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Apr. 07, 2016

Strongest February Since 2003
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ASA wholesaler-distributor member sales experienced the strongest February on record, according to data going back to 2003 from ITR Economics™, rising 17.2% above January’s level. Typically, February sales are 7.8% above January. The strong February helped lift sales over the past 12 months to 4.1% growth year-over-year. These gains are in-line with analysts’ expectations of accelerating sales this year for ASA wholesaler-distributor members. Primarily, the gains will come from the residential market as many commercial construction markets are exhibiting weakness, with the exception to this being the Southwest Region. Consider expanding credit to reliable customers in order to capture additional sales this year.

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Former CIA and NSA Director Among Network2016 Headline Speakers
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In a dangerous and unpredictable world, the geopolitical situation is constantly changing. General Michael Hayden is a retired four-star general who served as director of the CIA and the NSA when the course of world events was changing rapidly. As head of the country’s premier intelligence agencies, he was on the frontline of global change, the war on terrorism and the growing cyber challenge. At the AO Smith Future Trends Lunch on Friday, September 30 at NETWORK2016 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, Hayden will deliver a compelling presentation about the world today; dissecting political situations in hot spots around the world, analyzing the tumultuous global environment and what it means for America and American interests. The NETWORK2016 hotel room block is filling up quickly, so please REGISTER NOW and book your rooms as soon as possible to insure your firm’s attendance at the industry’s premier networking and educational event.More

WinWater Represents Industry at Local Career Fair
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Earlier this week, Scott Wilson with Kansas City WinWater utilized ASA’s Career Day Kit at a local career fair at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri. At the event, Wilson hosted a booth and explained the unlimited opportunities that are available in the PHCP-PVF industry. He was also given a chance to speak on stage in front of nearly 100 students, describing what it’s like work for an ASA member in a strong industry. Take advantage of ASA’s Career Resources, which have everything you need to effectively recruit the next generation of employees. ORDER YOUR KIT TODAYMore

Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Employees to Finish Their Training Courses?
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Check out this new document from ASA University, which provides Best Practices on organizations that provide incentives for their employees to successfully complete Training courses. While one size does not fit all, perhaps iterations of these may begin the discussion at your organization. LEARN MOREMore

Small Country, Big Ambition
ASA Materials Market Digest©
Believe it or not, it’s Luxembourg that has decided to jump-start asteroid mining. In early February, its government announced that it would invest sovereign wealth in R&D and, later, directly in space-mining companies, like U.S.-based Deep Space Industries, which is already exploring the feasibility of profitably mining asteroids for precious metals. Luxembourg already is home to SES. The company operates a fleet of commercial satellites and is one of the biggest financial backs of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which builds spacecraft to supply the International Space Station and has targeted the colonization of Mars as a long-term goal. Visit MY ASA for the April installment of ASA’s Materials Market Digest©.More

Dirk Explains the Importance of the YE Spring Forum
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With only two weeks left to register for the Spring Forum in Memphis, Dirk Beveridge goes more in depth about his educational session in May. ASA's Young Executives (YE) Division is dedicated to preparing your company's future leaders to face our industry's challenges. Respected industry veterans frequently say the ongoing learning and education enhanced by peer-to-peer relationships, forged at industry programs, are key to their success and profitability. REGISTER NOWMore

Time to Check Your Pulse
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Each month, ASA partners with Industry Insights and ITR Economics to compile data from wholesaler members that provides a snapshot on industry performance as well as how it relates to the broader economy. The value of this report is directly related to the number of wholesaler firms that contribute data each month - the greater the number of respondents, the more comprehensive and useful is the report and accompanying analysis. The participation deadline for wholesaler members to submit data for the March report is April 12th. Learn more about this FREE and EXCLUSIVE benefit that ASA members frequently use when making key decisions.More

Leadership & Management Training
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Still Time to Register for the Finance Council Meeting
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Mergers and acquisitions are an evolving process in the industry. You don’t have to enter into this process unsure of your responsibilities; we have resources to assist you. Please join the Finance Peer Networking Council in Chicago on Monday, April 25th as we discuss: The Role of Business Valuation in the M&A Process. This program will be led by industry experts from Prairie Capital Advisors to lead you through the valuation approach. You will learn how to prepare your company, set goals and objectives and gain a better understanding of the various roles and responsibilities. REGISTER NOW

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What a Refrigerator Taught Me about Inventory Management
Industrial Distribution
I learned some lessons recently about good inventory management. And not in the conventional way. You see, my wife and I have six sons, and for a period of time, four of them were teenagers. If you have teens, perhaps you can imagine what our pantry and our refrigerator looked like in our attempt to feed four teens as well as the other four people in our home. We tried to be fully stocked as best as we could. A recent peek into my mom’s refrigerator, who lives by herself and was about to leave on a vacation, gave me some instant lessons on inventory. More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
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This week's news: US Oil Exports May Surge Globally (The Desert Sun)

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7 Steps to Develop an Effective Employee Training Program
Business Bee
Operating a business with employees who have the skills and knowledge to stay productive is dependent upon a few factors. One of the biggest is developing and implementing a successful training program that nurtures employees and capitalizes on their talents. Here are seven tips and guidelines to create an efficient workforce and keep your business functioning at a high level.

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