Feb. 3, 2010

Mood changer: Upbeat opening day at AGTA GemFair
Opening day at the American Gem Trade Association GemFair signals a change in tone toward the economy and expectations for future business. The opening of the show saw a good crowd assembled to get the first look at the newest gemstones, pearls and jewelry. All indications point to an upswing in traffic this year as hotel blocks and shuttle bus ridership is up, reports Douglas Hucker, AGTA executive director. But it's not the body count that matters as much as the intent to buy.More

GIA's Tucson lab to feature services, education, seminars, specials
The Gemological Institute of America has announced a number of classes, services, free presentations and other opportunities that will be available at the upcoming gem shows in Tucson, Ariz.More

JVC all-star panel at AGTA GemFair
The Jewelers Vigilance Committee
Cecilia L. Gardner, JVC's president, CEO and general counsel, presents JVC's All-Star Federal Regulators at a Jewelry Town Hall Meeting at the AGTA GemFair in Tucson, Ariz. Attendees can gain valuable information about the latest laws pertaining to deceptive trade practices, advertising, importing rubies, selling irradiated gemstones, exporting rough diamonds, anti-money laundering compliance and more. Registration is not required. The town hall meeting is free to attend.More

AGL to offer on-site testing at AGTA GemFair
American Gemological Laboratories will be performing on-site testing of colored stones at the AGTA GemFair in Tucson, Ariz., from Feb. 2 to 7, the company announced. AGL will issue its Identification, Enhancement and Origin reports for the tested stones at the show. AGL will be offering the service as part of its outreach program to support its national and international clientele.More

GIA announces new online 'Colored Stones' course
National Jeweler
The Gemological Institute of America has added a "Colored Stones" course to its slate of eLearning gemological courses. The course gives sensory-rich, detailed information on gemstones of every variety, and also teaches students how to evaluate quality, rarity and color, the institute said in a media release. As an eLearning course, the class is part of the Institute's Web-based distance education program, which features more than 1,000 videos, slideshows and animations, making for a robust and enhanced learning environment.More

Cartier & America at the Legion of Honor
Deleuse Jewelers
The Cartier & America collection at the Legion of Honor is an extraordinary exhibit -- simply breathtaking. Extraordinary not only for the incredibly beautiful diamonds, gems and impeccable workmanship, but also the historical significance Cartier had within the jewelry and fashion industry and around the globe. Many of the items are commemorative: for example, the celebrations for the end of WWI and WWII and the landing on the moon.More

JA and JFC raise more than $100K for Haiti relief
A total of $111,280 has been raised by Jewelers of America and Jewelers for Children to assist relief efforts in the wake of Haiti's devastating earthquake, the associations announced Jan. 28. The groups had said it would match all contributions up to $30,000. JFC will distribute the contributions to the Haiti relief funds of three organizations: Direct Relief International, Save the Children and The American Red Cross International Response Fund.More

Jewels as haute couture
The New York Times
Jewels inspired by dancers' movements at the Cirque du Soleil and nature's butterflies and bees in unusual gem stones were shown last week in an haute couture initiative. The high jewelers of Paris opened their doors on a fantastic world. It included Boucheron's collection of pavé-work masks, of diamond "Water World" drops and of Elvis sparkling in Las Vegas. The 20 pieces, inspired by Cirque du Soleil performances, were bought by Guy Laliberté, the group's Canadian founder, to celebrate its 25th anniversary.More

Stocking up to cater to key demographics
National Jeweler
Despite the conventional wisdom that "age doesn't matter," National Jeweler's recent interviews with select luxury retailers from Silicon Valley to suburban New Jersey confirmed that in this economy, it does. Here we describe how jewelers are catering to top demographics.More

Sweet sphene stone
Interesting to examine, sphene, or Titanite to gem nerds, is gaining momentum with the exotic gem crowd. It has a lot going for it, too, with its super adamantine luster and awesome dispersion. The stone derives its weird-to-pronounce name from a Greek word for wedge. Truth is, sphene crystals often look like a pointed-end wedge when found.More

Whether you're buying or selling fine jewelry, it pays to know the market
Dallas Morning News
People seeking to convert fine jewelry and watches into cash typically expect a premium price. Rarely will they get it, according to Camilla Dietz Bergeron. She's an expert, a former Wall Street whiz who launched her second act 20 years ago by following her passion into the jewelry business. Her Madison Avenue company, Camilla Dietz Bergeron Ltd., specializes in buying and selling antique, period and estate jewels.More