APPRO PowerBrief
Jun. 12, 2014

Canadian firm gets funding for Dutch wind farm
A Canadian firm says it has raised $3.8 billion to build a major new windmill farm 85 kilometers off the Dutch coast near Germany. Northland Power of Toronto said that the 600 megawatt "Gemini" project should be completed in 2017. That's enough electricity to supply roughly 750,000 Dutch households, if operating at full capacity.More

Doors Open Ottawa: See the power of Chaudière Falls
Ottawa Citizen
The 13th annual Doors Open Ottawa takes place this weekend, providing public tours at 130 buildings throughout the city, many of them normally closed to visitors. Since its inception in 2002, Doors Open Ottawa has welcomed some 700,000 people. Here we take a look at one of the buildings open to the public on Saturday and Sunday — Hydro Ottawa's Chaudière Generating Station No. 2 on Victoria Island — as well as a nearby one that is off-limits — the middle of the ring dam on the Chaudière Falls that diverts water to nearby power stations.More

11 firms to help draft N.S. renewable electricity market rules
Halifax Herald
Eleven energy companies have signed up to help draft the rules to create a renewable electricity market in Nova Scotia. But several of them aren't saying yet whether they plan to get into the retail business.More

Wind farmers, nuclear power generators, natural gas drillers seen as winners with carbon rule
Brandon Sun
We'll increasingly be turning to companies that can help us waste less electricity — and generate cleaner power with nuclear reactors, natural gas-fired plants, wind turbines and solar panels — in response to the Obama Administration's proposed new carbon dioxide limits. The proposed limits will likely help the biggest U.S. natural gas producer, Exxon Mobil, by increasing demand for its fuel, which emits half the carbon dioxide as coal. More

EDF EN Canada, Enbridge announce Blackspring Ridge Wind Project commissioned in AB
EDF EN Canada and Enbridge has announced that the 300 megawatt Blackspring Ridge Wind Project declared commercial operation recently. The Blackspring Ridge Project, located in Vulcan County, Alberta (50 km north of Lethbridge), started construction in May 2013 and is comprised of 166 Vestas V100-1.8 MW wind turbines. With an investment of about $0.6 billion, the project represents the largest investment in wind energy in Western Canada. More than 350 jobs were created during the construction phase with 20 permanent operations and maintenance jobs. More

Europe faces green power curbs to stop grids overloading
Europe's drive toward a power system based on renewable energy has gone so far that output will probably need to be cut within months because of oversupply. Network operators are likely to curb solar and wind generation at times of low demand to prevent overloading the region's 188,000 miles (302,557 kilometers) of power lines, Entso-e, the grid association in Brussels, said.More

Navigant Research forecasts energy capacity growth of advanced batteries for utility-scale energy storage
Tools Foir Green Living
Normally, the electricity grid has functioned mostly without any stored resources. Today, however, the rapid expansion of distributed, renewable energy resources is increasing demand for energy storage on the grid even as technological advances in electrochemistry are enabling advanced batteries to play an increasingly important role in grid management.More

New technology enables electrical cables to store energy
Tools for Green Living
So far electrical cables are used only to transmit electricity. However, nanotechnology scientist and professor Jayan Thomas and his Ph.D. student Zenan Yu have developed a way to both transmit and store electricity in a single lightweight copper wire.More

11 firms to help draft N.S. renewable electricity market rules
Halifax Herald
Eleven energy companies have signed up to help draft the rules to create a renewable electricity market in Nova Scotia. But several of them aren't saying yet whether they plan to get into the retail business.More

Boost Quebec-Ontario hydro trade, experts urge
Toronto Star
It doesn't make sense to sell gasoline for twice as much in some provinces as others, and it doesn't make sense to do it for electricity, a Quebec business professor says. Electricity costs less than 5 cents in Quebec, and more than 10 cents in Ontario, Pierre-Olivier Pineau told a forum organized by York University's Sustainable Energy Initiative.More

Yukon unveils long-term plan for hydroelectric power development
Hydro World
The Yukon government has released a planning directive that calls for the comprehensive investigation of new large-scale hydroelectric power projects in the northwestern territory. Called "Next Generation Hydro for Yukon", the report was prepared in conjunction with the Yukon Development Corporation (YDC) and hopes to create a long-term plan for Yukon's power supply.More

Energy industry players weigh in on new EPA regulations
Renew Grid
Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled its Clean Power Plan, which proposes standards to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. The rules could certainly put more pressure on some power companies and mean less coal, and as expected, reactions among utilities, renewable energy advocates, politicians, and other power industry stakeholders have been mixed.More

Futuristic fuel cells planned for Ramea wind project
NL News Now
Nalcor is pushing ahead with its experimental project in Ramea that has found a way to use hydrogen to store the energy from wind turbines. The Ramea Wind-Hydrogen-Diesel (WHD) Project is starting Phase II, which is slated to last five years. Representatives from Nalcor were in Ramea earlier this month to give presentations to citizens and schoolchildren on the upcoming plans.More

Rising costs of production threaten energy profits, IEA warns
The Globe and Mail
Global energy companies will have to adjust their expectations for profits in order to make the investments needed to meet future world energy demand, the International Energy Agency warns. The capital cost of producing a unit of energy – whether oil, natural gas or power – has doubled since 2000, and continues to rise even as prices for key commodities have flattened out, the Paris-based energy group said in a report.More

Wisconsin Utility on lookout for 600 MW of new power
Renew Grid
As part of the company's strategy of providing more power from cleaner resources and relying less on any single fuel, Alliant Energy's Wisconsin utility has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for up to 600 MW of new capacity. The RFP is requesting that respondents supply up to 600 MW of capacity and energy beginning in 2019, reflecting anticipated retirements of coal units and potential retirements of gas peaking units. More

Austin Energy switches from SunEdison to recurrent for 5-cent solar
Greentech Media
In a surprising move, Austin Energy has closed its negotiations with SunEdison and signed a power purchase agreement for 150 megawatts with Recurrent Energy instead. The new PPA has a term of twenty years, compared to the 25-year term proposed by SunEdison. Recurrent has confirmed that it was "awarded a 150-megawatt contract by Austin Energy" for the largest single solar power plant in Texas, due to be completed in 2016.More