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Jul. 11, 2013

Ontario Power Authority offers 951 Small FIT renewable energy contracts
Canada News Wire
Ontario's clean energy economy continues to grow as the Ontario Power Authority offers 951 new Small Feed-in Tariff (FIT) renewable energy contracts. These contracts represent 146.5 megawatts (MW) of power, enough to power more than 21,000 homes. Over 98 per cent of the successful applications received municipal council support resolutions. Most of these contract offers are for solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, including 934 solar PV projects, 16 bioenergy projects and one waterpower project.More

Ontario Energy Minister announces phase 2 of smart grid funding
Metro News
Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced nearly $36 million is up for grabs for the second phase of funding for provincially-based projects that will strengthen the smart grid electrical system. The $50 million Smart Grid Fund was launched in 2011, but since then only $14.1 million has been handed out to nine projects which have created more than 600 jobs.More

IESO appeals for reduced electricity consumption in Toronto
Canada News Wire
Toronto electricity consumers are being asked to reduce their electricity use in the wake of the severe flooding and power outages that hit many parts of the Toronto and surrounding areas just west of the city. While more than 90 per cent of electricity service has been restored, supply within parts of Toronto remains uncertain given the need to reconfigure the system to work around those major transmission facilities.More

New study concludes nuclear generation is the best investment for Ontario's energy future
Digital Journal
A new detailed analysis concludes that investment in Ontario's nuclear generation capacity will deliver the greatest benefit to Ontario ratepayers and the economy while dramatically reducing future potential greenhouse gas emissions. Ontario is in the middle of a review of its 2010 Long-Term Energy Plan. Many observers have speculated that with slower than forecasted growth in energy demand in Ontario, building out the full capacity contemplated by the LTEP could result in higher than anticipated costs to ratepayers and an unacceptably large surplus of power generation capacity. New decisions on the future supply mix for Ontario may have to be contemplated. More

Statement from Minister of Energy regarding greater Toronto area Storms
Government of Ontario
Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy, released the following statement regarding the greater Toronto-area storms: "After one of the largest storms in the Greater Toronto Area in recent memory, the crews and management of our local distribution companies have worked through the night to restore power to many of our homes and businesses. They were joined by first responders, city and provincial staff. I would like to thank all of them for their hard work and dedication."More

Competition in greater Toronto area helps drive demand for energy efficient homes and upgrades
Toronto Star
Homeowners have become more aware and educated about saving energy. Whether it's driven by comfort or by cost-saving, it's also good for the environment. Canada's homebuilders have embraced energy efficiency as an essential part of meeting customer expectations in a highly competitive marketplace. More

Ontario wind energy approval revoked by tribunal
Electric Light & Power
For the first time, Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal has allowed an appeal of a renewable energy approval. Taking the most activist approach possible, the Tribunal revoked the REA for the proposed wind energy project. While the appeal was determined on specific issues related to the location of the project, the decision highlights the extensive evidence required to support renewable energy development in environmentally sensitive areas. More

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Ontario Energy Minister announces phase 2 of smart grid funding
Metro News
Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced nearly $36 million is up for grabs for the second phase of funding for provincially-based projects that will strengthen the smart grid electrical system.More

Submissions in for Canadian plant
World Nuclear News
The designs under consideration for Darlington are Candu Energy's Enhanced Candu 6 and Westinghouse's AP1000. The detailed submissions, commissioned by OPG, will now undergo a review by OPG and the Ontario ministries of energy.More

Samsung plans final green energy plant
Toronto Star
The last of four manufacturing plants promised under Samsung Renewable Energy's controversial green energy deal with Ontario will open in London, the company says. More

Renewables to beat out natural gas by 2016
North American Wind Power
Power generation from renewable sources worldwide will exceed that from natural gas and be twice that from nuclear by 2016, making renewables the second-largest source of electricity after coal. Despite a difficult economic context, renewable power is expected to increase by 40 per cent by 2016. In fact, renewables are now the fastest-growing power generation sector and will make up almost a quarter of the global power mix by 2018, up from an estimated 20 per cent in 2011.More

University of Maine and partners launch first offshore wind turbine in North America
JEC Composites
The approximately 65 foot tall turbine prototype is 1:8th the scale of a 6 megawatt, 423 foot rotor diameter design. It is the first floating turbine of its kind in the world, using advanced material systems with a unique floating hull and tower design. The program goal is to reduce the cost of offshore wind to compete with other forms of electricity generation with no subsidies.More