Nov. 10, 2010

Editor's Note: Andesine article from last week's ePRISM
In last week's ePrism we linked to an article titled "Hunting Barak Osama in Tibet-In Search of Andesine Mines" detailing a research team's progress in establishing Tibet as a source of andesine deposits. It appears that some of our readers were offended by the title, feeling that it was inappropriate and disrespectful to the president. More

Gemstones: Raw and sliced
For those of us who love colored gemstone jewelry, cookie‐cutter just doesn't cut it. Luckily, many contemporary designers get that. Some, in fact, are addressing our "desire for the distinctive" by intensifying their own inventiveness. Enter, the new era of two cool gem trends: raw and sliced — aka rough gems and sliced gemstones. You've seen them in jewelry worn by celebrities and runway models or maybe in the showcases of innovative jewelry stores. Still, sometimes you wonder: Are they real? Does the piece come in a gem that I especially like? Can I afford that jewelry?More

Enviable precious gemstone: Green beryl
Let's sort this out: All emeralds are a variety of green beryl. But not all green beryls are classified as emeralds. No, it's not a trick; just a way to further separate precious stones within the beryl family of minerals. Beryls are a group of gemstones owing to their clean crisp tints. Think aquamarine, morganite, heliodor, even that teensy rosy bixbite. To the cognoscenti, the line is drawn between emerald and green beryl on matters of saturation and light — or richer greens. The deeper more intense greens toss the stone in the emerald group. Ideally, an emerald is recognized by a strong deep green, and often with a very slight bluish back color.More

Social media: Gain or pain?
Kansas City Business Journal
The use of social media seems to keep growing among businesses of all types, but it can be difficult to judge the efficacy of those efforts. A recently published website traffic survey from software company Intellimon and the University of Bradford determined that Facebook and Twitter don't provide a big splash for online businesses. The survey, conducted earlier this year, included more than 4,000 online businesses in an effort to get a better handle on the sticky points of online business marketing.More

Laura Parker: Julianne Moore — Bvlgari's blingy beauty
Jewelry Insider
When Julianne Moore bared all for the Bvlgari Serpenti campaign last year, I was skeptical about her choice to add "jewelry spokesmodel" to her resume. Why does a serious, successful actress need to get naked to peddle high-end jewelry? The answer, of course: She gets to peddle (aka wear and probably own) some of the most beautiful baubles on the block. And because they always have her in her birthday suit (what better way to wear 50-plus-carat emerald earrings?), she certainly is reminding Hollywood she's still viable leading lady material.More

Keller to retire as editor-in-chief of GIA's G&G
The Gemological Institute of America has announced that Alice Keller, editor-in-chief of the institute's quarterly scientific journal Gems & Gemology, will retire effective Jan. 1, 2011. Richard T. Liddicoat, GIA's leader and patriarch for more than 60 years and editor-in-chief of G&G for 50 years, hand picked Keller to oversee GIA's flagship publication in 1980. She became its third editor-in-chief, after GIA founder Robert Shipley and Liddicoat, in 2002. Her expertise was the pivotal force in developing G&G into the premier professional journal of gemology it is known as today.More

Let FedEx Office deliver your holidays
Rely on the pros to make your season run more smoothly. FedEx Office offers a wide range of products and services to help you manage this busy time of year. Pack and ship: Whether you're sending gifts to clients and partners or friends and family, FedEx can get it all there safely. And quickly, too: FedEx Ground® is faster to more locations than UPS Ground. You also will get a great price. Packing services start at just $4.99.More

Scarselli sells 68 percent of tendered fancy color diamonds
IDEX Online News
Scarselli Diamonds sold 68 percent of the 300 diamonds offered at its color diamond tender. The tender included yellow, pink, blue, red and green diamonds. The company did not disclose prices but noted that the vast majority of buyers were European, Asian and Indian. Of primary interest were the larger goods, notably the yellows, pinks and blues.More

Unique Monopoly set valued at $2 million
A Monopoly set valued at $2 million features game tokens made of solid gold and pieces adorned with fine jewels.More