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May. 18, 2017

Businesses Urge Congress to Address Skills Gap
American Supply Association
This week, ASA and leaders in manufacturing and distribution joined together to urge Congress to the reauthorize of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education (CTE) Act. Known as the Perkins Act, it would help Americans develop the skills they need to compete for high-skilled, in-demand jobs. As many in ASA has experienced, employers are reporting a shortage of skilled workers to fill-in-demand positions. Modernized and relevant CTE programs, designed with the input of employers and responsive to the needs identified by labor market data, are central to overcoming this skills gap. This will be one of many items ASA will be educating Congress about at June’s Legislative Fly-in.More

Reality or Pipe Dreams
ASA Materials Market Digest©
Could domestic mills provide all the line pipe needed for President Trump’s push to have all pipelines made from American-made product? The mills said, “Yes,” to the Commerce Department pointing to excess capacity and a miniscule 37.0 percent utilization rate in 2015. The response from five oil, gas and pipeline groups said various inputs would not be available in adequate quantities or in some of the necessary specifications, if only domestically produced goods are allowed. Visit MY ASA for the latest and archived installments of ASA’s Materials Market Digest©.More

2017 Supply House Times Young Execs 20
Supply House Times
With ASA’s Young Executives Spring Forum coming up next week, it’s time to showcase some of the young bright minds continuing to advance the industry. Young talents continue to make an impact in our industry. From counter sales to marketing to management, up-and-coming leaders are growing by the day. Supply House Times once again asked our industry partners to identify some of these rising stars. The result is the fifth annual Supply House Times Young Execs 20. More

Measure Productivity, Plug Profit Leaks, Grow Profitability
American Supply Association
For more than 30 years, ASA’s annual Operating Performance Report (OPR) has been a customized, easy-to-understand and actionable solution that helps owners and managers to quickly evaluate operating results, identify profit leaks and measure employees’ productivity. One reason why is because the OPR helps you to find clarity in a sometimes overwhelming sea of information. Participating wholesalers need to submit data by June 2nd and can expect to receive their company-customized and full-industry reports on or before July 14h in both PDF and Excel formatsMore

Early Bird Ends on Friday
American Supply Association
The most anticipated industry event every year, NETWORK, brings together owners and decision makers from wholesaler-distributors, manufacturers, independent reps, and professional leaders in our industry to network, learn, and grow. Continuing to be THE event for the PHCP-PVF industry, NETWORK2017 has again packed the agenda to maximize your time, solidify existing relationships, and build new industry connections. It will surely have you leaving with more knowledge about the industry, innovative techniques, and most importantly your customers, vendors, and peers. So, if you have not attended NETWORK, you are surely missing out on THE industry event. Register now to take advantage of the early bird savings and to see the exciting plans we have in store for you October 11-13 in Nashville. More

New Courses from SharkBite!

ASA-U has just released two new manufacturer specific courses from SharkBite! Complete these courses to learn more about the SharkBite products listed below. Check out all courses here, and earn your $2 BlueBucks per course now!


Sales Is A Performance. Is Your Team Ready?
American Supply Association
Looking for training for your sales team? Check out these four Selling Essentials courses: Selling Essentials: Understanding the Sales Cycle, Selling Essentials: Developing Clients for Life, Selling Essentials: Opening the Conversation, and Selling Essentials: Prospecting and Managing Territory. These courses provide a series of in-depth learning experiences aimed at transforming your sales force into true professionals who are prepped and ready for any challenge. More

Annual Legislative Fly-in Approaching
American Supply Association
The time is now to get in the game and urge Congress to stop arguing and finally address issues important to the PHCP-PVF industry, manufacturing and small businesses. They’ve already tripped out of the gate reforming healthcare, will they do the same on tax reform? They need to hear from you to learn our industry’s needs and how the decisions they’re making in Washington impact your business. Join your industry peers at ASA’s Annual Legislative Fly-in on June 13 – 14, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! REGISTER NOWMore

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss
American Supply Association
This week's news: Global Liquid Natural Gas Expects 4-5% per year Increase

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to The Beschloss Perspective for a full archive of past articles.More

Benefits of Employee Training and Development
The Happy Manager
This article addresses a key question in performance based management. How do you optimize the benefits of training and development, and therefore the resources used to improve performance? The best place to start is by being clear about what results you want to achieve. Then finish with an assessment of the results that are actually being achieved.

Want help developing your own training program? Go to ASA-U Advisory Service today for more information.More