are used to detect bacteria, toxins and allergens, and its animal health products include veterinary devices and pharmaceuticals, most targeted for farm animals.More

    Russia sets 2012 import quotas for meat, pork, poultry
    World Poultry
    The Customs Union Commission of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan has approved import quotas for meat, pork and poultry for 2012.More

    Automation leads to variety for sausage makers
    World Poultry
    Making large numbers of various sausages constantly at a standard quality is a complicated business. It requires continuous checking of the raw material and the balance between meat, fat and the added ingredients. New automation technologies increase flexibility and enable a wide range of products at a high capacity.More

    Special edition: The year in review
    Food Navigator-USA
    As the year draws to a close, FoodNavigator-USA looks back at some of the top stories of the year and the biggest deals in the industry. Test your knowledge with its 2011 food quiz.More