ASA Insights
Apr. 3, 2014

FOX NFL's Jimmy Johnson to Headline NetworkASA 2014
American Supply Association
Headlining NetworkASA 2014 Ability: Adapt, Grow, Succeed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas Sept. 9-11 is FOX NFL studio analyst, two-time Super Bowl champion coach and NCAA Division I National Championship coach Jimmy Johnson, speaker at this year's A.O. Smith Future Trends Luncheon. Joining Johnson on the agenda is former Seal Team Six leader Robert O'Neill, this year's speaker at the Plumbing Industry Educational Forum and Breakfast, brought to you by Kohler. Along with all of the great networking opportunities and camaraderie that come along with NetworkASA, also take into consideration that 14.5 billion in annual distributor sales will be represented. Need more reasons to attend? Click here for an online brochure outlining all program details.More

Share and Compare: ASA OPR Offers Greatest Insight
American Supply Association
Many companies use ratio comparatives to discover strengths and weaknesses. However, these tools are used only for performance measurement and not to provide remedies to financial problems. It is the use to which you put these ratios that will determine their real value. For more than 30 years, participating ASA members have been putting ratio comparatives to use through the association's annual Operating Performance Report. Companies that participate in the OPR receive details of survey results in primary business segments in all of the PHCP and PVF industries. Participation is now open for the 2014 ASA OPR. Please contact Chris Murin at 630-467-0000, ext. 204, for more information. Participate in the survey now.More

WSA Elects New Officers
Western Suppliers Association
Western Suppliers Association is pleased to announce the election of officers for 2014-2015.More

Beschloss: Looking Into the Future of Fracking
Supply House Times
Although hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has engendered the possibility of shale-produced oil and natural gas, vaulting the United States into the world's No. 1 spot in fossil-fuel production (oil, coal, natural gas), prestigious financial weekly Barron's now estimates up to $1 trillion in capital-goods spending will be generated to make this happen by 2025.More

Pay-If-Paid Clauses: An Attempt to Shift the Risk of Nonpayment
By Nate Budde
Pay-when-paid and pay-if-paid clauses are pretty common in the construction industry. So what do they actually do, how effective are they, and how did they come about? This article will attempt to provide some answers to those questions. But before pay-when-paid and pay-if-paid clauses are discussed specifically, the background of the issue giving rise to these clauses should be discussed. Getting paid is hard, and getting paid in the construction industry is even harder than in most others. There are a lot of reasons for this, and pay-when-paid and pay-if-paid clauses are only the tip of the iceberg.More

MAPI Quarterly U.S. Industrial Outlook: A Pause Before an Acceleration
Modern Materials Handling
A number of key factors indicate that manufacturing has potential for solid growth through 2015, according to the quarterly Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation U.S. Industrial Outlook, a report that analyzes 27 major industries. Manufacturing industrial production increased at a 4.7% annual rate during the fourth quarter of 2013 before flattening out in the first quarter of 2014.More

How to Best Leverage Advisers for Your Business: Part II
By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA
Savvy manufacturers typically expand their businesses by adding employees, making additional investments and creating new products or services. These additional steps to increase profitability also increase the complexity of their businesses — and for the owners, their personal financial planning. This complexity necessitates a team of advisers for assistance. In part I of this article, I discussed why a successful manufacturing business needs a team of knowledgeable and diverse advisers. Here, I will explain the roles of three key outside advisers who may impact the financials and protection of the business.More