ASA Insights
April 7, 2011

Supplier Partner Update
American Supply Association

ASA is pleased to announce that Delta and Milwaukee Valve have joined the ASA Supplier Partnership program! Delta has joined as a Silver Level participant and Milwaukee Valve has joined as a Bronze Level participant. ASA is proud to present a sponsorship program designed to better recognize the year-round support that sponsorships provide to the association. Each opportunity provides ASA with income that funds a specific event, as well as many other areas that are crucial to successful programming throughout the year. Please contact Ruth Mitchell at 312-464-0090, ext. 210, or at to see what membership in the ASA Supplier Partnership program can do for your company.More

1099 Repeal Passes in Congress
American Supply Association
The Senate on Tuesday voted 87-12 to repeal a much-hated provision in the health care law that required businesses to file 1099 tax forms for purchases over $600. Democrats and Republicans agreed that compliance would be too burdensome for businesses, but it took nearly 10 months for them to find an acceptable way to cover the $22 billion cost of repealing the 1099 requirement. "It's a senseless provision that really had no value," bill sponsor Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., said after the vote. The bill now is headed to President Barack Obama's desk. The president has said that he does not like Congress' method of covering the repeal cost, but he did not threaten a veto. Click here to see an April 4 letter supporting the provision's repeal, which was signed by ASA and other members of the Small Business Coalition for Affordable Healthcare.More

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Essentials of How Wholesaler-distributors Make Money©
American Supply Association
An ideal refresher for all seasoned team members as well as new hires, Essentials of How Wholesaler-distributors Make Money© provides a concise explanation of how a wholesaler-distributor makes money and how that money is spent. This 20-minute course covers the importance of profit to your company and the role the employee plays in keeping a company healthy. Key terms such as gross margin, gross margin dollars and mark-up are explained, and interactive calculators fully illustrate these concepts. Available in ASAU Online.More

ASA Meets With WIT Buying Group Members
American Supply Association
Last week, ASA and ASA Education Foundation staff met with more than 40 wholesaler-distributors and manufacturers at the WIT buying group's 2011 Distributor/Vendor Conference in Dallas. "This year's conference afforded ASA a tremendous opportunity to meet face to face with members and prospective members," according to Mike Adelizzi, ASA's executive vice president. "When you look at everything that ASA has accomplished in the past year, our volunteer leaders, including a number of WIT members, are fully engaged, and membership presents wholesalers and vendors alike with tremendous value." See for yourself: Click here for a copy of ASA's 2010 Year in Review.More

ASA Safety Recognition Award Applications Available
American Supply Association
ASA's Safety Committee recently announced that the association currently is seeking nominations for new industry safety recognition awards. These awards will help to elevate awareness of the importance of safety in all aspects of the PHCP and PVF industry, and also will recognize the ASA members that have the lowest incident rate of non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses. Awards will be based on the previous year's OSHA 300A data, and will be presented in both manufacturer and wholesaler categories. There will be three levels of awards in each category based on total number of man-hours reported. Awards will be presented during NeworkASA 2011 at the ASA Annual Meeting & Member Lunch, to be held Sept. 14 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Award application forms currently are being distributed to ASA membership and can also be accessed by clicking here.More

Former ASA Board Member Kramer Passes
American Supply Association/The Plain Dealer
Julius Kramer, former president of the Ohio Sanitary Supply Co. in Cleveland, passed away April 3 at the age of 94. Kramer was one of the founding members of Tri-State Distributors Association in the 1970s. TSDA eventually expanded to become Central Wholesalers Association, and later merged with Michigan Association of Distributors to become North Central Wholesalers Association. In 1981-1982, Kramer served as president of the Central Wholesalers Association and was a member of the ASA Board of Directors.More

Industry Group: US Needs to Build Skilled Workforce
"The Roadmap to Education Reform for Manufacturing", presented by The Manufacturing Institute on March 31, lays out six principles for innovative reform, including moving to competency-based education; establishing and expanding industry-education partnerships; infusing technology "lean" to reduce education costs; and, expanding successful youth development programs. "These principles can and should be readily applied in current federal and state legislative and budget deliberations," said Emily DeRocco, president of The Manufacturing Institute, which is part of the National Association of Manufacturers. "Building an educated and skilled workforce is one of the most significant actions we can take to ensure U.S. leadership in manufacturing."More

US Manufacturers Look to Bring Operations Back Onshore
Supply Management
The majority of U.S. manufacturing executives are considering switching the location of their suppliers and plants, reversing the trend of locating operations offshore. Research by Accenture found 61 percent of the manufacturing executives surveyed — of which 90 percent are based in the U.S. — are considering shifting their manufacturing operations to be closer to where demand for their goods and services is highest. Meanwhile, 59 percent said they actively are searching for new suppliers. The consultancy said this was a reversal of the trend of the past 10 years that has seen companies relocating their manufacturing and distribution operations to lower-cost countries or regions.More

Shareholders, SEC, Suppliers All Help Drive Sustainabilty
MIT Sloan Management Review
Why do some businesses embrace sustainability-driven management more than others? At Ford Motor Co., part of the push is coming from shareholders. In turn, Ford pushes some of its own suppliers. "It's important for companies to monitor, measure and manage their sustainability performance for their own purposes, but also because shareholders are increasingly asking them to do so," wrote Abby Joseph Cohen, senior investment strategist and president of the Global Markets Institute at Goldman Sachs, in the Ford Motor Co. Sustainability Report 2009/10.More