ASA Insights
May. 8, 2014

Third Annual ASA Member/Prospect Blitz
American Supply Association

ASA met with Rampart Supply in Colorado Springs
and M&M Supply in Oklahoma City among others.
Last week, nine of the 14 ASA staff members divided into four teams for the third annual member and prospect blitz. The teams visited roughly 60 companies, including members and prospects, throughout Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Each team met with the leadership for each wholesaler and manufacturer company for an in-depth conversation about the benefits that ASA offers and to help them understand how to better connect with the association's programs and services. "It's not just about ASA being able to sell our value," said ASA Executive Vice President Mike Adelizzi. "A big part of what we do is listening to the issues our members have and report back to our volunteer leadership so ASA can invest in new programs that best help our members." Since the inception of the blitz campaign three years ago, staff has personally visited nearly 225 companies bringing ASA to the door step of current and potential member companies in 25 states.More

ASA Introduces Advanced Executive Leadership Program
American Supply Association
Recently developed by ASA exclusively for the industry CEO or emerging leader, ASA's Advanced Executive Leadership Program is a mix of thought-provoking webinars, an immersion in finding innovation for your company through the 2014 UnleashWD Summit and intense peer-to-peer experience sharing found in our newly created CEO Growth Forum. The overall program is available to CEOs and emerging industry leaders through a special bundled discount price (save $1,200), or each session can be accessed separately. View complete program information here and contact Mike Adelizzi at 630-467-0000, ext. 201, for further details.More

Create a Courageous Organization
Courage is not just a personal trait. It's an organizational trait as well. All of us, and all of you employees in some way want to be part of an organization and team that demonstrates courage. That is willing to push up the hill, against the odds, beyond all doubts, to achieve results and impact that most thought not possible. Here are seven ways you can create this courageous organization.More

Beschloss: US Economy Headed for Strong Second Quarter Rebound
The Desert Sun
A flurry of concerned phone calls regarding the puny, generally flat results of the first quarter preliminary gross domestic product Commerce Department report, questioned our previously strong U.S. GDP 2014 increase in the 2.6-3% improvement range.More

The Heartbleed Threat: How Vulnerable are Your Accounts?
Terry Murphy, CFP, ChFC
A plague at the heart of the Internet. Anyone who ventures online should be aware of the risks posed by Heartbleed, the biggest threat to Internet security in at least a couple of years. All Internet users need to respond to its reality.More

Texas Family Awarded $3 Million in Nation's First Fracking Trial
It took three years, but a Texas family finally emerged victorious in a case that could long impact fracking companies and the impact they have on the communities in which they operate. A Dallas jury favored the Parr family, which sued Aruba Petroleum back in 2011 after experiencing an array of health issues attorneys argued were the result of dozens of gas wells in the area. The family was awarded nearly $3 million in what attorneys believe was the first-ever fracking trial in U.S. history.More

Plastics in Construction: A Vision of the Future
By Adolfo Benedito
Plastics and their technology are youthful. We must remember the short history of plastic materials — which began in the late 19th century and grew throughout the 20th century — in relation to the wide experience of materials traditionally used in construction. Even initially, plastic materials were not considered as structural elements that were able to bear sustained loads. But the evolution of plastics through 20th century was dizzying and unstoppable.More