Field Notes
Sep. 4, 2014

OSC Dialogue 2014
Ontario Securities Commission
Mark your calendar for OSC Dialogue on October 16, 2014 at the Toronto Board of Trade!

This event will mostly be of interest to APGO members who work for mining companies and want to know about current issues impacting the capital markets and potential changes to capital raising initiatives.

For inquiries, please e-mail More

Changing the landscape: Geoscientists embrace 3-D printing
EARTH Magazine
The rapid proliferation of 3-D printing technology that began in the early 2000s sent ripples of excitement through the tech world and beyond; some pundits predicted 3-D printing would transform everything about modern life. Until a few years ago, however, the high price of printers put them out of reach for most academic researchers and hobbyists. Now, more affordable printers have broken this barrier, and geoscientists have started testing the waters. More

Feds don't commit to $1 billion for Ring of Fire
Northern Ontario Business
The federal government is not ready to make a $1 billion commitment to Ring of Fire infrastructure, said Greg Rickford, Canada's minister of natural resources and FedNor. He made the statement in French, responding to a question from French media in Sudbury. Rickford said the feds have already made investments in the nearby First Nations to increase their educational opportunities. He said future federal funding for the Ring of Fire will need to be tied to specific projects with precise goals.More

Zenyatta Ventures updates graphite results
Net Newsledger
Zenyatta Ventures are updating the pilot plant and metallurgical testing at the SGS Canada facility in Lakefield, ON. The flotation pilot plant results, while confirming earlier bench-scale testing, produced a concentrate that has been upgraded at laboratory scale to a high purity and highly crystalline graphite product using a caustic bake based process. More

Kirkland Lake's drills cut new gold zones at South Mine
The Northern Miner
Aggressive drilling has paid off for producer Kirkland Lake Gold at its Macassa and South Mine complex (SMC) in Ontario's Southern Abitibi gold belt. Recently, the company announced that it had expanded mineralization associated with the SMC on both its South and HM claims. Kirkland Lake is hopeful that its ongoing exploration program — funded via a $7.5 million flow-through financing completed in early July — will add viable ounces to its resource and reserve base.More

Northwest Territories: 'Ring of Ice' diamond deposits rival 'Ring of Fire'
The Globe and Mail
As Ontario touts the potential for its massive northern Ring of Fire mining development, the Northwest Territories' Industry Tourism and Investment Minister is quick to point out his region's well-established "Ring of Ice." The ice David Ramsey talks about is diamonds, and he says the industry is set for its next stage of expansion. Since its first mine was discovered two decades ago, NWT production has grown to supply 15 per cent of the world's diamonds.More

Wallbridge secures bridge loan
Northern Ontario Business
Wallbridge Mining Company has secured additional funding to help start up its Broken Hammer nickel-copper-PGM mine near Sudbury. Auramet is providing Wallbridge with $1.5 million in the form of a bridge loan, will bridge the period until sufficient revenue is received to achieve payback of the costs required to bring Broken Hammer into production and realize its revenue potential.More

Kirkland Lake's drills cut new gold zones at South Mine
Canadian Mining Journal
Aggressive drilling has paid off for producer Kirkland Lake Gold at its Macassa and South Mine complex (SMC) in Ontario's Southern Abitibi gold belt. The company recently announced that it had expanded mineralization associated with the SMC on both its South and HM claims. Kirkland Lake is hopeful that its ongoing exploration program will add viable ounces to its resource and reserve base. More

Zinc and nickel prices to move 'dramatically higher' in 2015
Financial Post
Zinc and nickel prices could move dramatically higher over the next two years as a cyclical recovery takes hold in the base metal sector, says a new report from Scotiabank. Prices for zinc and nickel have been steadily rising this year as global growth continues to rebound, fuelling stronger prices for base metals. Patricia Mohr, commodity market specialist at Scotiabank, said zinc and nickel are in a good position because they are either in or nearing supply deficit positions.More

California would adopt groundwater regulations for first time under bills headed to governor
Bridge River Lillooet News
The worst drought in a generation has pushed California law-makers to overhaul the state's longstanding "pump-as-you-please" groundwater policy under a package of bills lawmakers sent recently to Gov. Jerry Brown. The state would begin regulating its groundwater supply for the first time under the legislative package by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, and Sen. Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills. It would require some local governments to develop groundwater-management plans and allows the state to intervene if necessary.More

Tectonic plates are moving faster as Earth ages
Nature World News
It seems that all this time, the Earth's tectonic plates have just been warming up, and now they've set the treadmill to a higher setting. That is, according to a new study, which claims that Earth's tectonic plates are moving faster now than at any other point in the last two billion years. The study was recently published in the journal Precambrian Research, and shows that the average speed at which continental tectonics change latitude has doubled after a couple billion years.More

Seismic hazards reassessed in the Andes
Although being able to predict the date on which the next big earthquake will occur is still some way off becoming a reality, it is now possible to identify the areas where they will occur. IRD researchers and their French, Ecuadorian and Peruvian partners have just measured the current deformation in the northern part of the Andes for the first time using GPS, where the tectonics of the Pacific and South American plates govern the high seismic activity in the region.More

Mountains in Northern Ontario
CBC News
Measuring mountains might not seem overly complicated, but there actually are several ways in which it can be done. Depending on which technique is used, the title of world's tallest mountain could go to any of several mountains in various regions of the world. Some scientists heatedly debate the issue, arguing that their technique is the most accurate. More

Nearly 17,000 Australian mining jobs to disappear by 2019
Employment in Australia's mining industry is expected to decline by 4.5 per cent through 2018, with more than 16,000 jobs to be lost across exploration, metal ore and coal mining. A new study by the Australian Department of Employment forecasts a "significant slowdown" compared with the 106,700 jobs created in the sector over the previous five years which constituted a near doubling of mining openings. More

Exploration Targeting
Laurentian University's Goodman School of Mines and Mineral Exploration Research Centre
November 5-7, 2014
8:30 am — 5:00 pm
Laurentian University Campus
Sudbury, ON

Speaker: Michael Doggett, Mineral Economics Consultant and Adjunct Professor at Queen's University

This course will address the issues that face exploration groups in a changing global environment for the mineral industry.More

Geoscience Australia opens up access to spatial data
Geoscience Australia is embracing international geospatial standards and integrated Web platforms to share spatial data in an open environment. The focus is on interoperability, says the agency's data scientist, Danielle Beaudreau. Interoperability is critical to encouraging the use of spatial data across government, communities, and business. "This ensures our data is accessible to users regardless of their choice of software platform," Beaudreau says.More