Field Notes
Sep. 12, 2013

This Week's Showcase: APGO Member Survey 2013 Results
Gord White, CEO
APGO sent an online survey to the membership in August to gather data for September's strategic planning session of the Council. Here's what we found out from our members:

• 276 members completed the survey
• Nearly half of the respondents have been members for 9 years or more
• They wrote more than 450 comments
• The members ranked what they wanted to be APGO's priorities
• The number one trend that has the greatest impact on members' professional practice is Mobility and Government Relations

Click here for an in-depth look and further commentary on the survey's findings.More

APGO's career section is now easier to access
By popular demand, APGO has made a change to how jobs posted by external companies are accessed on the website. Job postings are now publicly displayed on the front-end of the APGO website. This means visitors no longer need to log in to view them.

Check out the current job opportunities at:

Home of the world's richest gold mine braces for coming headwinds
Calgary Herald
Fifty-four hundred feet below the surface, roughly underneath the local airport, a massive drill is pounding out a path to Red Lake, ON's latest set of riches. Workers stand back and protect their ears as the driller carefully targets the sheer rock wall up ahead and begins to break it apart. It is slow and careful work; the horizontal drill makes about 15 to 23 feet of progress per day, sometimes less. But it is closing in on the destination, which will be reached later this year after more than three years of work.More

Waking up the oil and gas industry to the issue of workplace fatigue
Energetic City
The oil and gas industry's safety association Enform is tackling the issue of workplace fatigue with a set of guiding principles released recently. The Fatigue Risk Management Guiding Principles focus on the effects of fatigue on everything from driving vehicles, to oil and gas industry activities like operating machinery. Enform says the document has been met with approval from six different industry associations, and it will be used as the first step of a larger campaign to raise awareness of the issue and the development of tools for the industry to combat it.More

3 stories to watch out of the oil patch this fall
Motley Fool Canada
Though the oil space may be poised for some fun, there is another resource that potentially offers a more significant opportunity. Instead of oil, your portfolio could be best served by uranium — the key ingredient for nuclear power. In the oil patch there's no shortage of news to watch for this fall. Let's take a quick look at the top stories on investor radar screens as we roll into autumn.More

Palladium: NAP outlines new resources
Canadian Mining Journal
North American Palladium (NAP) of Toronto is having success after success with its drilling program near the Lac des Iles palladium mine 85 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay. Surface drilling on two areas of mineralization have allowed NAP to make resource estimates. The initial numbers for the North VT Rim are 338,895 measured tonnes grading 2.02 g/t Pd (1.0 g/t cut-off). The Sherriff zone contains a measured and indicated resource of 5.28 million tonnes grading 1.48 g/t Pd. More

Researchers: Northern Lights' height determined using 2 digital cameras
International Science Times
Using two cameras placed five miles apart, Japanese researchers were able to measure the altitude of aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, according to a study published in the geoscience journal Annales Geophysicae. The Northern Lights appear when electrically charged solar particles enter the atmosphere and collide with Earth's gaseous particles. The Northern Lights' colors change depend on the different types of gas involved in the collision.More

5 things APGO did this summer
In no particular order of importance, APGO staff along with many volunteers worked on the following issues this summer:

1. Updating APGO's Registration Regulations
2. Inter-Provincial Mobility
3. New Online Registration Process
4. Online Knowledge Requirement Tool Kit
5. Launch of New Field Notes Newsletter

You can read more about each initiative here.More

Index of corporately responsible mining companies being released
Cape Breton Post
Toronto-based management consultants MacCormick IMC are releasing Canada's first index of socially responsible junior mining companies. The index showcases Canadian junior mining companies that are excelling both in CSR and are ranked in the top 100 based on market capitalization, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers annual Junior Mine report. Through financial analysis, the MacCormick index details how these companies are financially outperforming their peers as a result of their corporate responsibility efforts. More

Rough diamond prices to skyrocket in 2018
A steady diamond demand in the United States, paired with an ever growing appetite for these precious stones in China and India, are some of the main factors expected to cause a major gap in global supply and demand, sending rough diamond prices through the ceiling by 2018. That is the main conclusion of a recently published report by Bain & Company and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, which also warns of major consequences of this sharp price increase for industry players up and down the value chain.More

B.C.'s low-impact mining permits move online to FrontCounter B.C.
Some of Canada's efforts to streamline regulatory processes are beginning to take shape as British Columbia moves some of its mining exploration permit process online. Starting this month, mining companies involved in low-impact projects permitted under the Mines Act can utilize FrontCounter B.C., which will provide online access for three mining application categories.More

Underwater volcano is Earth's biggest
Geophysicists have discovered what they say is the largest single volcano on Earth, a 650-kilometre-wide beast the size of the British Isles lurking beneath the waters of the northwest Pacific Ocean. The megavolcano has been inactive for some 140 million years. But its very existence will help geophysicists to set limits on how much magma can be stored in Earth's crust and pour out onto the surface. More

Uranium merger between Fission, Alpha Minerals creates bigger target
Financial Post
The co-owners of a landmark Saskatchewan uranium discovery are coming together in a deal that they hope will be a precursor to a much bigger sale in the future. Ever since junior miners Fission Uranium and Alpha Minerals started to release spectacular drilling results from their Patterson Lake South project last year, investors viewed a merger of the two companies as a logical move. It would give them greater scale, make them more appealing to large investors and create a potential takeover target for a senior producer.More

Capturing and storing carbon: Is it worth it?
By Stefanie Heerwig
Carbon capture and storage, or CCS, has been widely heard about, widely demonized but also widely misunderstood. CCS is basically the idea that the fossil fuel industry could carry on forever because we can trap carbon dioxide first by capturing it with help of a wide range of technologies, then by compressing and transporting it and injecting it deep underground. President Barack Obama has incorporated it as one of the main actions by the U.S. in the fight against climate change. Research in the field has been immense, though many questions are still open.