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Apr. 16, 2015

Why the Best Competitors are ASA Members
American Supply Association
Recently announced acquisitions, i.e. Plumb Supply Co. purchasing Riback Supply and Security Supply joining WinWholesale, are certainly an indication that ASA members are the best competitors. The answer as to why is because ASA and its growing number of members share a common goal to be the most profitable and sustainable when delivering supply chain efficiency in a changing market place. Critical for this to happen is to hire and retain the very best employees, which is why ASA and its members share another long-range, strategic goal for employees to be the best trained, best educated and most professional in the industry. The 2014 Year in Review highlights so much about what members value most from their support and participation as well as the national organization’s key accomplishments for the industry. Not a member but ready to join, LEARN MORE.More

ASA University Now Offers FREE Manufacturer Training
American Supply Association
ASA University is providing Manufacturer training free to ASA's Distributor Members only! Just log in to ASA University and pick the Manufacturer training that is right for you – For FREE! Currently we have training from InSinkErator, IPS Corporation and Sloan with more to come soon. View the courses now!More

Energy Commission Approves Water Appliance Standards to Save More Than 100 Billion Gallons Per Year
American Supply Association
Due to the severity of California's drought, the state's experts have been managing water resources to deal with the effects of the drought and prepare for the next one. As part of the solution, the California Energy Commission approved standards for water appliances which will save more than 10 billion gallons of water in the first year. Over time, the water savings is estimated to reach 105 billion gallons per year - a savings of more than three times the annual amount of water used by the City of San Francisco. More

Lead Wisely
American Supply Association
For more than 30 years, ASA's annual Operating Performance Report has been a customized, easy-to-understand and actionable solution that helps owners and managers to quickly evaluate operating results, identify profit leaks and measure employees' productivity. One reason why is because the OPR helps you find clarity in a sometimes overwhelming sea of information. Participating wholesalers need to submit data by June 5 and can expect to receive their company-customized and full-industry reports on or before July 10, because they will be made available electronically in both PDF and XLS formats. LEARN MOREMore

Oil Drilling is Down but Production Rises
ASA Materials Market Digest©
Even though oil drilling is down by almost half from its peak of last year, total U.S. crude oil production hit a new high in early March. While many shale oil producers have stopped drilling, they have focused on boosting production in their best oil fields and also cut back spending on drilling by $50 billion. A new strategy that has emerged is to drill wells but hold off on fracking until oil prices rise, enabling producers to respond rapidly when market conditions improve and increase supply almost immediately. Log in to MY ASA for the full story — and more — in the March installment of ASA's Materials Market Digest©.More

Recognizing Volunteer Leadership
American Supply Association
According to Points of Light, the world's largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, "National Volunteer Week is about taking action and encouraging individuals and their respective communities to be at the center of social change — discovering and actively demonstrating their collective power to make a difference." With that being said, we cannot forget about the volunteer leaders within ASA that help drive everything the organization is doing for its member companies and the industry. While some may be competitors of one another, the volunteer leaders work together to maintain focus on the best interest of the national association and its long-term ability to lead our industry. 2015 Volunteer Leadership of ASAMore

At Network2015, Peak into the Future
American Supply Association
Everyone wants to know, what is the short- and long-term global economic forecast? How will it affect your geographic location? What is the inflation outlook? How will the economy affect business overall as well as the PHCP-PVF Industry? Attend Network2015 to hear from Brian Beaulieu, ITR Economics, one of the country's most informed economists that will provide attendees with an outlook on 2016. Beaulieu's outlook on inflation is consistently sought after and is as accurate as what can be found. Advance your ability by attending and understand his outlooks and updates from forecasting, inflation and economic growth that will help you stay ahead of the trends. For more information and to stay connected, visit

2015 Distribution & Manufacturing Software Guides Now Available
American Supply Association
In partnership with St. Louis-based Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group, ASA has released two software guides for 2015. The 25th Edition of the Distribution Software Guide is the most used directory for wholesaler-distributors looking to replace or upgrade their existing business software. The guide provides detailed vendor information including feature matrixes for enterprise distribution and complementary solutions. Also, and in response to market demand, the 9th Edition of the Manufacturing Software Guide continues to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing supply chain community. This guide includes detailed vendor pages, company demographics, product information and a feature matrix. ASA members can find this information via login to MY ASA at A very limited number of hardcopies are also available upon request sent to

Why Your Best Assets are People
Prairie Capitol Advisors
For owners of closely held, service-based businesses contemplating the total or fractional sales of their companies, attracting and retaining key employees is critical to creating and sustaining value for the long term and being able to deliver that value to the next owners of your company. A service-based business faces the unique challenge of proving its continuing viability to a potential buyer since its assets are people. A business that can keep its best employees during and following a transaction will be much more likely to keep its customers, thus retaining its value. More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: Is the Internal Revenue Service Losing its Grip? (The Desert Sun)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

8 Ways to Create an 'A Team'
How would others describe the performance of your team? Would they refer to your team "the A team?" Or are they compared to the Los Angeles Clippers? In either case, here are eight things you can do to boost the performance of your team.More

Mastering the Basics of Leading Warehouse People
Ken Ackerman
In the warehouse, it is not uncommon for an outstanding forklift operator to be promoted into management. Yet, the promotion decision is frequently made because of an outstanding work effort, not because that person has any training or experience in managing the activities of other people. If the newly promoted supervisor or manager fails, the effect on the warehouse can be quite severe.More

Assume Nothing: 5 Tests Every Manufacturer Should Run Quarterly
Spring brings showers, flowers and a fresh round of decluttering at homes and offices all around North America. Others will use the time to perform an annual review of broken work processes. Manufacturers can't wait that long; conditions change too frequently. North American factory activity has been trending down for months after entering the fall of 2014 on a sustained rally. In the U.S., the Institute for Supply Management said its index fell from 52.9 in February to 51.5 in March — the fifth consecutive monthly decline.More

Supply Chain Sustainability Needs a Fresh Viewpoint
Environmental Leader
There are a number of recent examples of reputable organizations facing the ire of customers, investors and governments due to unwarranted incidents in their supply chains. It is becoming increasingly clear that unsustainable supply chains can have negative impact on a company's reputation and profitability. As a result, the sustainability of supply chains is getting renewed attention from organizations worldwide. More