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Mar. 20, 2014

OPA's final recommendations on development of new process to procure large renewable energy projects
Ontario Power Authority
The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) submitted a report to the Minister of Energy that included the OPA's final recommendations on the development of a new process to procure large renewable energy projects. See the LRP Final Recommendations Report. The report builds on the OPA's interim recommendations, provided to the Minister on August 30, 2013, and summarizes the results of the OPA's additional work on the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) program and the feedback received through community engagement activities from December 2013 to February 2014. The report is currently with the Minister of Energy for review and consideration. The OPA plans to host an additional webinar at a later date to discuss the transmission capacity availability for LRP and to answer questions. More

Bruce Power employees invest in company's future
Bruce Power
Bruce Power's innovative employee-ownership program has reached an all-time high with 87 per cent of its 4,100 employees investing their own money into the company. "Since 2001, we have created an innovative public-private partnership at Bruce Power, securing not only $7 billion of private invetsment in public assets, but also creating a unique model that allows for both individual employee and union ownership," said Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power's President and CEO.More

Chiarelli: Natural gas price hike will also hit hydro bills
Toronto Sun
A spike in the price of natural gas this winter could drive up more than just your Enbridge Gas bill. Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli said some of the province's gas-fired electricity generators may be facing higher costs as a result of the spiralling price for natural gas. "The price of gas impacts on the price of electricity, as well," Chiarelli said.More

Hydro Ottawa announces expansion of Chaudiere Falls hydroelectric project
Hydro World
Hydro Ottawa has been awarded a 40-year power purchase agreement that will allow for a 29 MW expansion of the Chaudiere Falls hydroelectric plant. The agreement, authorized by the Ontario Power Authority, will effectively double the hydropower project's capacity to a cumulative output of 58 MW.More

New educational events to demystify high-tech security technology
U.S.-based security manufacturer Southwest Microwave will be bringing its "Perimeter Defense" seminar to Canada this spring, focused on helping Canadian companies learn about new high tech security options. Taking place in Toronto on May 6th, the seminar is designed for owners and operators of generating stations interested in becoming more proficient in the techniques and technologies for protecting against intrusion at generating sites. More

Aboriginal Transmission Fund - community meetings
Ontario Power Authority
The OPA posted the draft rules for the Aboriginal Transmission Fund (ATF) for comment. The comment period will be open until April 18, 2014. In addition to submitting feedback via email or telephone, First Nation and Métis community representatives and interested stakeholders are invited to participate in engagement meetings to provide their comments in person.More

OPA's final recommendations on development of new process to procure large renewable energy projects
Ontario Power Authority
The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) submitted a report to the Minister of Energy that included the OPA's final recommendations on the development of a new process to procure large renewable energy projects. See the LRP Final Recommendations Report. More

How to cut your hydro bill without really trying
Toronto Star
Before Christmas, Ontario Energy minister Bob Chiarelli warned that energy prices are going nowhere but up, and if you don't like your hydro bill, then do something about it. He challenged us to change our behaviour by choosing how much we pay for power under the province's three-tier electricity pricing.More

Alberta should begin phasing out coal
Medicine Hat News
In a recent interview, Premier Alison Redford expressed frustration with Ottawa's foot-dragging on the GHG-regulation file. She has good reason to feel this way because the federal government has shown an appalling lack of political will (to put it mildly) on climate-change abatement.More

Canadian Solar opens microgrid testing facility
Renew Grid
Solar power company Canadian Solar has cut the ribbon on the Canadian Solar Microgrid Testing Centre, in Guelph, ON. According to Canadian Solar, the center, partially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Energy, will focus on microgrid system design and smart grid assessment services. Canadian Solar adds that the center will help facilitate the development of both off-grid and grid-tied microgrid projects.More

Study: Green energy costs 'minimal' for consumers
The Globe and Mail
The cost of green energy has a relatively small impact on residential electricity bills in Ontario, a new study to be released suggests, and that will not change significantly even as renewables take up a bigger portion of power generation. That should be a lesson for other provinces considering the shift to renewables, says the study's sponsor, Environmental Defence Canada, because it shows Ontario's pro-green energy plan is not as costly as some critics claim.More

New hydro station to be built
Bullet News
Twelve Mile Creek will soon be a revenue stream now that the Shickluna Hydro Generating Station has been approved for construction. Minister of the Environment Jim Bradley and Mayor Brian McMullan made the announcement at a ceremony at St. Catharines City Hall. Once up and running, Shickluna will generate 4.2 megawatts of power, enough electricity to supply 4,000 homes. The facility will be built alongside Twelve Mile Creek, just south of the Fourth Avenue Bridge.More

Check out the history of hydroelectricity in the Bay
Bay Today
Discovery North Bay Museum is pleased to present "The History of Hydroelectricity in North Bay" — a historic photo exhibit curated by Jeff Fournier and supported by community partner Ontario Power Generation. The exhibit uses historic photos to detail the origins and expansion of hydroelectricity in the North Bay region. "Many of these photos have never been displayed publicly before this," explains Fournier, OPG's Corporate Relations and Communications officer based in North Bay, ON.More

FERC signs off on coordinated transaction scheduling for PJM and NYISO
Renew Grid
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved tariff revisions for the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and PJM Interconnection that PJM says will help improve scheduling of wholesale electricity sales between the two regions. According to PJM, FERC's approval of coordinated transaction scheduling (CTS) will help enable PJM and NYISO to make more efficient use of the transmission lines that connect the two regions.More

Tidal energy proposal accepted by U.K.'s Planning Inspectorate
Hydro World
An application for a 320 MW tidal energy project in Swansea Bay, South Wales, have been accepted for consideration by the United Kingdom's Planning Inspectorate, developer Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay plc has announced. The group submitted an application for what could become the largest tidal power plant in the world. Acceptance by the Planning Inspectorate means the application meets the required standards to proceed to public examination before being considered by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.More