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Jun. 4, 2015

ASA & InSinkErator: Meeting Industry Challenges Together
Supply House Times
Recruiting top talent is a major challenge facing our industry. ASA has met this challenge with the recent launch of its job posting service. This service is building momentum and we look forward to using it to recruit from within the industry. For 2015, ASA is developing materials that can help its members host a career day. These materials can be customized to the "look and feel" of the member company. The ASA Education Foundation has taken a quantum leap the past few years by developing and delivering relevant, easy to access courses to employees of wholesale channel partners, manufacturers and manufacturer’s representatives. The five colleges and requisite courses support various jobs from entry level up to managerial positions, especially with the new Masters of Distribution Management degree. More

Aging Infrastructure Taking its Toll on Commerce, Public Health
American Supply Association
If aging infrastructure is not on your mind, it should be. It will affect everyone across the country, especially how efficiently we get products to our customers and products they may need in years to come. This summer, as Congress debates a multiyear surface transportation reauthorization, millions of travelers will be on roads and highways that experts say are in desperate need of repair. One of those experts will be speaking at ASA's annual industry event, Network2015. This eye-opening presentation by award-winning civil engineer Marc Edwards, will be focused on our aging infrastructure, especially our water infrastructure and usage and its impact on public health. Bringing you access to information and speakers that impact our lives and industry, Network2015 provides the Ability to Succeed. Visit for full program information.More

Corroded Memorial Bridge is a Symbol of Nation's Infrastructure Troubles
The Washington Post
Inside the corroded carcass of the Memorial Bridge, rust dust and scraggly flakes pile up alongside 1930s columns, droppings from decades of decay that have narrowed one of Washington’s grandest entrances. With the echoing thump-thump of cars above and the rush of the Potomac River below, it's a place of contrasts, full of lead and asbestos and history. A faint patina has settled on brake pads that helped keep 5-million-pound counterweights from flinging the drawbridge open or shut too quickly.More

5 Actions to Take Right Now to Survive a Minimum Wage Increase
So you're operating a business in a place where the minimum wage has or is going up. You’re not happy about it, and you're definitely not alone. Just recently, the Los Angeles' City Council voted to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020. It joins a growing number of cities that have or plan to increase the minimum wage. There are many cities, including New York, San Diego and Washington, D.C., which are getting closer to raising theirs. Gene Marks is a previous speaker at Network who provides fantastic insight into the ever changing world of business.More

Read the Latest from Morris Beschloss on USA Today
American Supply Association
This week's news: President, GOP Join Forces in Trade Promotion Authority (The Desert Sun)

Want to read more from Beschloss? Click here to go to USA Today for a full archive of past articles.More

2015 Supply House Times Premier 150 rankings
Supply House Times
The mess that was the financial downturn of several years ago is getting smaller and smaller in the industry's rear-view mirror. That's the prevailing consensus based on respondents to the 2015 Supply House Times Premier 150 distributor survey. The annual survey, conducted by Supply House Times and BNP Media Market Research, ranks the top PHCP wholesalers by their reported sales for the past year. More

What Great Leadership Training Does Now That it Didn't 10 Years Ago
Do a Google search on "Leadership Training," and you'll find over 100 million results – academic programs, management training series, white papers, leadership "gurus," articles, resources and more. Those of us in the leadership space are inundated with new-fangled approaches to understanding leadership, and teaching and training leaders today.More