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When shrunk to the nanoscale, quasicrystals become plastic. That is the finding of an international team of researchers, which says that its results could potentially widen the material's applications.

source: PhysicsWorld

Entangled Hawking radiation emitted by an analogue black hole has been observed by a physicist in Israel. The experiment simulates the event horizon of a black hole using sound propagation in a Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC).

source: PhysicsWorld

Why the Universe is filled with matter, rather than antimatter, is one of physics’ greatest mysteries. An experiment in Japan has now glimpsed a possible explanation: subatomic particles called neutrinos might behave differently in their matter and antimatter forms....

source: Nature News

Researchers who are looking for new ways to probe the nature of gravity and dark energy in the universe have adopted a new strategy: looking at what’s not there. In a paper to appear in upcoming issue of Physical Review Letters, the international team of astronomers...

source: Astronomy Now

Take your hand and draw it through water in a pool. You can feel resistance—this is hydrodynamic drag. It is the effective force created by the interaction of your body and the water. Swimmers push against water to move forward, and water pushes back to slow them down....

source: WIRED

A provocative paper from 2013 proposed that complex intelligent behaviour may emerge from a fundamentally simple physical process. The theory offers novel prescriptions for how to build an AI — but it also explains how a world-dominating superintelligence might come...

source: Gizmodo


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