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Feb. 4, 2016

Do What You Do Best; Seek Help from the Best for the Other Things!
American Supply Association
One of the most compelling value propositions our industry provides the marketplace is our focus on doing "distribution" very well. We have the right products our customers need and deliver them to the right locations when they need them. We carry the inventory on our balance sheets so they don’t have to. And, we're good at it. In order to do it well and continue to do it better, we rely on partners to help us with other business functions so we don't have to be good at everything. We ask experts in financial auditing, legal, wellness, fleet management, insurance, payroll, etc. to assist us. Employee training and talent development is no different. Why not get the help you need from an industry-recognized expert to proactively build the best plan? The ASA-U Advisory Service can guide your organization with a best-in-class approach to developing your staff for your talent needs of tomorrow; so you can continue to do what you do best. More

Gains to be Made from Low Commodity Prices
ASA Advisor©
Analysts with ITR EconomicsTM expect commodity prices will remain low in 2016. For manufacturers, this will mean input costs will not be a pressure point on profit margins. Consider locking in costs as we approach the second half of 2016.

For distributors, lower prices from suppliers may allow you to compete on price to secure greater market share from competitors without sacrificing margins. Be aware, however, that wages are still rising and additional labor needs in 2016 will cost more than in 2015. Look for ways to automate or increase efficiencies to keep labor costs in check.

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Two of the Fastest Growing Groups in ASA
American Supply Association
In 2015, ASA's Women in Industry (WII) and Young Executives (YE) Divisions reached new heights. Attendance for both the WII and YE Division Spring Conferences shattered previous year’s records. The divisions continue to be ASA’s fastest growing and the "buzz" of the industry. Women In Industry gives an opportunity to make unique connections with those involved in similar experiences and career paths, as well as learn skills in order to reach and "go beyond" their potential. The Young Executives provide a forum for the industry’s future leaders to build key relationships and to work together. Plan on attending the Women In Industry Spring Conference (April 27-29 in Chicago) and the YE Spring Forum (May23-25 in Memphis).More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: Commodity Price Plunge Threatens Developing Nations (USA Today)

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Developing an Effective Employee Training Program
Houston Chronicle
Developing an effective employee training program is vital to the long-term success of any business. Training programs provide multiple benefits for employees and the company, but only if they are carefully planned and properly implemented. Clear understanding of policies, job functions, goals and company philosophy lead to increased motivation, morale and productivity for employees, and higher profits for your business.

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