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Mar. 30, 2017

ASA President: The Power of Networking
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There is nothing more important to the success of a company than experience. The experience that comes from learning from success and failures of the owners and key employees who risk everything to build a business is the most important factor in building a profitable company. The only other thing that comes close is the ability to learn from the successes and failures of peers. Through the power of networking, business leaders can share experiences and learn valuable lessons from other business leaders. Networking with noncompetitive peers has been an important benefit from belonging to a buying group or a leadership group. More

Make Your Move™
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Lock in variable interest rates, wages, supplier contracts and lease terms to avoid paying higher prices throughout 2017 and 2018 as inflationary pressures rise from both the industrial and consumer sides of the economy. Log in to MY ASA, to access ASA’s latest macroeconomic forecast report for the PHCP-PVF industry.More

Get Ready for Change with Jon Acuff
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NETWORK2017 brings you educational programs, top speakers and strategies for Building Your Bottom Line. You don’t want to miss out. Register today to hear New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff talk about the four seasons of change in your business. Change is coming for all of us. Get ready. Get working. Get stuck-proof! Jon is a public speaker and blogger featured regularly on CNN, Fox News and other national media outlets. Register now to take advantage of the early bird savings and to see the exciting plans we have in store for you October 11-13 in Nashville.More

AFL-CIO Ready to Sue If Trump Waters Down Overtime Regulations
The AFL-CIO will sue if the Department of Labor tries to water down a boost in overtime eligibility put in place by the Obama administration, the chief of the labor federation said in an interview. “Anything that dilutes it is bad,” AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka said in his Washington office. Taking Obama’s overtime expansion away from even one worker could have devastating consequences, he said. "Think about the effect that it’d have on that person’s family, their lives.” More

New Courses from Watts!

ASA-U is excited to announce the addition of Watts Water Technologies training in ASA-U Online! Log in or create an account to check out their courses, listed below, all FREE to ASA Member Distributors and Member Reps! Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about Watt’s specific product lines.


At the Spring Forum, you will:
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Has "Training" Been On Your To Do List For A While Now?
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We know. And, you’re not alone. ASA hears from its members that they know they need to do more training. But all too often, the reason they don’t do it is because they don’t know where to start. That’s where ASA-U Advisory Service can help. We have experts in training and development ready to help you get started. We can come to your business to assess what learning content your team member’s need that will directly impact their performance. No guesswork. And, no more excuses in putting it off. To take the first step, click here.More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss
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This week's news: Which Economies Will Be 2017 Winners and Losers?

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to The Beschloss Perspective for a full archive of past articles.More

Train Your Employees And Increase Your Bottom Line
As chief people officer of a literature and education materials company, my team and I have always made training a priority. But not long ago, we realized that we couldn’t just talk about training – we had to put a plan into action. We remodeled the small closet we were using for employee training, invested in technology, hired a full-time employee to manage our programs, and expanded our training both internally and externally. And we invest annually to ensure our employees have all the training they need to not only advance in their careers but also represent our culture and outstanding customer service.

Want help developing your own training program? Go to ASA-U Advisory Service today for more information.More