ASA Insights
Apr. 10, 2014

ASA Members Take on 'Showrooming' Battle in Washington
The Hill
For today's plumbing wholesaler, specifically those that have retail and showroom components, the blending of the traditional and online marketplace has become the new reality of 21st century commerce. We have proactively prepared ourselves for the arrival of our online-only competitors, often by reminding ourselves that at the end of the day, we're an industry reliant on personal relationships, which cannot be easily achieved online.More

REGISTER NOW to be Part of $14.5 Billion in Annual Distributor Sales
American Supply Association
Ability: Adapt, Grow, Succeed is the theme for this year's annual ASA convention, NetworkASA 2014, to be held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas from Sept. 9-11. With the usual great networking and educational opportunities as well as headline speakers including FOX NFL's Jimmy Johnson, former Seal Team Six leader Robert O'Neill and $14.5 billion in annual distributor sales in attendance — will you be there? Event registration brochures were recently mailed. Click here for complete event registration information and contact Ruth Mitchell at 630-467-0000, ext. 210, or at for more details.More

LAST CALL: WANE to Host Spring Networking Receptions Next Week
The Wholesalers Association of the Northeast (WANE) will host All-Industry Networking Receptions at two locations throughout the region next week:

For complete reception details, visit the WANE website. Please RSVP 72 hours prior to each event.More

Embracing Innovation: Video
As business leaders we are often pulled between managing the business for today, and innovating for the future. As PHCP and PVF distributors continue to serve their current markets, it's important to look to the future while not disrupting your current business. In this three-minute Supply House Times video, Mike Miazga uncovers three key tips to help you embrace innovation for today and tomorrow.More

Beschloss: Climatological Purity Versus Strong Economic Growth — Which Will Win Out?
The Desert Sun
When envisioning America's full utilization of its economic potential, an increasingly clearer future revelation envisions a growing confrontation between a nation emerging as the world's undisputed economic superpower versus the formidable population component committed to climatological purity.More

Manufacturing Employment Dropped by 1,000 in March; Revisions Add 15,000 to January and February
Manufacturing employment dropped by 1,000 in March, its first monthly decline in eight months. While this was disappointing, the good news was that manufacturers added 15,000 workers more than previously estimated in January and February, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics revisions.More

Construction March Jobless Rate Falls as Industry Adds 19,000 Jobs
Engineering News-Record
Construction's unemployment rate continues to head in a positive direction, improving to 11.3% in March from February's 12.8% as the industry gained 19,000 jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics' latest monthly employment report also showed that construction's jobless rate last month was markedly better than its March 2013 level of 14.7%.More

Three Exciting New Corrosion Technologies in Development
By Denise Gabbard
The latest technologies in corrosion prevention — hot-dip galvanizing, anodic protection and nanotechnology — are successfully combating harsh environmental conditions and leading to longer usable service lives and increased safety. These technologies are being used across the world for automobiles, storage tanks, bridges, large transport vehicles and work machinery. Here is a look at some recent research in each area.More