APPRO PowerBrief
Feb. 27, 2014

New land use planning policies released
Government of Ontario
Ontario released the Provincial Policy Statement 2014. This is the government's consolidated policies for growth and development in Ontario's communities — providing for consistency and better, smarter planning across the province, while giving municipalities flexibility to ensure their plans meet their unique needs. Different regions of the province face different challenges and the Provincial Policy Statement 2014 offers greater flexibility in how policies are applied in northern and rural communities to help them continue to prosper. More

Nuclear overhaul: Darlington's multi-million-dollar mock-up
Toronto Star
One of the first things a visitor sees on entering Ontario Power Generation's $35 million training facility at the Darlington nuclear station, sitting in the middle of the floor, is what looks like a door-frame. And that's exactly what it is. Because when you're about to spend billions overhauling four nuclear reactors, you'd better make sure that all your equipment fits through the door.More

Power-to-gas technology enables utility-scale storage of renewable energy
Canadian Manufacturing
An Ontario company that has grown to become one of the world's largest producers of hydrogen for industrial, transportation, utility and other uses believes it has come up with a solution for storing renewable power — such as wind or solar — and converting it into fuel, power or heat. Hydrogenics Corporation's power-to-gas technology can convert renewable energy to hydrogen, which is used worldwide in industrial applications and is growing in use as a clean alternative to fossil fuels.More

Supporting energy innovation in Ontario and beyond
Government of Ontario
Premier Kathleen Wynne will host energy leaders from across Canada at the Canadian Energy Innovation Summit. The Summit will bring together national, provincial, business and policy leaders from the energy and innovation sectors to collaborate and build economic development strategies for Canada's clean energy technologies. It will also inform Ontario's input into the Council of the Federation's Canadian Energy Strategy.More

Appeal dismissed against 270 MW wind energy project in Ontario
Canadian Manufacturing
Hiring is underway at the site of a 270 MW wind energy project in Ontario after an appeal was dismissed by a provincial regulator. According to K2 Wind Ontario, construction of the K2 wind power project near Goderich, ON, along the southeastern shores of Lake Huron is underway after the provincial Environmental Review Tribunal dismissed an appeal of the project’s approval.More

New land use planning policies released
Government of Ontario
Ontario released the Provincial Policy Statement 2014. This is the government's consolidated policies for growth and development in Ontario's communities — providing for consistency and better, smarter planning across the province, while giving municipalities flexibility to ensure their plans meet their unique needs. More

How to cut your hydro bill without really trying
Toronto Star
Before Christmas, Ontario Energy minister Bob Chiarelli warned that energy prices are going nowhere but up, and if you don't like your hydro bill, then do something about it. He challenged us to change our behaviour by choosing how much we pay for power under the province's three-tier electricity pricing.More

Alberta should begin phasing out coal
Medicine Hat News
In a recent interview, Premier Alison Redford expressed frustration with Ottawa's foot-dragging on the GHG-regulation file. She has good reason to feel this way because the federal government has shown an appalling lack of political will (to put it mildly) on climate-change abatement.More

Ostrander Point Wind Project gets green light from Ontario Divisional Court
Canadian Energy Law
The Divisional Court released its decision in Ostrander Point GP vs. Prince Edward County Field Naturalists. The case concerned three appeals from a decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal (Tribunal). The Tribunal's decision addressed an appeal of the Ministry of the Environment's (MOE) decision to grant a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) to Ostrander Point GP (Ostrander) to construct nine wind turbines (the Project) on a site known as Ostrander Point, about fifteen kilometres south of Picton, ON. More

S&C Energy Storage System minimizes power outages in remote Canadian community
Renew Grid
Chicago-based S&C Electric, a smart grid and energy storage integration provider, says that its PureWave storage management system in Field, British Columbia, is helping reduce the length and frequency of power outages in the community. According to S&C, the system, which is owned by utility BC Hydro, integrates a 1 MW sodium-sulfur battery bank to the power grid, providing up to seven hours of clean back-up power should the power grid experience a disruption. S&C adds that the system provides peak shaving on a daily basis. More

SDTC looking for Canada's next cleantech innovators
Bio Based Digest
In Canada, STDC announced that on behalf of the Government of Canada, it is looking for the wave of innovative cleantech entrepreneurs. The SD Tech Fund is open for applications until April 16th, 2014. SDTC supports technologies that address the challenges of Clean Air, Soil, Water and Climate Change, including technology solutions focused on these current technology priority areas including response resource development, next generation transporation, resource and energy efficiency, clean energy, agriculture and self sufficiency for Northern and remote communities.More

Application period is open for the 2014 Green Power Leadership Awards
Centre for Resource Solutions
Sponsored by Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Green Power Leadership Awards are competitive awards that recognize outstanding commitments and achievements in the green power marketplace. To apply for the CRS Green Power Leadership Awards in Market Development, submit using our 2014 GPLA Application Form. The application period is open from until Monday, April 7, 2014. If you have any questions, please contact Lucy Harbor at 415-561-2103 or Applications must be accurate, complete, and must address all criteria listed in the form.More

China surpasses U.S. at the top of $15 billion global smart grid market
Renew Grid
Global smart grid investment reached $14.9 billion last year, up from the $14.2 billion recorded in 2012, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). Notably, China finished 2013 as the world's largest smart grid market, exceeding the U.S. in dollar investment for the first time as the North American market continued to slow. BNEF says smart metering accounted for just under half of total smart grid spending worldwide, with distribution automation and other integrated demonstration projects rounding out the total. More

World Bank changes financing model for 4,800-MW Inga 3 hydropower plant
Hydro World
A report from water resources watchdog group International Rivers said the World Bank has switched development of the 4,800-MW Inga 3 hydro-power project from a public sector project to a private one. According to International Rivers, the World Bank withdrew a $73 million International Development Association (IDA) grant that was supposed to have been approved by its board of directors earlier this month. Instead, the World Bank will now work toward a private investment deal via the International Finance Corporation. More

Demansys helping to improve reliability of New York grid
Renew Grid
Smart grid company Demansys Energy has begun operation of a 75 MW aggregate of real-time, demand side resources in New York through a New York Independent System Operator program. Demansys says it is utilizing its proprietary Grid Daemon Platform to aggregate and control the load of commercial and industrial customers in real time in order to provide energy, reserves and regulation to the wholesale markets alongside traditional generation. More