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Mar. 19, 2015

Network2015 — Where the Industry Meets
American Supply Association
Network2015 brings together owners and decision-makers from wholesaler-distributors, manufacturers, independent reps, vendors and professional leaders in our industry to network and find solutions through quality educational sessions. Network2015 has again packed the agenda to maximize your time, solidify existing relationships and build new industry connections. This year's event has doubled the educational sessions to provide you with more take-aways to implement immediately. Register now to take advantage of early bird rate and to see the exciting plans we have in store for you Oct. 27 – 29 in Chicago. Advance Your Ability by clicking here for full program information.More

ASA Members Report a Tale of Two Segments
American Supply Association
ASA member wholesaler-distributors reported a median sales growth of 6.2% for the month ending Feb. 28, compared to the same month last year. Calendar year-to-date, all respondents reported a median sales increase of 4.4%; however, respondents in the industrial PVF segment reported a 5.9% decrease. The median increase for the trailing 12 months is 6.3% for all respondents. ASA's Monthly Pulse Report provides a regular snapshot of performance for the PHCP and PVF industry. For each month, the participation deadline for wholesaler-distributor members to submit data is typically on the 8th business day of the following month. The participation deadline for the March 2015 report is April 10. PRESS RELEASEMore

Building Change Intelligence and Team Building in Tough Times
American Supply Association
Change is both a mindset and a behavior issue and there is a formula that creates lasting benefits. Learn about your leadership style and how to adapt it to facilitate even stronger working relationships and to build even more effective teams. During this one-day seminar on April 23 in Chicago, led by Barbara Trautlein, Ph.D., you will learn how to build a better team with a mindset to laser focus on vision, strategy, working together and a sharper skillset. Trautlein is a leading authority on change leadership and the author of Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks, and creator of the CQ/Change Intelligence System. REGISTER NOWMore

Ownership Succession Planning — The Future of Your Business
American Supply Association
Join us as we hear from an industry expert on how to tackle ownership transition and related liquidity issues that face every business owner. Do you know the pros and cons of alternative exit strategies? This session, on April 27 in Chicago, will provide key takeaways for you – such as questions to ask yourself and your management team, selling your business to a third party or internal sale as well as the right time sell from a valuation standpoint. Speaking on the topic, Robert Gross provides more than three decades of experience engaged solely in valuation, ownership transition, capital management, financial transactions and more. REGISTER NOWMore

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: Is 'Buy American' Regaining its Manufacturing Sector Footing? (The Desert Sun)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

Finding Quality Employees for Your Business
Chicago Tribune
You started a business, attracted customers and maybe even got funding to grow. When it all becomes too much to handle on your own, it's time to hire employees. Almost 6 million of the 28 million small businesses in the United States hire employees, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.More

Female Leadership Correlates with Higher ROE, ROS and ROI
The 2013 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey estimated there were more than 316 million Americans in 2012. Women have become an integral part of American companies. The inclusion of women on corporate boards appears to correlate with better performance. The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women's Representation on Boards compared the performance of companies which included the most women on their boards to those with fewest by measuring return on equity, return on sales, and return on invested capital. Companies with more women sitting on their boards had, on average, 53 percent higher ROE, 42 percent higher ROS and 66 percent higher ROI. Learn more about ASA's Women in Industry Division, its annual Spring Conference and 2015 webinar series.More

The Business Case for Forklifts Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells
By Piyush Bakshi
Hydrogen fuel cells as a source of power have piqued the interest of the distribution and warehousing sector. The energy is renewable and sustainable, and it offers a viable alternative to lead-acid batteries for powering forklifts. Federal government tax credits to promote the growth of fuel cells may have come to an end, but this in no way seems to have affected the rate at which the technology is being accepted.More

Carriers are Back in the Driver's Seat
For years shippers have held the upper hand at the negotiation table. This has led carriers to focus on reducing rates, while at the same time working to improve service. However, the pendulum as now swung in favor of the carriers, leaving some shippers flat-footed. Three significant trends will keep the carriers in the driver's seat.More