The Alliance Weekly
May. 7, 2015

Non-commissioned officers advise care for key assignments
U.S. Army
The Army must be more selective and careful when choosing soldiers to serve in key positions, such as recruiters or drill sergeants, said non-commissioned officers at the first NCO Solarium. During the Solarium, about 80 NCOs from throughout the Army were tasked to come up with solutions to problems involving education, Army culture, training, mission command, physical fitness, and Army vision and branding. Those soldiers were then asked to brief the sergeant major of the Army on their findings.More

New military goggles combine nightvision and thermal imaging
Nightvision and thermal imaging play similar — but very distinct — roles on the modern battlefield. Soldiers utilize nightvision to illuminate their darkened surroundings while thermal imaging is employed to illuminate darkened targets. But until now, soldiers have had to carry separate imaging systems for each, which negatively impacts how quickly they can switch optics and acquire their targets. BAE Systems, however, announced May 4 a new kind of optic that packs the functionality of both into a single unit.More

House panel approves $612 billion authorization bill
Military Times
The House Armed Services Committee early April 30 adopted a $612 billion defense authorization bill which would radically reform military retirement but reject changes to a host of other benefit trims proposed by the Pentagon. By a 60-2 vote, the panel approved the annual budget legislation after almost 19 hours of debate, setting the stage for a full House vote in mid-May. The bill is one of the most-followed measures among the defense community, because of the hundreds of policy renewals and revisions involved.More

Reception opportunity for senior enlisted leaders to network; foster military, business communication
Joint Base San Antonio via Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System
Senior enlisted leadership from across Joint Base San Antonio and surrounding areas gathered at the oldest post in Texas, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 76 on the San Antonio River, partly to socialize, but also to build bridges with each other and with the community. Sponsored by the Senior Enlisted Advisory Council of the San Antonio Chamber Commerce, the April reception also provided the chance for senior non-commissioned officers to take a break from their hectic schedules.More

Army, Marines face new pressure to use same ammo
Marine Corps Times
The Army and Marine Corps will conduct comprehensive testing this year to determine the viability of adopting common rifle ammunition, a potential cost-cutting initiative that could have serious implications for troops on the battlefield. Members of Congress are driving the efforts, saying the switch to a single 5.56 mm cartridge for all conventional U.S. forces stands to save American taxpayers considerable expense. It is likely to prompt a showdown between the two rounds favored by each service, raising the possibility the Marine Corps could be forced to adopt ammunition it rejected in 2009 because its early development was plagued by problems.More

Marine commandant, Air Force cargo pilot tapped to lead Joint Chiefs
Defense One
President Barack Obama will tap Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a defense official confirmed late May 4. Obama will also nominate Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, the head of U.S. Transportation Command, to become the next vice chairman, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity ahead of the announcement.More

Senators: War fund, Pentagon cuts could save A-10
Stars and Stripes
Congress could tap an overseas war fund or cut the budget of the secretary of defense’s office to save the A-10 Thunderbolt from retirement, Senate lawmakers said May 5. A group of A-10 supporters, including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said money can be made available for the program and urged fellow senators to support protections for the aircraft as they draw up the annual defense budget in the coming days.More

McCain backs 401(k)-style military retirement
The Hill
Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., said May 4 that the 2016 defense policy bill will be "revolutionary" for military retirement. McCain did not say what the bill would contain, but endorsed an idea to reform the military retirement system proposed by a compensation reform commission. "The commission recommended that we start giving people after two years a 401(k) thing. That's revolutionary," he said.More

Here's what the new Tesla battery means for the military
Defense One
Recently, Silicon Valley superstar Elon Musk announced the release of the Tesla Powerwall home battery to the rapturous delight of tech journalists and Musk-o-philes everywhere. On offer: a seven-kilowatt energy storage device for $3,000 and a 10-kilowatt unit for $3,500. Now industry watchers are debating whether the Powerwall, which is made to store electricity when it’s cheap and release it when it’s costly, is inexpensive enough to disrupt consumer energy markets. But it’s certainly cheap enough for military buyers. Would it be useful?More