ASA Insights
Apr. 17, 2014

Industry Leaders Take Message to Washington
American Supply Association

Industry leaders prepare to meet with
their members of Congress at last
week's ASA and PMI Legislative Fly-In.
Last week, a record number of distributors and manufacturers in ASA traveled to Washington to network, receive updates on pending legislation, and educate their elected officials on the impact policy changes could have on them and their businesses. Across the country, millions of Americans are frustrated with the inactions of Congress, none more so than members of the American Supply Association. As we've learned, without consistent pressure from America's heartland, outside of the Beltway, Washington has little incentive to act.More

Industrial Piping Division Breakfast Event Sponsored by Milwaukee Valve in May
American Supply Association
True to IPD's purpose, this event will be a forum to learn practical information about some of the latest trends and key issues affecting the industrial pipe-valve-fitting (PVF) supply chain. Taking place in Houston, the program will feature presentations from Dan Hilton, ASA's Director of Government Affairs, Industrial Info Resources, and Paul St. Germain, the Business Development Executive for IBM's Wholesale Distribution Industry and key contributor for NAW's Facing the Forces of Change. View the full program brochure.More

Government Affairs Committee Sets Agenda, Goals
American Supply Association
Another annual tradition each spring is for ASA's Government Affairs Committee to meet in Washington and strategize on our association's path forward in the area of public policy. Lead by past-president, Jeff New, the committee received updates on the 2014 Fly-in, ASA Political Action Committee (ASA PAC) and discussed activities ahead.More

What Does Innovation Look Like?
Innovation occurs through collaboration, which means that the image of a single person working alone into the night in a laboratory should be put to rest. Rogier van der Heide, the chief design and innovation officer at Phillips Lighting, says it's important to go from DIY (Do It Yourself) to DIT (Do It Together).More

Beschloss: Will US Independent Businesses' Growth Prevail Against Administration's Pushback?
The Desert Sun
With the increasingly frequent executive orders emanating from the White House, much of which are inimical to the successful working of "small business," American entrepreneurialism can be excused for developing an increasingly defensive agenda against federal government intrusion.More

Traeger Brothers and Associates Has Just Turned 90!
WFOR-TV via YouTube
Traeger Brothers is a Miami-based stocking distributor of pipe, valves, fittings and accessories serving South Florida, the Caribbean and the world.More

Incentive Compensation for the Warehouse Team
The Distribution Team
First, we need to start with a reasonable budget. What would motivate your team to become more diligent? Would an additional $200 per month be meaningful to one of your team members?More