Field Notes
Aug. 15, 2013

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This Week's Showcase: Did you know?
You can now watch the webinars of the Professional Development Courses that were offered at the 2013 AGM. The following courses are now available to view online:

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Report Review

Doing Business with Defence Canada

Preliminary Results of the Ambient Groundwater Geochemistry Project in Ontario More

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Research aimed at protecting groundwater systems
University of Guelph
A new University of Guelph field lab is now running near the Eramosa River, just a short drive from campus. Led by engineering professor Beth Parker, a team of grad students and groundwater professionals will study groundwater and surface water interaction in the fractured sedimentary bedrock that lines the Eramosa River and outcrops along the flood plain.More

DeBeers eyes expanding mining operations
Timmins Daily Press
Diamond giant DeBeers is looking to extend its mining operations at the Victor mine in Northern Ontario and is gearing up for what could be a lively public consultation phase of a lengthy environmental assessment.More

TransCanada pitches pipeline conversion in Mattawa
North Bay News
A recent session in Mattawa was TransCanada's opening act in Ontario for a marathon of 22 open houses that will literally span the province over the next two months. The pitch: for a conversion of 3,000 kilometres of pipeline from natural gas to crude oil, and an extension of the same pipeline for an additional 1,400 kilometres further east, extending the line from near Cornwall, ON to Saint John, N.B.More

Developments with Petrel
Digital Energy Journal
The next frontier for geoscience software might be a way to include petroleum systems information, says Stephen Warner, Geoscience Marketing Manager with Schlumberger Information Solutions. "If you are split between multiple applications, it's impossible to manage the uncertainty. Capturing uncertainty and managing it from exploration through to production is only possible on an integrated platform like Petrel," he said.More

APGO develops the Knowledge Requirement Tool Kit
Gord White, CEO
Many of our members know that APGO makes annual presentations to students in the 11 Ontario universities that offer a four year undergraduate degree in an area of geoscience. We prefer that these presentations are made in the Fall with the purpose of explaining to students the role of the APGO, how to meet the requirements to become a P.Geo., and the opportunities that P.Geo's. have in the marketplace.More

2013 survey results: Canadian mine salaries, wages and benefits
CostMine's labour reports include actual wage and salary scales, benefit plan profiles, and bonus plans for many of the participating mines. Once again, we see that mining companies have increased their employees' wages. 58 of the mines surveyed have increased wages by an average of three per cent. More

Astronomers identify 12 asteroids close enough for mining
Researchers from the Scottish University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, have found 12 asteroids that could be easily blasted into accessible orbit and subsequently mined. Geologists believe that asteroids hold iron, ore, nickel and precious metals at much higher concentrations than those found on Earth. In fact, an asteroid that flew by the earth earlier this year had an estimated value of $195 billion in metal and fuel.More

Canada's new science minister wants green mining growth
Sun News
Newly appointed Minister of State for Science and Technology Greg Rickford gave a speech at the World Mining Congress recently in which he referred to the industry as a "cornerstone of the Canadian economy" and iterated the need for continued growth. He described how the feds have streamlined the regulatory process, eliminated redundant bureaucratic requirements and made project reviews more market sensitive.More

Gold producers squeezed by rising costs, sliding prices
The Globe and Mail
Midway through his master's degree in geology in the 1980s, Brian Christie trekked to the Red Lake gold mine in Northwestern Ontario as part of a research project. About 930 metres deep, more than one and a half times the CN Tower's height, the remote mining project was a treat for a geology student eager to make his mark in the industry.More

Mexico moves to overhaul oil industry
Wall Street Journal
Mexico moved to end the country's 75-year-old monopoly on oil and gas production, potentially opening up some of the world's biggest remaining untapped oil reserves to private companies and setting the stage for a new energy boom on the U.S. doorstep.More