Jan. 15, 2014

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Fellow Feature: Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk 2013
No one in her family ever had breast cancer. This physician did not have a personal relationship with this disease until meeting the men and women that volunteered for and walked during this event. Dr. Alexandra Myers, fellow at San Diego Sports Medicine, successfully served as the medical director for the 2013 event, and quoted “I can say that I now have an indelible relation to breast cancer. The victims, survivors and families of both affected me more deeply through this event than I ever thought possible.”

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Reminder: AOASM case and research submissions deadline announced
AOASM would like to invite you to submit a case or research presentation for the 2014 Clinical Conference, March 19-22. Resident and Sports Medicine Fellow presentations will be judged and cash awards are given for the strongest presentations.

The Case Submission deadline is Jan. 19.
All Case Presentations must be received at the AOASM Office by 11 p.m. CST. Case Submissions received after this deadline will be returned.

The Research Abstract submission deadline is Jan. 26.
All research submissions must be received at the AOASM Office by 11 p.m. CST. Submissions received after this deadline will be returned.

If your submission is not selected for podium presentation, we encourage you to present it as a poster during the Clinical Conference. Further instructions and submission forms are located on the AOASM website. Authors will be notified by early February of the selected presentation format.

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Health for the Whole Family: 'Your Pneumonia Protection Plan '
The American Osteopathic Association offers monthly health-related articles you can use on your websites, in your newsletter or as handouts in your offices. You have the ability to change the article, or add to it as needed. The AOA would like feedback on articles, and appreciate knowing how you are using them or if you have had success in placing them in a local paper. You can share thoughts and publication success by contacting: AOASM will continue to profile these articles from time to time to remind you of the resources available to you through the AOA.

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Overuse injuries and burnout in youth sports: A position statement from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine
The number of participants in youth sports is difficult to determine. The National Federation of State High School Associations reported that 7,713,577 student athletes (4,490,854 male, 3,222,723 female) participated in 2012–2013. An emphasis on competitive success has become widespread, resulting in increased pressure to begin high-intensity training at young ages. This may be driven by parental goals of having their child selected for high-level travel teams, collegiate scholarships, and even professional contracts. Given this trend toward early and multifaceted training, frequent competition, and single sport specialization, it is no surprise that overuse injuries and burnout are common.More

'Treatment of the Sportsman's groin': British Hernia Society's 2014 position statement based on the Manchester Consensus Conference
British Journal of Sports Medicine
Over the last four decades, the condition of chronic pain in an athlete’s groin, sometimes described as a Sportsman's groin or inguinal disruption has been attributed to a hernia, a groin disruption, an incipient hernia or "athletic pubalgia" as well as a simple chronic groin pain. There has been no clear consensus on this condition, especially on its nomenclature, which has been regarded as difficult to accurately diagnose and manage.More

Inexpensive brain scans could catch concussions
MIT Technology Review
Kelly Gee knows all too well the devastating effects of concussion. A former minor-league hockey player, he says that repeated concussions cut his playing career short. Then, while he was coaching for the Chicago Steel junior-league team, a puck struck him between the eyes—an injury he thinks caused severe depression. “After that my whole life fell apart,” he says. He went to dozens of doctors in a variety of specialties but ultimately found few options for tracking and treating the effects of his injury. That, he says, pushed him to found Quantum Institute, a company that now offers a mobile brain scan for concussions.More

Needle decompression in appalachia do obese patients need longer needles?
Needle decompression of a tension pneumothorax can be a lifesaving procedure. It requires an adequate needle length to reach the chest wall to rapidly remove air. With adult obesity exceeding one third of the United States population in 2010, researchers sought to evaluate the proper catheter length that may result in a successful needle decompression procedure. More

The effects of different beverage intake on blood components during exercise under high-temperature environment
Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation
High-temperature environment causes detrimental effects on health. In the present study, the effects of intake of several kinds of beverage on blood components during exercise under the high temperature environment were evaluated. The 10 subjects were student of the H University. Exercise intensity was 50–60 percent O2maxx and treadmill exercise was continued for 1 hour. The kinds of beverage were water, ion beverage, cucumber drink.More

AFCA presents an alternative view on the ongoing concussion crisis
CBS Sports
College football coaches' answer to the concussion crisis is a former University of Texas cheerleader who believes brains can heal themselves. Hey, why not? Not much else has seemed to soothe the nation's fears. The concussion crisis has resulted in a public relations crisis. The numbers of those playing youth football are dwindling. Lawsuits are hitting the NCAA, NFL — even the national high school association — from all sides. The American Football Coaches Association recently presented Dr. Sandra Chapman as a rebuttal in an ongoing debate that continues to erode the profession's credibility.More