July 27, 2011

In search of black pearls
The Winterson Journal
Despite their name, Tahitian pearls are confusingly known as "black pearls" as a result of taking on the color of the black lipped Pinctada margaritifera cumingii oyster. These pearls are formed, though, in many exotic colors, such as silver, grey, pistachio, peacock and aubergine.More

Gemfields builds 'Emeralds for Elephants' campaign for India
Following the success of "Emeralds for Elephants" in London one year ago, Gemfields International is again leading an awareness campaign to raise funds to protect the elephant habitat in India. Gemfields chose 10 jewelry design firms that would use ethically mined emeralds from Zambia in the creation of a jewelry collection to be auctioned by Sotheby's in October.More

Galatea's queen bead carved pearl designs
Jewelry News Network
Chi Huynh is both a jeweler and an artist. His canvas and his muse are pearls. Already beautiful in their own right, he takes each individual pearl and carves designs in them or he pairs them with precious metals and gemstones in unusual ways to create individual works of art. The results are quite striking, as detailed and refined as any artist or craftsman who works with more traditional materials.More

Gem of a carpet for $2 million
Khaleej Times
Flying carpets are from fables; this shining jewel carpet is for real. The glittering work of art is studded with 77,092 gemstones and weighs 56,596 carats. It also has a large carved 250-carat emerald laid with 52 rose-cut diamonds set in Kundan design (Indian floral arrangement) and 24-carat gold. The gems and jewels were sourced from Africa, India and Sri Lanka to create the dazzling design.More

Katy Perry: Smurfette in sapphires
Jewelry Insider
Katy Perry's dress at "The Smurfs" movie premiere in New York almost stole the show from the little blue guys themselves. Sporting a bedazzled Smurfette corsette designed by The Blondes, a smurf manicure and blue Louboutins — what else does the voice of the world's most famous female smurf need? Sapphires, of course.More

Hollywood trendsetters blaze fashion trail with gemstone engagement rings
LaVerne Online
Bridal couples are rewriting the wedding traditions to reflect more individuality in their nuptials. People feel free to express themselves in their weddings, and that extends to their bridal rings. The key for brides who want color is that the ring design looks traditional. The twist is in the gem selection, and the sky's the limit in color.More

On fire opal
Opal lovers are legion. One reason for this mass appeal is simply because the natural stone comes in such a broad range of colors and wildly varied appearance. From transparent to dreamy translucent to opaque, opal becomes something for everyone.More

Google+ boasts over 20 million users but businesses have nothing to do with it
International Business Times
Google+ now boasts of over 20 million users, but Business Profiles have nothing to do with it. Despite its phenomenal success, Google has continued to prevent businesses from using its new service. Earlier this month, Google+ had to pull the plug on Business Profiles as the pages of the social networking service were not optimized for businesses. Google has started a pilot run for Business Profiles by opening an "Entity Profile" application, which saw a flood-rush of companies that wanted a piece of action in the fledgling social network. However, Google isn't apparently prepared for the overwhelming response.More