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Jan. 29, 2015

Industry Leaders Continue to Drive Success, Growth
American Supply Association
This week, more than 70 volunteer leaders representing ASA's various committees, executive councils and special interest divisions have convened the annual winter meeting to discuss strategic goals and objectives for the near and long term. Strategic planning facilitation is being led by 2015 ASA President Rick Fantham. "This meeting with these industry leaders is always a great opportunity for the volunteers to roll up our sleeves and jump in." Mike Adelizzi, executive vice president, added "Not only did we finalize overall objectives for 2015, but we also facilitated important planning sessions for our IPD, Plumbing, Young Executives and Women in Industry special interest divisions."More

ASA Continues to Give Back
American Supply Association
Mike Adelizzi of ASA presented the Partner of the Year Award to Curt Powell, president of The Presidents Council last week at the 15th Annual Celebration Breakfast benefiting the Storehouse of World Vision. ASA has been a supporter of World Vision for many years and was the recipient of this same award in 2014. The Storehouse of World Vision is a strong partnership between storehouse and corporate partners to bring people and resources together to enhance the well-being of local families and children. If you are interested in helping to get product donations into the hands of families and community organizations in need, contact Mary Garcia at To see what else ASA does to give back, click here.More

ASA Members Report Gains for 2014
American Supply Association
ASA member wholesaler-distributors reported a median sales growth of 9.2% for the month ending December 31, 2014, compared to the same month last year. Calendar year-to-date, all respondents reported a median sales increase of 5.1%, with 3.9% and 5.0% increases in the PHCP and industrial PVF segments, respectively. Across the PHCP, PVF and PHCP-PVF segments, the reported gains range from 1.5 to 10.1%. ASA's Monthly Pulse Report provides a regular snapshot of performance for the PHCP and PVF industry. For each month, the participation deadline for wholesaler-distributor members to submit data is typically on the 8th business day of the following month. The participation deadline for the January 2015 report is February 11.More

Focused on Four Consecutive Years of Growth
American Supply Association
ASA enjoyed its third consecutive year of net membership growth in 2014. According to John Strong, ASA Chairman of the Board, "Our educational programs and all departments continue to be their strongest and getting better each year." Since January 1, seven companies have joined ASA as new members, of which five are wholesaler-distributors and three are part of Omni Corporate Services: Barton Supply, Bond Supply and Hubbard Pipe & Supply. And this week, association staff were in Scottsdale for Omni’s 2015 Spring Conference. "As a whole, Omni members reflect a profile that is true for about half of ASA's 300-plus wholesaler members, which is to say that their best competitors are ASA members," said Chris Murin. "With nearly 340 different wholesalers and manufacturers in attendance, we get to help so many companies jump in and make the most from membership and participation in our industry's national organization. We can't thank enough Bob Hoff and Omni's board of directors for this fantastic opportunity."More

Inventory Management for Distributors
The Distribution Team
This is an opportunity to get your arms around the largest cash asset in the organization. During a two-day session in Chicago, May 7-8, you will be exposed to solid inventory management and operational strategies. This goes way beyond the purchasing and analyzing of inventory trends. We drive the whole process back to net profit. From the decision to buy to the segregation of customers you serve, everything affects the inventory asset. Our job is to open your eyes to the potential bottom line improvement. We guarantee that you will walk away with at least 30 ways to get a better return on your investment. The class is limited to the first 40 participants, so enroll quickly. Save $150 if you register before April 13. REGISTER NOWMore

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: Will Global Commodities Reverse the Crunch of 2014 Final Quarter? (The Desert Sun)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

The Most Effective Training Techniques
Training Today
There are numerous methods and materials available to help you prepare and equip employees to better do their jobs. Indeed, with so many choices out there, it can be daunting to determine which methods to use and when to use them. And using several methods for each training session may actually be the most effective way to help employees learn and retain information.More

The State of Women in the Supply Chain
Industrial Distribution
The labor shortage in the supply chain and manufacturing industries has been well-documented, and increasingly as that shortage continues to grow. Corrie Banks and Kleo Landucci, executives at logistics services providing companies, can't stress enough how they'd like to see fellow females continue to enter the supply chain workforce and break the stereotype of it being "a man's world." Check out ASA's Women In Industry Division.More

Employing a Staffing Service at Your Warehouse
Ken Ackerman
Using staffing-service employees is one way to hedge the risk that warehouse employers will be sanctioned for noncompliance with government regulations regarding employment. For this reason, the use of staffing services in warehousing will experience steady growth in the coming decade. Regardless of politics, it seems likely that governments will expand their role in defining and limiting the use of human resources.More