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Mar. 09, 2017

Mandate or Tax Credits for Line Pipe Buyers?
ASA Materials Market Digest©
President Trump’s call for domestic product in U.S. pipelines has caused a lot of chatter in the energy tubulars marketplace. Some players noted a bit of panic selling by importers in response. Realists say that domestic capacity may not be up to the challenge, and so in the end, line pipe buyers may end up with tax credits rather than a mandate to buy U.S.-made product. Visit MY ASA for the latest and archived installments of ASA’s Materials Market Digest©.More

Mexico — 2017 & Beyond
ASA Advisor©
2017 promises to be an interesting year for the future of U.S.-Mexico trade relations, especially as recent developments make the short term outlook decidedly murky. According to Connor Lokar at ITR Economics, the foundational pieces supporting Mexican economic growth of the previous few years, be they geographic, from its own prudent economic policies or weakening rivals across the Pacific, suggest manufacturers should not count out Mexico in the long term as the country’s economic prospects appear hearty enough to sustain temporary political headwinds from the U.S. Log in to MY ASA to access ASA’s latest macroeconomic forecast report for the PHCP-PVF industry.More

It's Time to Reach Out to Your Future Workforce
American Supply Association
In 2017, finding, hiring and retaining millennials remains a very important topic. ASA’s work continues in this area by communicating, each month, with guidance counselors at high schools, colleges and trade schools as they look for employment opportunities for their students. ASA has identified career events across the country that give companies in the industry a chance to get in front of future job seekers to show them the successful careers they can have. These efforts are more likely to succeed with companies volunteering to talk to these students. FIND AN EVENT NEAR YOUMore

Supply House Times Premier 150 Survey
Supply House Times
It is the time of year for ASA members to participate in Supply House Times' 2017 Premier 150 Rankings Survey. The annual PHCP survey ranks the top plumbing, heating, cooling and piping wholesaler-distributors by their reported sales for the past year. The deadline to complete the survey is Thursday, March 23. Please click on the link above to participate or contact Mike Miazga at Supply House Times for more information. Take the survey.More

New SharkBite Courses

ASA-U is excited to release two new manufacturer specific courses from SharkBite! In the first course, How to Fix Copper Pipe with SharkBite, see how to repair copper (or CPVC) pipe leaks permanently without any soldering by using SharkBite products. In the second course, How to Repair Burst Pipe with SharkBite, learn how to easily repair burst or frozen pipes and make quick and permanent repairs to damaged pipes with SharkBite products. Check out both courses here, and earn your $2 BlueBucks per course now!More

The Revenue Growth Habit — Family Business
American Supply Association
“I keep telling the sales people to pick up the phone. Did you know our system tracks how much time everyone spends on the phone? So I took a look at the log. Guess the average number of hours they spend on the phone, per week... Four hours! Our average inside and outside sales person spends four hours per day on the phone.” Speaking at the 2017 Spring Forum, Alex Goldfayn will cover common topics like this and will focus on growing your company’s revenue with simple, powerful, no-cost communications techniques. Read Alex’s full article and sign up for the Spring Forum today!More

Increase Your Impact
American Supply Association
Get the most out of every customer interaction. Equip sales team members with knowledge on products and strategies for customer engagement. Define the path to account development and sales success by signing up for one of ASA-U's Role-Based Training Tracks. Product-specific training and strategies help advance your sales numbers - no matter the role. Industry-specific Role-Based Training allows sales staff to learn, adapt and grow for professional advancement and to boost company sales. Provide each member of your sales team with knowledge and confidence with a range of products for your customer situations. LEARN MOREMore

WII 2017 Spring Conference — Early Bird Rates End Tomorrow
American Supply Association
This year's conference offers more networking opportunities than ever before. From connecting with new friends, finding synergies with women working in the same industry segment, or learning best practices from those in the same role, we've packed the conference with a multitude of ways to meet and learn from your peers. As a way to further expand your network, students, professors, and advisors from Texas A&M's Society of Women in Industrial Distribution will be participating in the conference. They'll share their future expectations and be mentored by our group. We look forward to seeing you in Austin! REGISTER NOW More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss
American Supply Association
This week's news: Did Recent Electoral College Widen Internal U.S. Rift?

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to The Beschloss Perspective for a full archive of past articles.More

7 Ways to Improve Employee Development Programs
Harvard Business Review
Making the right investments in learning and development programs has never been more important – or more of a challenge – for business leaders. Unfortunately, despite spending approximately $164.2 billion dollars on learning and development programs, many executives still grapple with how to improve and enhance their effectiveness. As research shows, the need to revamp and improve learning programs is an important concern among HR executives.

Want help developing your own training program? Go to ASA-U Advisory Service today for more information.More