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Jan. 15, 2015

Specialty Steel Producers Warn of Crisis Ahead
American Supply Association
The Future of the Specialty Steel Industry in North America is a paper from the Specialty Steel Industry of North America warning against extensive outsourcing of product of crucial importance to our national defense and industrial economy, including specialty tubulars, and calls on political leaders to enforce current trade laws to protect domestic producers of specialty metals. Each month, ASA's Materials Market Digest©, offers members current and qualified market data and analysis on various materials with insight into price-influencing actions. For the full report, log in to your My ASA account at

ASA Education Foundation Announces Board of Trustees for 2015
American Supply Association
Chicago – Jan. 7 - The ASA Education Foundation, the PHCP/Industrial and Mechanical PVF industry's resource for training and education, has announced this year's Board of Trustees, including a new slate of officers. John Mills of WHCI will take the reigns as president. To view the rest of the 2015 Board of Trustees, click here.More

Are You And Your Employees Prepared?
American Supply Association
The water heater efficiency standards set forth by the Department of Energy take effect April 16 and have a significant impact on the distributor and their employees. Understand how the new 2015 Water Heater Energy Efficiency Standards will affect your business, and prepare yourself with the updated Domestic Water Heaters© course that now includes information regarding the 2015 Department Of Energy standards for water heater efficiency. More

NEXT WEEK: Be Sure to Stop by ASA at KBIS
American Supply Association
ASA will be located at Booth# 4082. There will be a "cornhole/bags" game set up, and prizes will be given out for those who succeed in tossing the bag in the hole. Don't worry, there will also be consolation prizes for all participants. So, be sure to stop by ASA's booth to play some games and chat with ASA staff about getting more out of your membership or how to get started.More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: Will XL Oil Pipeline be Passed as New Congress Convenes? (The Desert Sun)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

Can't Afford Employee Training Programs? Think Again
Business on Main via Forbes
During a period of rapid growth two years ago, principals at Modea, a digital advertising agency in Blacksburg, Virginia, realized that they needed a more effective employee onboarding program to get new recruits up to speed quickly. "When you grow fast, you need people to come in and produce quickly," says Aaron Herrington, co-founder of Modea.More

How to Protect Your Facility Floor During Winter
Industrial Distribution
The winter months may be the toughest time of the year for floors. To see why hard-surface floors take such a beating during the winter months, all you need to do is look outside in most areas of the country. Winter is typically when we have the most rain, snow and ice buildup. More

Report Considers Current State and Future Opportunities for Self-Driving Vehicles
DC Velocity
Automated guided vehicles and driverless forklifts have been proving their worth in warehouse operations for some time now. But that's just the tip of the automated-vehicle iceberg when it comes to logistics applications, according to a recent report from DHL.More

The Key Attributes of Supply Chain Leadership
Logistics Viewpoints
Let us look at a few critical projects many supply chain leaders would like to initiate to save money and improve service, but can't, because they can't muster the necessary corporate support.More

White House Outlines Transportation Plan
Supply Chain 24/7
With the population explosion in the South and West expected to continue, while aging infrastructure requires a massive overhaul elsewhere, the Obama administration Jan. 12 began to map out a 30-year framework to meet those needs.More