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May. 22, 2014

Regis Philbin to Headline Weldbend-IPD Breakfast at NetworkASA 2014
American Supply Association
For the fifth straight year, the Weldbend IPD Breakfast will be one of the highlights of the annual NetworkASA gathering. And because Vegas is never short of headliners, Weldbend is excited to have booked not one but two stars to entertain their customers and distributors on Wednesday, Sept. 10. One headliner is renowned television and media personality Regis Philbin. The identity of the second legend won't be revealed until the show is underway and the mystery entertainer joins Philbin on stage. Registrants who sign up before June 1 will save $150. Make sure to mark your calendars and REGISTER NOW for Sept. 9-11 for NetworkASA 2014 in Las Vegas!

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ASA's Young Executives to Send Seven Wounded Warriors to Operation Rise & Conquer
American Supply Association
The American Supply Association's Young Executives Division committed, during their Executive Council meeting, to become the association's designated group to drive Operation Rise & Conquer, a charitable effort that sends wounded soldiers to extreme outdoor events in Colorado to help them regain their outlook on the future. At the YE Spring Forum that took place this week in Milwaukee, within six hours of making the announcement of taking on this initiative and taking up a challenge to raise $3,000 to send one soldier to Adaptive Sports, the YEs had raised nearly $22,000 and now are sending seven soldiers on this weeklong extreme adventure.More

Record Turnout, Strong Education Sessions, Highlights from 2014 Spring Forum
American Supply Association

130 industry young executives from all across the country participated in a record-setting ASA Young Executives Spring Forum in Milwaukee, which featured strong networking sessions, extreme educational sessions and an over the top buzz about the growth of this exciting division of the American Supply Association. This year's event was primarily focused around Elkay's Robb Best teaching the topic of Neuroscience & Sales, luncheon speaker Mark-Hans Richer (Chief Marketing Officer at Harley-Davidson), Tim Jahnke (President & CEO of Elkay), and a fantastic facility tour of InSinkErator with President Tim Ferry.

Pictured at top right, the group shows enthusiasm during the InSinkErator facility tour. In the second photo, attendees participate in Neuroscience & Sales by Elkay's Robb Best.More

Advanced Executive Leadership Program is Almost Underway; Still Time to Sign Up!
American Supply Association
Recently developed by ASA exclusively for the industry CEO or emerging leader, ASA's Advanced Executive Leadership Program is a mix of thought-provoking webinars, an immersion in finding innovation for your company through the 2014 UnleashWD Summit and intense peer-to-peer experience sharing found in our newly created CEO Growth Forum. The overall program is available to CEOs and emerging industry leaders through a special bundled discount price (save $1,200), or each session can be accessed separately. View complete program information here and contact Mike Adelizzi at 630-467-0000, ext. 201, for further details.More

Beschloss: US Hydraulic Fracturing-like Approach Out of Bounds for Europe, According to Global Energy CEO
The Desert Sun
"Unconventional natural gas and oil from shale formation is not in the cards for Europe," proclaims Norwegian global oil producer Statoil's CEO Helge Lund. He cites Europe's mountainous and rocky topography, and the fiscal arrangements between major competitive oil syndicates to negotiate rational agreements, even if the topographical landscape was more compatible.More

Four Collection Steps that Successful Construction Companies Know and Employ
By Scott Wolfe
Getting paid in the construction industry is a mess. Construction contracts are riddled with confusing provisions like pay-when-paid clauses or joint check requirements. Yet companies can maintain a degree of control over their receivables and cash flow by implementing and committing to intelligent collection policies. These are the actions and procedures used by a company to collect on an unpaid account. This article examines some elements of these collection policies to help your company create or improve on its own policies.More