Field Notes
Mar. 27, 2014

Attention APGO members in Southeastern Ontario!
Online registration is now available for the Southeastern Regional Networking Event that will take place in Ottawa on April 29, 2014. This is the second year for the Southeastern Region to hold such an event. We're calling all professional geoscientists and geoscience students in the area to come and join us. The networking event will feature Andrea Waldie, P.Geo., FGC as the guest speaker and will also include an APGO business update by Gord White, CEO.

Please register early by clicking here.More

Join us in Thunder Bay on April 7, 2014!
There is still time to register for the APGO Regional Meeting in Thunder Bay on April 7, 2014. Don't miss this opportunity! Come and network with your peers and take the opportunity to meet APGO Council members and staff. Connect, participate and add your voice to the collective discussion on key issues that concern APGO members in the region.

Please click on this link to register.More

Mine safety review wants public feedback
Northern Ontario Business
The Ministry of Labour has opened up registration for the public consultations it will host as part of its year-long review of mining health and safety. The public consultations in Sudbury are planned for early April. The Ministry of Labour has not yet announced a time or location for both consultations. Public consultations are also planned for Timmins, Kirkland Lake, Red Lake, Marathon, and London.More

Mining symposium features geological rock star
Timmins Press
An upcoming mining symposium being held in Timmins will have a Canadian rock star in geology as a featured guest speaker Richard Levéillé, who has applied his geological skills literally out of this world, working as a planetary scientist with the Canadian Space Agency, will be at the Northeastern Ontario Mines and Minerals Symposium at the McIntyre Community Complex next month.More

Study: Miners among most productive, happiest workers in the world
Miners across the globe are not only one of the most productive employees, but also rank among the happiest, reveals a study published recently. The cross-industry study, which analyzed responses from over 30,000 professionals, reveals significant differences between personal productivity levels depending on the country and industry sector, with mining scoring a higher than average "time on task" of 62.1 per cent.More

New relationship between mine, urban rescue teams
Northern Life
Ontario Mine Rescue stood anxiously on the sidelines during the fatal Elliot Lake mall collapse, but it may prove to be a watershed event in the history and evolution of the 86-year-old volunteer organization. In the investigative aftermath, a new relationship has sprung up between the Sudbury-based Mine Rescue and Toronto's Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Task Force that was deployed to the Algo Centre Mall when the rooftop parking lot collapsed in 2012, killing two.More

Northern Sun to offer custom milling
Northern Ontario Business
After an eight-month, $4 million cleanup at Redstone Mill in Timmins, the mill and its equipment are in pristine condition. And owner Northern Sun can't wait to mess it all up. "We probably have the cleanest mill in North America," said Northern Sun president David Rigg. "We're hoping we're going to be able to make it quite dirty."More

NASA research could lead to way of predicting sinkholes
Waterloo Region Record
Radar images taken from planes or satellites could someday be used to predict where sinkholes might form — a potential boon for Florida, the sinkhole capital of the United States. The possibility of an early-warning system stems from new NASA research into a monstrous sinkhole that opened in Louisiana in 2012, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents. More

De Beers' new Canadian diamond mine delayed
Mining Weekly
First production at De Beers' Gahcho Kue diamond mine in northern Canada could move to early 2017 because of shipping delays, the Anglo American unit's chief executive, Phillipe Mellier, said in an interview. The mine had once been expected to start producing around December 2015, but regulatory restrictions limited shipments to Gahcho Kue this winter, delaying construction.More

Blasts from the past: Ontario's volcanic history
Wataway News
There have been recent reports about volcanoes around the world that are spewing fiery rock into the sky. These reports have caused some people to ask me if there are any volcanoes in Ontario. The answer is: "Yes... and no." The geology of Ontario is complex. It is that complex geological history that holds the hidden record of ancient volcanoes that used to dot the land we now call Ontario.More

Laurentian University professor takes to the waves to further research
Northern Ontario Business
Although Northern Ontario is far from the ocean now, two to three billion years ago, parts of it were actually under the sea. But this marine environment wasn't always a peaceful place. Submarine eruptions of lava caused volcanic deposits which were subsequently buried and deformed and folded through extreme pressure, and brought to surface again through erosion. More

Combined Compensation and Benefits Study 2013 — APGO | OGQ | APGNS
Gord White, CEO
APGO, in collaboration with the Ordre des geologues du Quebec and the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Nova Scotia are pleased to offer a combined compensation and benefits study of our sector for 2013. 3,327 emails were sent out in June 2013 and 1,123 were returned in response. The survey ended on August 26, 2013.More

New perspective for soil clean-up
You must use a microscope to spot the new helpers that can assist in biological soil clean-up (bioremediation). They are small, mobile micro-organisms, such as the unicellular slipper-shaped ciliates that can be found in stale water in a flower vase, where they feed on bacteria. New results from Aarhus University indicate that such mobile micro-organisms can play a surprising key role in bioremediation of soil which is contaminated with so-called PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).More

Famed geoscientist helping enhance ocean atmosphere interaction research
Texas A&M University
How oceans and the atmosphere interact is an ongoing learning process, and that learning process is being enhanced at Texas A&M University with expertise provided by one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject, British professor Peter Liss. Liss, who is credited with important research on how the oceans and atmosphere interact, is affiliated with the Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Studies at the University of East Anglia in England. More