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Jan. 20, 2011

How to Hold onto Talent When You Can't Afford Raises
American Express OPEN Forum
During the worst of the recession, small company owners didn't have to do much explaining to employees if they kept a lid on raises; it was clear that many businesses were in survival mode. But the mood seems a little less dire this year, even with unemployment at 9.6 percent. For one thing, consumer spending is picking up a bit. Many entrepreneurs and executives realize that with business growth picking up, they need to act now to hold onto their best employees. According to the WorldatWork 2010-2011 Salary Budget Survey, while U.S. employers will offer salary raises averaging 2.5 percent in 2010, they will award high performers average raises of 3.7 percent.More

How Well Do You Know US Manufacturing?
Supply Chain Digest
Supply Chain Digest confesses to liking trivia and quizzes, and so we found a recent quiz on American manufacturing from CFO magazine enjoyable. Below, we reprint those eight questions here, and add two of our own for an even 10. How well did you do?More